In Line



In theme parks we watch and wait.
As we come to a pause
we sigh, laugh, scream together.

For a thrill.
To ride the big one.
To have enough
energy for the next hill.
The next loop.

Tired and hungry
but ready for more.
For another ride.
Forget your troubles.
They will be there tomorrow.

Bodies buckled to seats.
Trapped to meet the
Primordial fight or flight
Impulse response on pause.
Adrenaline release caused.

Rejoice for life is hard.
Take it all in.
Let your senses overload.
Again. Again. Again.

To prepare for the mundane.
The daily sameness of everything.
We celebrate together in
imagined worlds
of magic and dreams.
When you return to your life
Remember this day.
How amazing life can be.


So many faces, make us.
This weekend, I walked by all of you.
I saw all combinations of you.

Eyes and noses.
Frowns and smiles.
Glistening and gray.
Foreheads and chins.
The rotund.
The thin.
The muscular.
The crippled.
The self within.

I can see all of you.
As you fast forward
through my mind.
A database of
bodies and faces
in rewind.
As we waited in line.

Waiting with you.
My love. My life. My wife.
I see all of this and think of
our face as one.
A mirror of our hearts.
How we reflect each other’s light.

For in you, I see the sublime.
In you, there is no time.
With you, there is no line.


We remembered
how to hold hands.
To navigate through
crowds together, again.
How to lean on one another.
To develop patience.
As we experience together
the ride of life.

All families learn about
one another en masse.
In this seemingly infinite
collective body express.

All senses are opened.
Our languages
Our dress.
Our fashion.
Our nations.

How different and
how the same we all are.
See my face as yours.
See us as your family.
As we share the same breath.
In line, a world community.

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