Judgment Day

We all silently pass judgment each day. Those colors or that text will not make it my way.
Look at her walk. Listen to him talk. Is that all he’s got?

Where does someone get their definition of right and wrong? What makes someone sing their personal song? Is that song just a bit pitchy or is it out of tune? Is that person from another planet or maybe from the moon?

Is it years of practice, education or experience maybe? Is it in birth we will know our aesthetic today?
Are we surrounded by the ones that we will travel with forever? Will we continue bumping into the same  colors, text and words we find clever?

From one post to another Globatron is building a digital palace. Words and images that are finely nuanced. One wrong post and the roof might fall down. One wrong image and we will be pinging the wrong sound.

As an open minded person I struggle with my opinion. There is no right or wrong when one creates. All art is equal and it’s the process that binds us to the eternal substrate. I know this in my heart and I truly struggle when I look at work that I find too subtle.

A soap opera this all may seem but deep down inside I want this virtual space to beam. Shine like that city on the hill we continue to esteem. Few eyes are on the foundation of this place, but much love has been put into the formation of this digital space. As its creator I claim editorial rights. I sadly pass judgment with much love and light.

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