Meditation on 2012

Theories abound about 2012 in our collective story.
Some believe it will be the end of mankind’s glory.
Some believe it will be a new beginning for humanity
Where we have an awakening and experience true clarity.

This date manifests itself on the Mayan calendar as the end.
Nostradamus predicted this being the day we should repent.
The I Ching has been decoded and this date aligns
as being of great significance for our time.

Militias are training for the New World Order to arise
because they believe in a plan to kill millions and dehumanize.
Many believe that aliens are coming back to claim their throne.
That humans are their genetic offspring made and grown.

Others believe that planet X will collide with earth and end it.
Or maybe the poles will shift throwing the environment into a fit.
Or maybe aliens will finally decide to talk to us and make first contact.
That the crop circles are being sent to us to decode our new path.

Or maybe the rapture will come and we all will be judged.
Or maybe a nuke detonated and a city will become wreckage.
Or maybe climate change is real and the waters will rise higher
Destroying the islands and lowlands and putting others on fire.

Or maybe The Large Hadron collider opens a Large Black Hole.
One that makes our world go back to where it was stole.
Or maybe the black hole in the center of our galaxy expands
Sucking The Milky Way into itself from within.

Or maybe it will be just like Y2K, just another day.
Maybe it is in our nature to always look for another way.
Maybe we feel we deserve to be the center of the universe.
Maybe we are looking for meaning for our eternal search.

So as we begin 2010, let us listen to all the theories
And cling to the ones that don’t makes us fear.
Let our minds be comforted in the days to come
in the hopes that this date will be a day of peace and love.


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