one long infinite pause

As if in a dream I awoke
To find out that it had all been a bad joke.
Humans never needed their bodies.
We were all now balls of light afloat.

It was as if we had passed the big test.
A peace treaty had been signed to arrest
The human greed and suffering we have all endured.
The petty arguing and wars to which we were allured.

We were now all beings of light with no longer anything to fight.
No more natural resources to hoard out of spite.
We had a decision to make through this awakening.
Were we all to stay on earth or travel abroad.
No longer bound by time and space our problems solved.

No more need for government or laws
Our energy part of one long infinite pause.
Between the big bang and big zoom.
The stars charted in our infinite womb.

Even with this change of the utmost extreme
Balls of light formed allies and made teams.
No longer able to hurt each other they were seen
Haunting other dimensions and the life forms therein.

Other humanoid lifeforms wondered why we picked them.
Why we carved patterns into their ground.
Why we moved objects when they weren’t around.
It would seem that we still needed to engage.
That it was not just our bodies that held our rage.

Some tribes found peace in the cosmic dance.
Flying into stars and becoming entranced.
Shooting into black holes and coming out the end.
A point of light at the beginning before it bends.

I decided to take my family of light back into the dream.
As we entered new bodies in other galaxies full of steam.
These lifeforms were simple and didn’t need much.
As if we were ancient dinosaurs seeking our lunch.
We searched the planet eating alien plant life all day long.
We lived in peace as a new family and continued our song.

This choice we made…aware of our potential energy.
The simplicity of this life form we chose for its synergy.
The middle path this animal had always maintained.
Keeping the balance with our environment we decided to remain.

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