To Train

envision a community.
a small group of fathers
who meet to train and share
how to protect
themselves and families.
with fist and foot.
with body and brain.

to perfect what genes
They were given
to train.

for endurance and strength.
to learn to train the next generation.

box and grapple and block.
strike and kick and knee
and elbow any padded boundary
any heavy bag
or padded glove.

pull and push
to the top of any wall or mountain
using gravity to sculpt
muscles lost and atrophied
by years of computer chair prodigy.

for we are the first generation
to play video games.
help grow the internet.
design the magic screens
consume the digital dreams
of endless streams of data
our bodies somehow forgotten.

awake, to use our whole bodies
for what they were meant to be.
to serve and to protect.
our friends and families.

wake up today with me.
no matter how early.
no matter how late.
to come together.

Elbow to the head.

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Just Like You


I had to let it all go.

Recycle? I don’t know.
Do you think it will help?
Eat vegetarian if you like.
I prefer cow.

I thought my actions would
be a good example to follow.
It was really all hollow, ego.

I am not the solution.
I am the reason for pollution.
Just like you.

Let the world be what it is.
Let us exploit it all.
Eternal war.
Let religion reign.
Let earth be our last domain.

All you can eat.
Now for a limited time.
Do the best you can.

Black Hole


the thing about a black hole is,
no one knows,
how black it goes.
how empty,

how much energy
it can consume.
no one knows.

how many
planets it has taken.
how many lives,
civilizations, nations.
how many stars it has shaken

how much more
will be eaten.
still, it exists among the light.
in its nothingness pulling the mighty
apart into its core.

A World with No Head


RIP #KenjiGoto

you can cut a man’s head off but
you can’t take away his honor.
you can’t take away his dreams.

you can broadcast it for all to see but
you can’t make us believe in, you.
you can’t make us fear, you.

for journalists sign
away their lives
to leave their families and wives.

to sit across from you for a story
as you, murder and threaten
the world with more blood.

you can take the world’s head.
mistreat the already dead.
but the world will cease to listen.

Mission Remission

Mission Remission:
one day.
two days.
a thousand.
a billion.
black holes.
all we have is now.
now. now. now.
so tired of hearing it.
i want to plan for next year.
make a five year plan.
“you could get hit by a bus.
you could be driving the bus
that hits another you, thinking
of how much time you have left.
you could be a brain tumor,
an IED, another disease.
you could be the explosive
that feeds new atrocities.
another bomb.
another home.
another town.
another city.
another family.
you could be lucky.
to get out of here alive.
to make it out of here dead, intact.
all pieces attached.
a minute.
a moment.
that’s all we all have.”
the doctor tried to say.
with the bedside manner of a drill sergeant.
you are in remission.
find a mission, be thankful and rejoice.

Coming out of the Fog


When you think that the odds are against you.
When you think that you can’t do a thing.
Think about Charlie Hebdo.
Think about Sandy Hook Elementary.
Think about the lost soldiers and civilians
massacred for no sane name.
Think about all the hunger.
All the displaced refugees.
Who wander the world blindly
only wanting to return to home.
Think about the rights we speak of.
The right to say what you want.
Think about the courage it takes to come out
in a country that will kill you.
To speak up.
To be present.
To be your true self.
Think about how far we’ve come.
Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Pope Francis
And how far we have to go.
#BlackLivesMatter #JeSuisCharlie
Think about your ability to think.
How we communicate ideas.
When you think the odds are against you
because they probably are.
Try to remember to think,
because it matters,
because you can,
until the last breath you whisper.
THINK: Until your mind is sand.



John Keating: Close your eyes, close your eyes! Close ’em! Now, describe what you see.

Byron King: Uh, I-I close my eyes.

John Keating: Yes.

Byron King: Uh, and I see the line.

John Keating: An endless line.

Byron King: An endless line that devours space and time.

John Keating: Oh, that’s *excellent*! Now, give it action – make it do something!

Byron King: It pulls me in and stretches me out.

John Keating: That’s it! Wonderful, wonderful!

Byron King: And all time is screaming.

John Keating: What’s it screaming?

Byron King: Screaming Justice.

John Keating: Yeah, yes.

Byron King: Justice like-like a jacket too small you can’t move.

John Keating: [some of the class start to laugh] Forget them, forget them! Stay with the jacket. Tell me about that jacket!

Byron King: Y-Y-You try it on, it is too long, too thick. You try to take it off, it binds you, it’ll never let you go. From the instance the deed is done, till the instance judgement is passed, justice will be had. It will hunt and grab the guilty. For the innocence lost. For the innocent lives murdered. Dead. Relentless.

[long pause then class applauds]

John Keating: Don’t you forget this.

In Line



In theme parks we watch and wait.
As we come to a pause
we sigh, laugh, scream together.

For a thrill.
To ride the big one.
To have enough
energy for the next hill.
The next loop.

Tired and hungry
but ready for more.
For another ride.
Forget your troubles.
They will be there tomorrow.

Bodies buckled to seats.
Trapped to meet the
Primordial fight or flight
Impulse response on pause.
Adrenaline release caused.

Rejoice for life is hard.
Take it all in.
Let your senses overload.
Again. Again. Again.

To prepare for the mundane.
The daily sameness of everything.
We celebrate together in
imagined worlds
of magic and dreams.
When you return to your life
Remember this day.
How amazing life can be.


So many faces, make us.
This weekend, I walked by all of you.
I saw all combinations of you.

Eyes and noses.
Frowns and smiles.
Glistening and gray.
Foreheads and chins.
The rotund.
The thin.
The muscular.
The crippled.
The self within.

I can see all of you.
As you fast forward
through my mind.
A database of
bodies and faces
in rewind.
As we waited in line.

Waiting with you.
My love. My life. My wife.
I see all of this and think of
our face as one.
A mirror of our hearts.
How we reflect each other’s light.

For in you, I see the sublime.
In you, there is no time.
With you, there is no line.


We remembered
how to hold hands.
To navigate through
crowds together, again.
How to lean on one another.
To develop patience.
As we experience together
the ride of life.

All families learn about
one another en masse.
In this seemingly infinite
collective body express.

All senses are opened.
Our languages
Our dress.
Our fashion.
Our nations.

How different and
how the same we all are.
See my face as yours.
See us as your family.
As we share the same breath.
In line, a world community.

To Wash the World of Fear


If a cure for hate was contagious.

If peace was a virus.
Would we cary it from town to town?
Would we fly it into another country?

Fluids swapped.
Airborne soldiers dropped.
Would it sweep the world
like a storm?
Hurricane force winds swarm.

Infecting our minds and media.
News channels changed
from stories of war and terror near,
to stories of the hearts of mankind healed.
Working in unison towards
a better world.

Today, I’ll start the cure with a smile.
If we make eye contact I’ll say, “Hi.”
I’ll keep doing this until I die.
If you are friend or family I’ll say,
“I love you.”

For the hard cases it will take time.
But one day, you’ll repeat it back to me
and we’ll share that moment in quiet.

Because we can.
Because it might be the last time.
The last words we both ever here
To wash the world of fear.