Poisoned Milk

the moon grows large
as the oceans surge.
the largest its ever been.
a week from the worst devastation.

Japan toppled like a house of cards.
waves wiped dirty a new start.
destroying towns like a board game.
on every channel you can see the lame.

walking wounded with no home.
fearing radiation from the spewing domes.
as a new war ia brewing in a far off land.
as a dictator digs into the sand.

all of this in one day we see.
all of this as my baby girl turns three.
as we trek to the land of Mickey.
to enjoy the faux beauty built for you and me.

one ticket to ride them all.
a children’s paradise before the fall.
we will embrace the world that Disney built.
we will not cry over the world’s poisoned milk.

not letting our children know how we feel.
let us rejoice today in the land capitalism built.
see the plastic rainbows in the sky.

squint our eyes for a moment and make it real.

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