Politics Aside

a person shot dead
in the head
crowds rejoice
nationalism is fed

politics aside
no more place to hide
fed to the fishes
cowboys yelling rawhide

as widows and orphans cry
a man that stopped the world
for ten years he did hide
directing the car bombs of jihad

as we fought and we flew
remote control drones
directed from air conditioned zones
civilians signed up to GET SOME

revenge they did want
to war they did point
that each man should see death
once in a lifetime

with death they did dance
for death takes no stance
money funneled into corporations
to rebuild two destroyed nations

schools that were built
fortress walls where men knelt
to pray for a day this would end
when our soldiers would come back

to raise a new generation
teach them not to hate
teach them to believe
that no war is worth one man

trillions should have been spent
on victims of the crimes he did commit
prisons, torture and torment
our morals were tested

forgiving and forgetting not shown
to the enemies that were known
to the prisoners detained
the Lord’s name taken in vain

as a tool to promise change
these are historic times
one man and a plot devised
to take down a culture he despised

his DNA now taken, no way to escape or hide
no cave or walls thick enough to disguise
the end of a decade of terror and lies
an ideology of hate victimized

all of humanity
all virtue
all dignity
all lives

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