Take solace in nature. Man is not wicked. Man is not evil. It is more natural to kill, for nature has no laws. We are wired to see our enemies as the other. To dehumanize them. To kill with precision. To work towards the tribe.

Take solace in our ancestors. For the chimpanzee knows continual murder. Knows infanticide. Do not overestimate man. Man is young. A blip on the radar of time. A hiccup in space. Never feel you deserve anything. As we explore for another planet to rape and pillage.

Peace is transient. Happiness is elusive. War is eternal. It is human nature. It lives inside you now as you battle within. War only needs a flame to ignite its hidden fire. To cleanse the world of built up filth and disease. To fertilize the soil.

You are not special. Remember there is more space inside you than there is you in you. You have no more right to live than a single celled organism. An animal inside an another. An animal we call civilization. When food is rare all animals eat their own.

Don’t expect anything. Don’t think your problems will be solved. That man will find a resolution. That if you think hard enough there is a solution. See the chaos as beauty. Find meaning in the nothing. How are we here anyhow? Be thankful.

See yourself as them. You are the enemy. We are the cancer that beheads. That carpet bombed. That imprisons. That enslaves. Has destroyed the climate. Has scorched the earth.

That always seeks a better life by cutting off its own foot. Always takes more than it needs. This is man. Expect nothing more than war. If you find peace….

Hold it close for a moment. Find love. Forgive your enemies. Then, prepare to defend against the new

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