quickly splinter

Try not to think of it in terms of right and wrong.
Try to think about it is as finding your path.
Because it is your actions that will last.
Because from every mistake there is a lesson.

Try not to think about it as us against them.
Try not to think about a group with a plan.
Because most groups have more foes than friends.
Because we are truly alone in the end.

Try not to doubt yourself too much too.
Try and stand by the decisions you have made.
Because thoughts become your mind’s view.
Because thoughts help sharpen your blade.

Try to look forward and project.
Try to think big and small act.
Because you are adding to your secret formula.
Because you are part of the human dramula.

Long range sensors have picked up a new life form.
It is intelligent and knows exactly who you are.
It is so fast it defies time and space.
Its numbers so vast it knows no place.

Without your observation it does not exist.
It takes on a shape so fleeting you can’t resist.
Names and definitions we put to things we can’t see.
To things inside of us, maybe even a universe or three.

We are all spinning urgently towards our center.
Bombarding into others as we quickly splinter.
A core gravity we trace around and around.
At once we are lost and at once we are found.

The journey begins with no end in site.
Your consciousness knows the true beauty of flight.
Your mind remembers the energy long spent.
Your pairing with like particles that happily bent.

Magnetism pulls you closer together.
Aligning your operating systems for bad weather.
An upgrade will come soon before the storm.
Evolution will happen and we will find reform.

Try not to think about politics and the news.
Try not to think about the 2010 blues.
Because life is too short and that’s what matters.
Because energy cannot be created nor shattered.

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