Quiver Two


You will be a shot into the darkness. A flame to light up the path of the ones you meet. With your infectious smile and laugh. Finding meaning on your own. Where others see rules and dogma, you will question. You will be limber and quick. Changing easily to adapt any situation. A social being. Thinking of all man. All animals. Peace. Always putting the environment first. First to turn off the water. You will attract all living things. You will always think of others and be ruthlessly sensitive in a world that needs your kindness. In a world that needs friend makers. Bridge builders. Your work is plenty.

You will be hard. Tough as nails. Sharp as a razor. Shooting straight. Never wavering. Always organizing the chaos. You will defend honor. Seek truth. Speaking your mind. Always primal. You will connect deeply to your fellow man. You will make art out of life. You will support your tribe until the end. You will be the strength that others need. You will wear your heart on your sleeve. You will find hearts who bleed. Who believe in the magic you preach.


We shoot you two arrows into the darkness of our world so that you might find your own light. Make your own life. Be intelligent beings of compassion. Practicing science, logic and love without distraction. To be in control of your own destinies. Seeking no man to guide your way. Where you see conflict may you seek resolution. Where the world puts up walls for women, may you climb them all. May your quivers be full of thought and enlightenment to shoot a thousand arrows into the hearts and minds of man.

In response to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quiverfull

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