Spark of Life

A new year and a new life we are given.
A time to start over and be forgiven
For the mistakes we all have made.
For the untruths we all have told along the way.

Let this new year bring us all closer to our divinity.
Closer to that spark some define as the Holy Trinity.
Closer to the passion we all forget to pursue
That exists within us all, not just a few.

Let there be peace on earth as our species grows.
Let us come closer to the eternal truths we seldom know.
Treat others as we would have them treat us.
Not judging others quickly, throwing away our trust.

Let us invest in our children’s education before war.
Let us use our brains to learn how to feed the poor.
Let capitalism learn how to abstain.
Let money not be the focus over the humane.

Let people be not just numbers on a spreadsheet.
Let the practice of empathy be one we repeat.
Let us realize the news media are pigs to the trough.
That fear and sensationalism is what we have bought.

That every time we turn on the TV and tune in.
That the propaganda machine continues to win.
If you want to know what the weather is like outside
Go see for yourself, no need to hide.

Believe in your senses that you need to relearn.
Because any life worth living you must earn.
Life is a blessing we all should hold dear.
One to celebrate without fear.

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