Stardust to Stardust

Vibrating frequencies pushing us all onward.
All towards our place in the system.
The system to which we should all listen.
By tuning out the noises inside our heads.

And listen to rhythm of life from which our lives are lead.
Many planets devoid of life high above.
Spin in infinity without the knowledge of love.
They are perfect without one microorganism.

On earth single cells are dividing and splitting.
A universe inside our brains is fighting.
Why are we so out of touch with our destiny?
We will return back to the heavens from which we came.

Go ahead, take the purple pill if you will.
You deserve a third option.
There is no need to be forced in one direction.
Leave the world of duality behind.

Take the purple pill and you will find
That you can live inside your mind
While living inside the culture you despise.
Take a look at the lady in the red dress.

She’s something to behold, but i digress.
Embrace the technology that we create.
Use it to help solve our problems not masturbate.
Use it to tap into our limitless potential.

The power of the super computer will unite.
It will map the mind and the universe inside.
There are billions of planets thriving in our galaxy.
You will one day see them as if they were a fantasy.

Planets that are vast barren lands of sand.
Planets of gaseous clouds and crystals create
while black holes and alien life forms continually mutate.
If we could only transport our minds and see.

We are standing at the precipice of our species.
A time will surely come when we tell our grandchildren
That we were there when mankind made the right decisions.
Everyone on this planet who lives will know

That there is much more to living than being politically free.
Freedom from our bodies that are diseased and sick.
Freedom from the worship of objects and ideologies.
Then we will realize we owe an apology

To the planet that molded us from nothing but stardust.
To the planet that we bombed and mined before our awakening.
There will be a time when we look back at earth
And we will know we owe her our birth.

Soon humanity will set out to explore deep space.
We will look back at the little rock and the human race.
We can learn from all the human suffering and misery.
We can learn from the past and rewrite our history.

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