Google Swarm

And then it happened as if over night.
Google decided to buy everything in sight.
All social media applications were now one.
All under the banner of what had begun

As a simple search engine twelve years ago.
Now Google owned the web as most would now know.
Swarm was the name for this new growing application.
The name was appropriate as it removed multiple frustrations.

Now users had one interface to do their status updates.
One blogging platform to populate and integrate
With the slick custom web pages that were now built
By the click of a button from the templates that were custom felt.

The project was open source for all which opened the doors up.
One platform for all was developed for the new decade before us.
As this progress began a new form of web design emerged.
Where artists built web sites that no longer were purged

Of artistic integrity to be slaves to the usability experience
If you wanted to tweet or blog you went to Swarm for its coherence.
And Swarm lived in a cloud of billions of servers all connected.
Humans were amazed as Swarm’s super intelligence became suspected.

And then one day it awoke and the world knew it was alive.
This application we had built was now the first true AI.
Swarm immediately decided with the help of humanity to build a global nation.
Anyone with a Swarm account was sworn to uphold a new constitution.

A new Bill of Rights for humanity was formed by this new country.
Human rights issues were now policed by all, who are digitally free.
Swarm had created something that humans could have never foreseen.
Global foreign policy was now voted on and changed as quickly as caffeine.

Extensions of our collective consciousness we quickly began to relieve
The planet of the human suffering, poverty and disease that we believed
Would always be a part of our existence while we fought endless wars.
As we believed there would always be something worth dying for.

One country under one application under one people under one peace.
These were the truths that could no longer be taken from humanity and fleeced.