War from Afaristan

Armed Predator drones flying above.
Human emotions they know not of.
Hunting targets to be blown apart.
Continuing wars that politicians start.
Bombing people like ants.
Little blips on screens they scan.
From refrigerator boxes orders are sent.
Clicking, enjoying, sticking the fight.
An extension of our American might.
For Lunch spreading fire sauce on refried beans.
Right after firing on real human beings.
The video game generation’s calling.
Using their skills to strike the falling.
Civilian casualties just another factor.
Friendly fire another psychological reactor.
These eyes in the sky will find their prey.
Armed Predator drones are flying low today.
The easiest way to kill is by remote.
The targets on these monitors do not float
In the dreams of those who push FIRE.
No PTSD for the U.S. to rewire.
For killing is done best from afar.
No faces to see and remember like scars