Taking the Leap

tea party speeches and mixes.
beats that go own and fix this.
random thoughts that flow and bestow.
you are not afraid. you are fearless.

maybe we should talk.
maybe I should write a lot.
but I’m going to keep typing.
but I’m going to keep vibing.

random words these are.
fleeting feelings so far.
construct the wall.
tear it down and watch it all fall.

maybe i’ll make this a post.
what will make this the most?

why do you want to become a good speaker?
why is ten years the number that’s the keeper?
the beats. the beats. the beats.
that keep. keep. keep. triggering these thoughts.

ten years is indeed a large leap.
many are writing us off in two years. BEEP.
thieves and crooks who have done an about face.
but i want to see my girls in outer space.

why even share this process?
share it because I need a witness.
fertilize the proces and improve it.
make it. move it. early raw data. growth.
practice. ego itself. part of us that expects. wants it.
desires. needs. try and destroy the obstacle.
expose its fear. failure. find its power.
fail publicly. over and over. remove the cover.
relax the tense muscles that cause the creative paralysis.
until you no longer cower. until you stand as a tower.