The Cavalry is not coming!


We fly through an infinite space.
A spec of sand in the eye of the gods.
Knowing not our place and who made
us to face this internal place.

We cling to and create beliefs that
will fill up our empty infinite space.
We make laws and government to make
order out of chaos and loss.

Technology is a slave to soothe our pain.
To fight our wars and remove the human
from the humane as we remotely attack.
As we “engage” our targets as if they are robotic.

We ask to maintain the rule of law and justice
When we find the ones who have inflicted their vengeance
on governments and civilians. We murder for our cause
as most would rather have them shot in the head than give pause.

We make our enemies alien and think of them in terms
of target acquisition on huge flat panel monitors of GPS intelligence
that passes for substance. That passes for judge, juror, and trial
as fear is inflicted to deny them the justice we so cherish.

War is a drug that grows technology and pollution.
Politicians and media pundits speak of truth high on the fog of war.
Bobblehead actors being paid to enslave a generation again.
As the fundamentalists from all factions declare martial law.

We want our country back and it’s time the people attack.
We want your oil and we’ll take it from you and give you freedom.
The bobbleheads shock and awe the masses with their cattle prod.
“Get rid of the government,” they say with a wink and a nod.

New militias grow at alarming rates, training to defend their inalienable rights
to own assault rifles and to keep BIG government from raising taxes
to give us health care. I pledge this allegiance. United we stand.
United we fall on this ticking time bomb we call humanity.

On a spec of sand flying through our Universe.
In a not very special galaxy. On a not very special planet.
In a seemingly endless cycle of bloodshed to be King of a microcosm.
Bombs bursting in air, after the fog cleared there was no one there.