Artist Wanted:

Artist wanted to concept, dream and produce. Use whatever medium at your disposal to always question the status quo. Examine technology and think of ways to make it work for the betterment of mankind. Look at your culture and society. Try and use unbiased eyes. Always seek truth.

Try and help others see new perspectives. Always try and look at life as an art project. While doing anything mundane let your mind drift and think about how you can turn it into a game. Look at the clouds and see the patterns. See patterns in everything. Do you see them?

Realize the connectivity of everything. Realize how small you are and how large you are at the same time while thinking that you might not even exist. Do you exist?

Look at your family and friends. Think about their genetic code. Think about their ancestors and how far the human genome can be traced. Always remember. Do you remember?

Look at the food you eat and respect it.  Think of where it was grown or shipped.  Chew slowly.  Draw, paint, write, sculpt, design, code and play. Always play. Breathe deeply.

Think of the Big Bang and wonder what birthed it. Think about infinity. Think about infinity being small and large. Think about Big Bangs happening inside of you. Think about the universe. Think about God.  Think about other worlds. Think about happiness. Think about disease. Think about love. Think about war. Think about peace. Always think. Breathe deeply.

Salary: none
Benefits: none
Hours: 24/7