John Keating: Close your eyes, close your eyes! Close ’em! Now, describe what you see.

Byron King: Uh, I-I close my eyes.

John Keating: Yes.

Byron King: Uh, and I see the line.

John Keating: An endless line.

Byron King: An endless line that devours space and time.

John Keating: Oh, that’s *excellent*! Now, give it action – make it do something!

Byron King: It pulls me in and stretches me out.

John Keating: That’s it! Wonderful, wonderful!

Byron King: And all time is screaming.

John Keating: What’s it screaming?

Byron King: Screaming Justice.

John Keating: Yeah, yes.

Byron King: Justice like-like a jacket too small you can’t move.

John Keating: [some of the class start to laugh] Forget them, forget them! Stay with the jacket. Tell me about that jacket!

Byron King: Y-Y-You try it on, it is too long, too thick. You try to take it off, it binds you, it’ll never let you go. From the instance the deed is done, till the instance judgement is passed, justice will be had. It will hunt and grab the guilty. For the innocence lost. For the innocent lives murdered. Dead. Relentless.

[long pause then class applauds]

John Keating: Don’t you forget this.

In Line



In theme parks we watch and wait.
As we come to a pause
we sigh, laugh, scream together.

For a thrill.
To ride the big one.
To have enough
energy for the next hill.
The next loop.

Tired and hungry
but ready for more.
For another ride.
Forget your troubles.
They will be there tomorrow.

Bodies buckled to seats.
Trapped to meet the
Primordial fight or flight
Impulse response on pause.
Adrenaline release caused.

Rejoice for life is hard.
Take it all in.
Let your senses overload.
Again. Again. Again.

To prepare for the mundane.
The daily sameness of everything.
We celebrate together in
imagined worlds
of magic and dreams.
When you return to your life
Remember this day.
How amazing life can be.


So many faces, make us.
This weekend, I walked by all of you.
I saw all combinations of you.

Eyes and noses.
Frowns and smiles.
Glistening and gray.
Foreheads and chins.
The rotund.
The thin.
The muscular.
The crippled.
The self within.

I can see all of you.
As you fast forward
through my mind.
A database of
bodies and faces
in rewind.
As we waited in line.

Waiting with you.
My love. My life. My wife.
I see all of this and think of
our face as one.
A mirror of our hearts.
How we reflect each other’s light.

For in you, I see the sublime.
In you, there is no time.
With you, there is no line.


We remembered
how to hold hands.
To navigate through
crowds together, again.
How to lean on one another.
To develop patience.
As we experience together
the ride of life.

All families learn about
one another en masse.
In this seemingly infinite
collective body express.

All senses are opened.
Our languages
Our dress.
Our fashion.
Our nations.

How different and
how the same we all are.
See my face as yours.
See us as your family.
As we share the same breath.
In line, a world community.

To Wash the World of Fear


If a cure for hate was contagious.

If peace was a virus.
Would we cary it from town to town?
Would we fly it into another country?

Fluids swapped.
Airborne soldiers dropped.
Would it sweep the world
like a storm?
Hurricane force winds swarm.

Infecting our minds and media.
News channels changed
from stories of war and terror near,
to stories of the hearts of mankind healed.
Working in unison towards
a better world.

Today, I’ll start the cure with a smile.
If we make eye contact I’ll say, “Hi.”
I’ll keep doing this until I die.
If you are friend or family I’ll say,
“I love you.”

For the hard cases it will take time.
But one day, you’ll repeat it back to me
and we’ll share that moment in quiet.

Because we can.
Because it might be the last time.
The last words we both ever here
To wash the world of fear.

We Could Have Been


I could have been
a doctor,
a lawyer,
a scientist,
an architect.
I could have been
well off,
I could have been
I could have been
well traveled,
well dressed.
I could have been
a lot of things
I was told to be.

I chose to make art.
Not because I had no choice
but because I had them all.
I chose to have a voice.
To be true to my heart.
That beats with cadence.
That feels the rhythm,
the pattern, the connection.
That sees the beauty
we all take for granted.
That wishes to speak
for those who can’t.
To help find the right words.

For those, who are unable to
because of their

I chose to be nothing.
Unworthy of saving.
A fly on the wall.
To listen.
To take many positions
if only for a moment.
To be a chameleon.
To be versatile in vision.
To believe in the infinite.

To try and understand why
humanity can be
anything it wants to be.
If only it chooses to be.

We could have been.

We Will


we will fix it. with imagination. with our own creation. mixing genetics and technology. engineering botany. with faster growing trees. injected with bamboo to freeze time. to regrow in days. soak up carbon like a mop. vacuum up poison from the air. regulate our toxins. purge our history from the soil.

we will make it. homes that are grown from the ground. only one seed per family. to grow a human habitat. able to withstand a hurricane. able to floatthrough a storm. solar stills will make our own water. solar cells will power all our needs. gardens on the walls. carved into each room. self-regulating permaculture. each plant helping the other. to form a micro climate of life. to support all life. we will harvest space and time. one drop. a million. drops of water circulating from the ceiling’s pitch to the ground. a structure that heals. leaks will glue themselves shut. biology our energy. no longer our enemy. life making life.

we will dream it. see it in our mind’s eye. let it sit there for a while. simmer. boil. take it out and put it down with graphite on paper. brush and oils. imagine it. thirst for it. know that it is all possible. that all of human knowledge has been for this. to make structures that are made of living earth and plant life. that will grow to fit our will. as we in return grow more attentive. more aware of each choice. everything used. weeds designed to form furniture. outer walls as hard as shells. biomorphic. anthropomorphic. a mirror of our cells, ourselves.
freedom for humanity. expunging all sickness and disease.

we will fix it.
we will make it.
we will dream it.


Dearly Departed

Political Cartoon of the Severed Head of Louis XVI

all severed heads
speak one last sentence
before bleeding out.

burnt tongues.
one final transmission.

they speak through you
purveyors of death.
sons of Seth.

you participate
through viewing
their timeless execution.

before they transition
what final word?
what could be heard?

a call for vengeance.
a prayer for peace.
love from the departed.

do not read between the lines.
there is no secret here.
no more room for fear.

do not just watch them pass.
seek out their truth
until the last.

dearly departed
we are gathered here today
to honor life, not to take it.

Quiver Two


You will be a shot into the darkness. A flame to light up the path of the ones you meet. With your infectious smile and laugh. Finding meaning on your own. Where others see rules and dogma, you will question. You will be limber and quick. Changing easily to adapt any situation. A social being. Thinking of all man. All animals. Peace. Always putting the environment first. First to turn off the water. You will attract all living things. You will always think of others and be ruthlessly sensitive in a world that needs your kindness. In a world that needs friend makers. Bridge builders. Your work is plenty.

You will be hard. Tough as nails. Sharp as a razor. Shooting straight. Never wavering. Always organizing the chaos. You will defend honor. Seek truth. Speaking your mind. Always primal. You will connect deeply to your fellow man. You will make art out of life. You will support your tribe until the end. You will be the strength that others need. You will wear your heart on your sleeve. You will find hearts who bleed. Who believe in the magic you preach.


We shoot you two arrows into the darkness of our world so that you might find your own light. Make your own life. Be intelligent beings of compassion. Practicing science, logic and love without distraction. To be in control of your own destinies. Seeking no man to guide your way. Where you see conflict may you seek resolution. Where the world puts up walls for women, may you climb them all. May your quivers be full of thought and enlightenment to shoot a thousand arrows into the hearts and minds of man.

In response to

How to survive the coming apocalypse 101

Remember that change is inevitable.

That we are one species on a 4 billion year old rock.
Remember that the accumulations of things will not
save you.
No amount of bullets.
No amount of firearms.
No amount of training.
No amount of stored food and water.
No matter how thick your walls.

Remember that when the shit hits the fan that
the ones who are happiest without things will be
happiest without things.
Imagine the world without electricity.
Get used to walking.
Get used to moving your body.
Get used to living in a community.

Know the difference between a need and a want.
You will never have wants again.
All your needs will not be met.
You can not prepare.
There is no use reading this.

If you take prescription medication see
if you can live without it and for how long.
Learn to say, I’m sorry and I forgive you.
Learn how to smile when meeting a stranger.
Learn to accept death.
The death of yourself and all that you know.

Understand that life is fleeting.
That we are lucky to be here, right now.
That it is a miracle that you are reading this.
Last but not least, never miss a chance to say, “I love you.”

Go to War

If you can go to war and not hate.

If you can kill and not dehumanize.
With empathy.
With understanding.
To understand your enemy.
If you can kill and still love.

Save the innocent.
Save the women and children.

Go to War.

When walking by a blown out hut
save the child who was shot in the gut.
When taking fire from above
throw your body on top of
others, out of love.

When you see the mass graves
pray for the dead.
Don’t forget to pray for the living
who pulled the trigger.
Who dug the grave.
Who beheaded the innocent.
Who massacred out of ignorance.

Never succumb to hate.
Never see the enemy as a cancer.
Never define them as the other.
Not worthy of life.
Never use the language of war.
For that is the code
that enables hate to soar.
Feeds the sectarian violence
we have come to explore.

Sunni vs. Shiite
Islam vs. Christian
Black vs. White
Blue vs. Red

Police and gang violence.
The continual blood shed.

Go to War.


Take solace in nature. Man is not wicked. Man is not evil. It is more natural to kill, for nature has no laws. We are wired to see our enemies as the other. To dehumanize them. To kill with precision. To work towards the tribe.

Take solace in our ancestors. For the chimpanzee knows continual murder. Knows infanticide. Do not overestimate man. Man is young. A blip on the radar of time. A hiccup in space. Never feel you deserve anything. As we explore for another planet to rape and pillage.

Peace is transient. Happiness is elusive. War is eternal. It is human nature. It lives inside you now as you battle within. War only needs a flame to ignite its hidden fire. To cleanse the world of built up filth and disease. To fertilize the soil.

You are not special. Remember there is more space inside you than there is you in you. You have no more right to live than a single celled organism. An animal inside an another. An animal we call civilization. When food is rare all animals eat their own.

Don’t expect anything. Don’t think your problems will be solved. That man will find a resolution. That if you think hard enough there is a solution. See the chaos as beauty. Find meaning in the nothing. How are we here anyhow? Be thankful.

See yourself as them. You are the enemy. We are the cancer that beheads. That carpet bombed. That imprisons. That enslaves. Has destroyed the climate. Has scorched the earth.

That always seeks a better life by cutting off its own foot. Always takes more than it needs. This is man. Expect nothing more than war. If you find peace….

Hold it close for a moment. Find love. Forgive your enemies. Then, prepare to defend against the new