When I Look Down


When I look down I see
lines of offense and defense.
Food stolen and populations poisoned.
Territory taken and lost.

Crazy lined logistics
zig-zagging to supply the front.
No border defined.
Our motto, hold the line.

Only to end up in a dust ball.
Materials collected in corners.
Networks of traps set.
Living on top of each other.

I look even closer and see
the dead rotting in the thousands.
New corpses appear ready
to be swept away.

The domestic war inside
our suburban tranquility.
To clean away the debris.
To sanitize the enemy.

So our children might play
free of the harm we perceive.
To live peacefully.
Don’t delay.

Random Story Machine


I could say why not?
Why share my story with you or anyone?

I suppose you could.
I suppose you could take it with you.

Where would I be taking it?
Do you know?

I didn’t say I knew anything.
I just said maybe you don’t want to share.

And why would I?
Why would I share with you or anyone?

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The Cancer Pull Up Challenge

Ingredients: Pull up bar, Gravity, Strength.

No natural resources needed to complete this challenge.

[youtube_advanced url=”http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/iVyqu_0KBBE?rel=0″ rel=”no” theme=”light”] Options: Video yourself doing pull ups then challenge a friend to do the same or donate to cancer research and awareness at:


Thx all. #braintumor #cancerpullup

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[note note_color=”#fbfbcd” radius=”4″] [heading size=”14″ align=”center” margin=”10″]Climbing Again[/heading] Pull up strength is primitive. Primate. Connects us back to the native. The monkey. The ape. The naked. The helpless. Pulling ourselves up for safety from the hunters of our flesh. Before we had to push we had to pull. Pushing is modern. Is for moving objects horizontally. Pulling is for going up vertically. Quickly. Without running.

From ashes to ashes. From tree to ground. From life to death, to disease, we round the corners and begin our climb back up into the infinite. Our only enemy now. Time. Gravity. Strength. Endurance. Train hard. Stick around. Learn to climb again.[/note]


Into the Gulf

rocks rinse hard time.
aging rhythm through tides.
singing lullabies to
tens of thousands
of sunrises and sunsets.

egrets are dinosaurs
sitting and waiting for lunch
to swim by.

fly high.
ospreys nimble as fighter jets.
sweep low and dip.
necks into waves.
stab dinner.

bellies roll onto backs.
sun worshippers wait
in a white line to bake.
not knowing to preheat
the oven.

watch sunburns and suntans
migrate from cars to sand.
from up North to down South.
we planned this trip
for a year.

to surrender to the ocean.
take all watches off.
track time through the sky.
feel your body sink in.

fishermen and shell hunters.
kayakers and paddle boarders.
mansions and shacks.
all perched, looking out into
into the gulf.
not looking back.
filling up our floats.
patching up our holes.
to begin anew.

Finding Space


The space
I always dreamed of
was detached.
Outside in the back.
In a shed or a trailer.
A place just for me.
To store up
my energy.

To think.
To create.
To not be surrounded
by all the stuff we take.
Collect and make.

Last night, with eyes closed.
In a dark room.
New in practice.
I repeated my mantra.
A few minutes in,
MY SPACE came to me.

Expanding in all directions.
More space than any
physical body could ever need.

I realized this space
has always been there for me.
In waiting.
I only needed to focus.
To make time to breath.
I could always close
my eyes and leave.

To spend time in infinity.

Om Mani Padme Hum


worried that i might find inner peace. see it closing in. seeing a point when i’ll have nothing to say. nothing more to stand for. does finding peace in one’s heart make one empty. only left with a dumb grin. full of nothingness when the wars begin.


peace in my heart. peace in you. what can i do to stop climate change? maybe it’s too late. yesterday my little girl told me to turn off the kitchen sink. said i was running it too long. i didn’t think she was listening when i told her the same thing two years earlier.


recent conversations i have had. realizing they have been turned into documentaries. capitalism vs. climate change. money over anything. the planet is full of gold, till it isn’t. nothing to worry. the rapture is coming.


the human experience is wonderful and savage. full of love and avarice. full of terror and forgiveness. walking atrocities waiting to happen. a billion miracles waiting to explode into laughter. doing what we know we can. making right the wrongs we can. no one, no species ever had a monopoly on morality.

shout out from an old ancient mantra I begun exploring: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Om_mani_padme_hum

shout out to Allen Ginsberg: http://tinyurl.com/kjyr7yv

Mutts, All of Us

i want to have an informed opinion. worthy of sharing, to help give direction. my current direction is no direction. stay put. sit in a room. concentrate on your problems, fix yourself first.

i have two projects on my desk. to apply for a handicapped parking permit and to increase my life insurance. my death insurance. we are all assured of an ending. fancy casket or cardboard box. ashes in a coffee can. or a huge grave plot, for the whole family. generation after generation.

preparing for death, i read of border issues. Israel and Palestine issues. i think of Moses leading his people out of Egypt. let us have peace. surrender the land. you are surrounded. you can have Texas. Where is Moses?

spoke to a geneticists. she asked us where my family came from. having taken a DNA test recently, I was able to say English and European Jew. I am much more of a Jew than my dad ever thought he was a Chickasaw Indian. He was so proud to be Native American. Mutts, all of us.

I have no dog in this fight, but I think of the plight of the Jew. the history of never having land. always threatened. always on the move. to finally have land. a place to call home after near extinction. I think I understand, why they want to make a stand.

why have the tribes divided man? I think this as I remember when I’d yell at the T.V. wanting my team to win. I want my daughters to be athletes. to be agile. to be able to fight and run fast. to leave them with a plan. when this happens use this technique. a poke to the throat. fingers to the eyes. bend your knees. scream until you are released. then run.

never be too proud to leave everything behind and start over. In Florida, we live in hurricane country. there is a mantra we all have inside, “never get too attached.” when the storm rises to wash the coast clean, again. in a day, your home, your town will be blown all away.

Now Do That a Thousand Times


Bend your arm.
Easy right?
Bend your leg.
Do it again.
Now do that a thousand times.
Do you understand?
Deplete. Endure. Repeat.

Do it faster.

Pump blood into muscles
until you feel like you can fly.
By working in a team.
Competing to be lean.
No mirrors in this box but
you know what I mean.
Work on your form.
To perfect your gene set
there are always more reps.
Never accept less.

Learn to take the pain.
Learn to love it.
Expect it.
To want more of it.
As muscles contract.
As fibers relax.
Prepare for another set.
No time for rest.

Make a lifetime goal.
Crossfit can help get you there.
By pushing you harder than
you ever thought possible.
The workout of the day is not play.
The WOD is the box competition.
Glance up at to the board
and see who won.

Mark your time down in dry eraser.
Nothing is permanent.
Up there everyone can see your failure.
Each WOD performance a reflection in time.
Prepare to run an ultramarathon.
As you lift a thousand pounds,
muscles break down.
Your body pollutes.
Your muscle cells explode.
Your kidney nearly implodes.

To be more than human.
Keep your eyes on the prize.
But remember, you almost could/did die.
That’s the little secret Crossfit tries to hides.
To be more than you ever have been.
You awoke in the ER, barely alive.
Not able to move.
Not able to feed yourself.
Your body being flushed by an IV tube.
Your CPK levels in the tens of thousands.

The joke is on you.
Looks like Uncle Rhabdo came by.
Crossfit thinks its funny.
They made a cartoon to view.
Did you not see the signs?
No pain, no gain.
Until you collapse, bursting membranes.

Crossfit pushes all members hard.
Until they all see the same stars.
See Dwayne Johnson.
Be Hercules.
Be Superman.
Envision the impossible.
With heads swimming.
Urine dirt brown and vomiting.
Members soon realize
they are only human.

Give your trainer a call.
They might say, “Take time to heal.
Drink water.
Take your pills.
Come back to the box.
We miss you here.

But shhh……
Crossfit never pays hospital bills.”

One Ball and One Man

dirty_baseballYesterday, I found a baseball hiding in a park.
I practiced throwing the ball to hit a tree.
To feel the extension of the object
between target and me.
To prepare my arm for throwing ball,

I felt the spear.
I felt the bullet.
I felt the target going back to when
they were called dinner.
The hunted.
The prey.
Now, the enemy.

I felt all the entry and exit wounds
of all of mankind, throughout time.

I envisioned them as one.
One red bleeding hole.
Through bone, mind and body.
Through tanks and planes.
In that split second
throwing a ball against a tree.

Not hitting my target I felt
robbed of any
primitive control
of mind or limb.
Of a time when, man took
tools in hand.
Built cities
and then
Burned them all down.
Killing family and friend.
One ball and one man.
Both not sure where they now fit in.

Waiting through a Summer Storm


I hear the approaching thunderstorm.
I think of one day harvesting its energy.
Of the day making anew its form.

The condensation rising into the gray.
Impregnating new clouds
As the evening rounds
its way, into another hour.

As we crouch and hide inside shelter.
As we abstain from thinking we are greater.
As the lightning bolt claps itself into existence.

We are reminded that
We are all electrons.
Charged and let gone.
Your life.
Your family.
Your nation.
Our entire civilization.

Seemingly small.
As the thunder booms.
For the receptive
it creates new rooms.
for the human imagination.

To one day harvest its energy.
To one day, make it our slave.
To power cities.
To hide no more.

That is our destiny.