f*cking coffee

Tonight at 11pm a man approached a counter at Starbucks with an empty coffe cup. He asked the man if they did refills. He then preceded to ask how much it would cost to get just a little. The man behind the counter graciously gave him nearly a full cup of coffee without charging a penny. Starbucks is reportedly looking into the matter and said they would take actions to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again. The CEO of Starbucks stated when interviewed that he wants his coffee back. When interviewed the worker said, “he’d do it again and that it’s just f*cking coffee.”

Today at noon a young man’s office space was turned into a pizza party. There was no warning at all. Several of his coworkers decided to bring the “pizza” into his office as he continued to work. Five co-workers talked about everything from the BP oil spill to the true nature of the white man. Why are they so vicious? The co-workers also used his garbage can without asking. The slices were reported to be large and New York style and the pizza could be smelled all the way down the hallway.

This afternoon a middled aged woman drove her nephew to the dry cleaners. Five pieces of clothing were dropped off. They can be picked up tomorrow after 4pm. The man at the counter demanded to be paid before pick up. There was no shouting and the transaction took place without anyone noticing the credit card being surrendered.

Yesterday at 12pm two unsupervised young girls (ages 2 and 4) were found out front of their grandmother’s yard spraying themselves with a water hose. The neighbors reported it and the eldest was scolded. When asked if she would do it again she said, “she wanted to go swimming. Can we go swimming tomorrow?”

Boycott This

Trickle down and around this economy is not sound, when foolish mistakes are made on account of a penny. On account of million dollar bonuses that do not go to my town. She had an Indian accent. I first called her to inquire about their affiliation. Was the storage facility we rented part of a BP gas station? Online we saw no clue. We rented a space for all our belongings to be stored so they would not become unglued. We drove all day in our U-haul wondering what the BP initials our storage reservation print out did mean. Was this the same BP that did cause the Gulf Coast oil spill? Continue reading