Politics Aside

a person shot dead
in the head
crowds rejoice
nationalism is fed

politics aside
no more place to hide
fed to the fishes
cowboys yelling rawhide

as widows and orphans cry
a man that stopped the world
for ten years he did hide
directing the car bombs of jihad

as we fought and we flew
remote control drones
directed from air conditioned zones
civilians signed up to GET SOME

revenge they did want
to war they did point
that each man should see death
once in a lifetime

with death they did dance
for death takes no stance
money funneled into corporations
to rebuild two destroyed nations

schools that were built
fortress walls where men knelt
to pray for a day this would end
when our soldiers would come back

to raise a new generation
teach them not to hate
teach them to believe
that no war is worth one man

trillions should have been spent
on victims of the crimes he did commit
prisons, torture and torment
our morals were tested

forgiving and forgetting not shown
to the enemies that were known
to the prisoners detained
the Lord’s name taken in vain

as a tool to promise change
these are historic times
one man and a plot devised
to take down a culture he despised

his DNA now taken, no way to escape or hide
no cave or walls thick enough to disguise
the end of a decade of terror and lies
an ideology of hate victimized

all of humanity
all virtue
all dignity
all lives

The Tyranny of the King

Tyranny of the King by byron-king

We didn’t want the king so we went to war.
We didn’t want taxes and now we are poor.
Today we watch as a prince and princess are wed.
Across the pond, pomp and circumstance is led
Down the streets that enslaved us from a distance.
Now England is our best ally when we need assistance.
The 13 colonies fought hard for freedom, make no mistake.
Now social wars continue inside these 50 broken states.
Now we mass import Chinese sweatshop products and plastic.
After we fought a war in Korea and a war in Vietnam
To keep the spread of communism from our children.
We chose our freedom to choose to win or lose.
Then our banks were bailed out and main street was fooled.
Corporate greed we sold out to instead of any king.
No universal health care for this country but today we sing
The Queen’s songs on this magical day.
No culture of our own, we have proved Britain’s colony today.
No royal family of our own to bow down to.
We still respect the crown and watch with eyes unglued.

No matter the blood spilled in past to have this view.
We still need a king and a slave trade too.

Hope and Pocket Change

Numbers before my eyes.
New dates, new labor and times.
Not sure how they may take
Me from point A to make
It to point B, to another
Place to orientate.
To buy a house now.
To put money down.
Make charges on a card.
To sign my name King.
As the market bell rings
The future of a new family is found.
A home they wish to round
Out and make their own.
New paint, new floors, new loan.
As bombs fall in distant lands.
As gas drills into toxic water expands.
The state in which we were raised
We wish to educate our own.
To make a life of our own.
To make the world a better place.
No security in this space.
To live from month to month
Is to be American.
With no future but today
Marching into tomorrow in dismay.
Holding onto HOPE even if
It’s just a four letter word.

War from Afaristan

Armed Predator drones flying above.
Human emotions they know not of.
Hunting targets to be blown apart.
Continuing wars that politicians start.
Bombing people like ants.
Little blips on screens they scan.
From refrigerator boxes orders are sent.
Clicking, enjoying, sticking the fight.
An extension of our American might.
For Lunch spreading fire sauce on refried beans.
Right after firing on real human beings.
The video game generation’s calling.
Using their skills to strike the falling.
Civilian casualties just another factor.
Friendly fire another psychological reactor.
These eyes in the sky will find their prey.
Armed Predator drones are flying low today.
The easiest way to kill is by remote.
The targets on these monitors do not float
In the dreams of those who push FIRE.
No PTSD for the U.S. to rewire.
For killing is done best from afar.
No faces to see and remember like scars

Dead Baby Dolphins

Blinded, eyes wide shut.
Glued together with molasses.
Not able to open one eye.
Wearing dark sunglasses
To shade out the lies.

One year after the worst oil spill in history.
A year of speeches that promised change.
The gulf devastated as wildlife is inflamed.
Dead baby dolphins washing up on shore en masse.
An inch of crude in wetlands remains unprocessed.

No safety procedures created or addressed.
No way to prevent another blowout and mess.
Money not getting to the people it was promised.
Politics as usual as it bottlenecks progress.
Making sure the people affected don’t get access.

To the generations that built a great industry.
To the generations that built a great culture.
America has its values and you are clearly not part
Of the golden city on the hill that opens its heart
To all people except its own.

We are Sparta

What are we fighting for.
We don’t build we destroy.
We don’t ask, we take.
And this is no mistake.

We bombed the Germans.
We nuked the Japs.
All for world peace or a plan perhaps
Destroying all industrial complex.
No one to compete with.

We made cars and Hollywood stars.
Exporting our culture to hungry vultures.
Who were forced to pick our bones clean.
But time happened and they rebuilt.

Safer cars that could go farther.
Cars that could run cheaper.
For fifty years we blindly ate.
The obesity of this nation, too late
To diet for our hunger knows
No equal.

We may lose the war but we won’t
Lose the weight.
Exporting our missiles to our friends
As if we are passing the offering plate.

I say we face ourselves.
Take a good look in the mirror.
We are Sparta for the West.
We know war and that is what we do best.

Jacksonian March

quick as lightning the pain strikes.
muscles cramping and cow prodding.
jerking and mouth frothing.
trying to say one simple word.

but it comes out as a yelp.
yell. yell. yell. hellllp.
noises your lips make but can’t control.
you soon realize you did not fall.
you are sitting still as the pain goes up.
As Jackson Marches up from your foot.

the leg releasing now and on to the next.
the pain rushes into your lungs as they flex.
gasping for air making each breath hurt.
quickly into the arm the nerves spurt.
all along you live inside your head

unaware where your body is being led.
knowing this too will soon pass
that this seizure will run out of gas.
that its electrical pulses can not last.
the flame sparks now up to your face.

the left side of your body follows the pace.
you are inflicted with epilepsy my friend.
this too will come and go again.
to be held captive by one’s body
is a lesson hard to learn.

for life’s precious moments need to be earned.
for the freedom of mind and body we all yearn.

Go Ahead, Make My Day

my cells have been scanned.
for there is a genetic map on them.
i can rearrange them at will.
wake up and become the avatar i feel.
today i am all women.
dressed plainly but all Marilyn.
all her many vectors and shapes.
the math of her body forever saved.
for an eternity of souls to make.
i’m wearing a red dress too.
a hint of lavender, a hint of blue.

tomorrow i will be pure butch.
try on a little Eastwood, maybe too much.
be a real man in a real man’s world.
walk through town with my fists curled.
maybe you’ll look at me the wrong way.
go ahead punk, make my day.
who are we really I sometimes say.

we are genetically modified DNA.
our origin stamped on us to our dismay.
for no matter what shape i take now.
your eyes can see my identity somehow.
for we are all part of the same hive mind.
you look at me and know my kind.
you can trace my genetics through the tree.

you see the villages mankind pillaged.
you see the pilgrimage we took to sea.
how we barely survived the famines to be
the shape shifters sitting here before thee.
you see how my kind made it off our rock.
how we slowly joined the intergalactic flock.

how we united our minds and hearts.
now you know our pop culture and arts.
i see you as you wear your Sunday’s best.
i see your code as it runs the identification tests.
you are a light being from another star.
you have chosen to take on no shape so far.
oh how much i have to learn from you.
i am so glad we both can share this view.

The New Tribe

We will create heroes.
Lean and muscular.
Hunters and runners.
Farming with their hands.

Watering our once barren lands.
Faces painted and bodies bare.
Woods silent and green.
Ghost shadows rarely seen.

Like winged spirits flying high.
Floating from limb to limb.
Digging inside the earth
Seeking deep to search

The mysteries still unknown.
This is the generation that grew
Once the peace that we knew
Was achieved by true evolution

A complete overhaul of our species.
These children are our future.
Nothing digital in their rise.
Nothing to distract their eyes.

New vegetation never compromised.
Genetically altered and tribal.
Nothing warlike in them to go viral.
They will never kill their own kind.

Always seeking to develop their minds
Always seeking to connect with the divine.
Always giving back as much as they took.
Programmed to never repeat OUR history books.

Before the Wars

before the wars
before cancer
before responsibilities
i would paddle a canoe

to the lake’s core
to inhale life’s answers
to observe its uncertainties
i would wait for the view

as the clouds moved
as the colors bloomed
as the sun waned
i would think of the future

how i approved
how i assumed
how vain
i lacked humor

dismissing the world
nothing but dreams
drinking Jim Beam
watching a bald eagle nest