Across the Pond

I began working on a team to develop a cross continental poetry club that will collaborate with two universities. The project has a lot of potential. This is the first flier of which I designed and wrote the poetry. Dr. Edmund Skellings, poet laureate of Florida, is the rock that binds this project together.  I wish them much luck.

Meditation on Magnetism

Transients we all are.
Passing under the radar.
Not a blip on the screen.

Only objects seen
in our memories.
Magnetism unites

And separates.
Lose your charge.
Drop like a card.

Through the ground.
The earth, moon and stars
All separated by this charge.

So infinite and small.
Repulsing and uniting all.

Godlike its invisible surge.
One solar flare; humanity purged.
Separated from the urge

And desire to be more.
For your power will decide
If humanity will collide.

Or realize our potential.
To leave this rock in tow
To travel with your flow.

Let it be known
Whatever you decide to do
I will always respect you.

To the Bone

To the Bone
I hone my knife
To strike a deal with life.

That I will not relent.
That I will walk this world naked and repent.

Give up my everything to fix it.
Give up my life to lift it.

So that you will have a better world.
So that others might see your long curls.

My love.
My girls.

My heart is on my sleeve.
With all my strength I cleave
This knife into the bone.

So that these words might not know tissue or blood.
So that these words might flow eternal and flood.
So that you might always know what you mean to me.

Inspired by Ray LaMaontagne. Thank you Ray.

I Still Care For You
Hear me out
Day follows day
Light turns to
clay in my hands

How to explain,
So pristine the pain
Kindness made
the cut so

I still care for you

Hear me out
Wanted me to be
Less your lover
than a mirror

Can’t you see
What you mean to me?
(even promises may bleed)

I still care for you

The hours grow
And hollow,
And cruel as a grave

Open Me
You’ll find
Only bones
burned to glass.

I still care for you

To renew our lease

The Sky is falling

Literally falling.

And what should we do?


Is there another choice?

Embrace our loved ones while we have the time.

Or maybe things will turn on a dime?

All the news media reported a crime.

To scare people to believe what they want us to.

Force us to believe we can’t do.

That America is a crumbling empire.

No longer able to put out the world’s fires.

No jobs or food to pass around.

The water has subsided and bodies are still being found.

Millions of new homeless.

Our empathy formless.

The sky is falling as I write this poem.

Hiding under my desk, I wonder where we have come from?

From hunter-gatherers, farmers and fishermen.

To clicking plastic buttons.  Pulling strings.  Flying wings.

I still have hope, that the sky is not falling.

Or that we must all accept our calling.

To be the last generation alive.

To live long enough to teach out children to strive.

For good. For peace. To renew our lease.

Honestrix worked for me

Take Honestrix and fulfill your potential.
Face fear and know the substantial
Gains you will have in following your passion.
Saying things that others only think.

Following through when others only blink.
Begin to examine your deepest desires.
Come clean to the world that you are not a liar.
That you lived a life that you wanted to.

You lived your dream when others made money.
You might have interesting life stories that others find funny.
You will be prized as a member of your tribe.
One who sees things honestly as you describe.

The injustice and lies of which the world is covered.
Showing the beauty of which the world can be smothered.
To block out all the darkness within our hearts.
That with Honestrix humanity can have a new start.


Important Warning:

Some people have had changes in behavior, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, and suicidal thoughts (thinking about harming or killing oneself or planning or trying to do so) while taking Honestrix. The role of Honestrix in causing these mood changes is unclear since people who quit lying to themselves with or without medication may experience changes in their mental health due to lying withdrawal. However, some of these symptoms occurred in people who were taking Honestrix and continued to lie. Some people had these symptoms when they began taking Honestrix, and others developed them after several weeks of treatment or after stopping Honestrix. These symptoms have occurred in people without a history of mental illness and have worsened in people who already had a mental illness. Tell your doctor if you have or have ever had depression, bipolar disorder (mood that changes from depressed to abnormally excited), schizophrenia (a mental illness that causes disturbed or unusual thinking, loss of interest in life, and strong or inappropriate emotions), or other mental illnesses. If you experience any of the following symptoms, stop taking Honestrix and call your doctor immediately: suicidal thoughts or actions; new or worsening depression, anxiety, or panic attacks; agitation; restlessness; angry or violent behavior; acting dangerously; mania (frenzied, abnormally excited or irritated mood); abnormal thoughts or sensations; hallucinations (seeing things or hearing voices that do not exist); feeling that people are against you; feeling confused; or any other sudden or unusual changes in behavior. Be sure that your family or caregiver knows which symptoms may be serious so they can call the doctor if you are unable to seek treatment on your own. Your doctor will monitor you closely until your symptoms get better.

Talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of taking Honestrix.

Ode to Googlebot

Checking the site meter.
That’s me, watching me.
Looking for you, to read.
That hour long visit was from my best friend.
His name is Googlebot and he’s made of tin.

The life of an artist is desolate and lonely.
Putting out feelers to the world is my only.
Connection outside of these walls.
Outside of my family.
Outside of my job.

So I check the site meter once again.
Looking for you.
Counting the moments you read.
Looking at the url you out-clicked to be lead.

Hoping the site did convince
You to be a better person.
To think more often.
To become unglued.
If so, please leave a comment or two.

This is me.
Looking at you.
Putting it all out there.
Hoping we both find a different view.
Hoping to make connections.
Hoping to build community.
Will I stop these daily confessions if I find you?

Vote for John Tron

My name is John Tron.

I am running for Governor or Senator or whatever.
Son of a gun. Sure as shooting. Golly jeez my son.
I got them conservative liberal values you keep on eating.
You know the ones fed to you at church and on T.V. with a beating.

Abortion should be illegal or we should abort all beagles.
Dogs are better than babies at keeping away zombies maybe.
The ones coming into our border.
The ones we watch on the big screens we order.

I must admit I am a big fat liar.
I eat a lot of fleshy animal products I so desire.
I have a huge hairy belly for luck you can pet.
If you don’t change my diapers I will get the sheets wet.

I am a huge soccer hooligan.
If I catch you not looking I’ll kick your teeth in.
You want lower taxes then live in the wild.
You want an education then teach your kids to pile.
All the books in the library into one reading list.
Have them read all those books, you get my drift.

You want free this and free that then vote for me.
I promise you nothing and that’s everything you see.
This nothing is magic if you look at it hard enough.
It can become anything that you or I wish to bluff.

You want more of this hopey changey thing you say.
How about a nopey we can’t pay that way.
Feel the venom that pumps under your skin.
Feel the reptilian blood replenish you and.

Place all that you value in the ballot box when you vote for me.
The box is a paper shredder so try and remember.
A wall is built by the two party system.
Vote for John Tron and be the victim.

Drowning from Above

a light bearing down from above.
water with light not love.
filled with sand and earth.
gushing from the cavern to search.
your body and lungs and all you are.
what you are made of.
your soul. your desires. your internal fires.

what desires are left undone?
what was your dream and plan?
what is your conscious and subconscious struggle.
are you ready to be fully emerged?
be swept down the river and fully purged.
or do you wish to continue to stay behind?

life’s mission for you to find.
within seconds you are in a cocoon.
gravity and reality and all it entails.
you are here now and the river will always await.
no need to speed up your life and fate.
shake it off. shake it off. the mud and sludge.

remember your family, friends, love and such.
remember her as she called from the light.
don’t go, not yet. continue to fight.
a dream, a doorway, a reality. a new life.
awaits you when you are ready to delight.
but for now, live your life and continue to hold tight.

Blue China

Maybe this is it.
This language thing.
This sharing thing.

All our thoughts and dots
Absorbed into one spot.
The air in the antique room.
Blue china, decorated doll house of a life lived serving.

Teaching others to read.
To seed their own passions while neglecting one’s own.
I looked at my ancestral tree tonight and came up with a knot.
All roads lead to Mississippi.

Southerners don’t get out of their hometowns.
Not in 1875.
I asked my mother where my gifts came from.
The passion to speak a truth I know not.
To seek the fruit I have not forgot.
Yet have seemingly never possessed.

I spoke to her about reincarnation.
Her Southern Baptist heart opened for a moment.
We spoke of our souls coming from another.

Was I the journalist? Was I the professor?
Was I the preacher? Was I the gambler?
Was I the farmhand? Was I the mason?

Questions asked for thousands of years she said.
Spoken from the mouth of a woman who birthed my head.
My words did not fall on deaf ears.
A mother and son peering deeply into the unknown.
Asking why.

Line of Sight

We are the predators. The perpetrators. The exiles. That have hunted our own people and made them our slaves. Have locked them in boxes and sold them, to get paid. There is no sport like hunting an armed man. The ones who wish to do us harm in our lifespan. We have practiced our skills with a bow and a gun. Sharpened our blades and waited for the hunt to begun.

On holiday we go out into forests stocked with deer. Sit in our camouflaged stands and wait nobly as we peer through the scope. Hope that a prized overfed animal will walk by. So we can connect to the primordial we have lost. The feeling of tracking ones prey. Taking meat back to the camp where our children play. Using every part of the animal to revamp your life. Build shelter and make needed clothes. Maybe store food for the winter which is sure to come. A life-cycle repeated so many winters as we follow the sun.

Now we drive through and order our grade F meet. Open up the freezer and grab an ice pop for a treat. Drink coffee to wake up in the morning. We all need a stimulus to keep us all going. I watched two movies tonight. Walked out of one and went into another without a fight. 3D modeling is used to trick the eye and entertain. The plots of each should never be written again. Formulas we have all seen repackaged and seen on the screen.

Our movies are a mirror of our culture. Blockbuster pictures are the nexus of the culture we port, to other cultures who hang onto our every word we report. Terrorists hate the culture we produce. They see it as evil and an affliction on the earth we abuse. And I hate to tell my countrymen that I sadly agree. I never grew up wanting to play this game of fake monopoly. I don’t apologize to the Taliban who abuse their people. But I admit some of their concepts might be worth addressing.

We are all the ones that can now be blamed. Life became too easy. Finding food and shelter were no longer our primary function. We redirected our energy back to the primal action. To kill a man who is armed is the biggest of sports. Find a reason to hate him and his culture and that becomes even easier to sort. For there is no morality to the way we all live at the moment. No harmony with the planet for which we should all seek atonement.

For we are all predators at the core as our brains have evolved. Top of the food chain, we now have solved. Every major issue a species could ever have. Now we must relate to each other with the brains we have used to survive. With no natural enemy we have finally arrived. Predators we are of our own species. Killing each other virtually or in person to be free. For we never will forget our basic nature that has made us succeed. Line of sight. Steady as she goes. Pull the trigger and watch it blow.