The one true God is dead

The one true God is dead.
We shot him in the head and watched as he bled.
Because he grew fear and hate.
Because he watched us and did nothing to state
That love is God is a word.
A feeling that we all have but do not deserve.
Because we have massacred our own people.
Turned the other cheek in the temple.
Then cursed and thrown rocks at our enemies.

The one true God is dead.
He never existed as we were led
By an idea of oneness that permeates.
This is not God but fate.
That we are consciousness, the eyes and ears.
The heart of all universal joy and fear.
We share this with all matter in this place.
The inner and outer space we face.

The one true God is within.
All the evil and sin inside.
All the love and truth begins
With the awareness that WE are the way.
The path we choose, new each day.

Before he died he went blind.

Feeding China

Freedom is exaggerated and abused
As many cling to their Bibles and Guns
China’s economy continues its cruise
Selling the seas of cash funds.

Beating Captain America.
For the U.S. has nothing to teach China.
No moral high ground to seek.
No words of wisdom to preach.

Because its middle class is shrinking.
Because it borrows without blinking.
Because it can not take care of its own.
As China pulls millions out of the poverty zone.

The Red Scare has begun anew.
Media pundits slinging hate fueled.
What will happen when China wants its money?
Our country and military will crumble.

No gas to go into our SUVs and drones.
No new technology will be created or owned.
For America has robbed Peter to pay Paul.
Giving China its soul, while buying all.

Little manufacturing done on American soil.
With plenty of money to buy others oil.
Harvard graduates going back to their homes
To make careers wherever they roam.

Intellectualism spoon fed to other countries, no longer inbred.
Citizens yelling about wanting their country back
Should realize that it was sold long ago, not attacked.
Each day they buy at Wal-Mart China is fed.

The Atomic Heart

Artwork by

Artwork by

In all men lives a hidden atomic heart

Causing explosions anyone can start.

Through hatred and malice we choose to spew

To the hearts of millions from the mouths of few.

Forgetting that a moral universe rules all.

Our commandments have been written in stone.

If we don’t wish to follow them we are on our own.

The hatred within our hearts is a shared disease.

No amount of lipstick can hide it from

The targets we wish to put our hate on.

For there are no enemies if we love fully.

God equals Love in all religion’s core.

Compassion is not just a word but our destiny.

It is the most powerful tool to use to rise above

To find the humanity we seek to show and love.

Inspired by MLK:

Words Do Matter

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Meditation on Happiness

Happiness appears without a trace
Like bullets shot through a human’s face.
Velocity and trajectory tell how long
That smile will stay and belong.

Happiness does not dwell on the news.
It does not focus on psychotics and distorted views.
It does not worry about cold weather.
Or the political games that last forever.

Happiness dreams of security.
A home to lay its head in sobriety.
A family of its own to love and raise.
See its children develop from phase to phase.

Happiness is right in front of me.
I won’t let it escape because of another killing spree.
I won’t get sucked into another media frenzy.
Because I’ve never been this close to being free.

A bed to lay my head at night.
A job to keep the water and lights.
A family that enjoys it when I come home.
I have all of this, as I write this poem.


every once in a while life just works.
you finally get a break from being the mail clerk.
your dead end becomes a path of opportunity.

it happens when you least expect it.
expect nothing and you won’t be rejected.
never fill yourself with smoke and mirror dreams.

put your head down and just work.
remember that we all want to be somebody.
remember there is something wonderful,  even in the worst of us.

we are all part of the same magic potion.
the chemistry that grew these human emotions.
we are all seeking to invent a better life.

if you are feeling really low I suggest prayer
so that you will remember where
you came from and what we all share.

because there is a real blizzard out there.
the snow is getting deeper with the guilt we keep.
when the ice darkens and the snow covers you

try to remember that your break is coming
and that a new season we are all wanting.
even in this cold, good is happening all around.

open your eyes and see the sounds.
through all our trials and tribulations
we will recover.

A New View

I take a breath and make a wish
That this world will continue to exist.
That we will learn from our mistakes.
That we will give more than we take.

As a new year begins again
I say goodbye to the year that ends.
Which almost broke the world’s back.
As unemployment and foreclosures grew.

As the lies from corporations ballooned.
As everyone was bailed out, except you.
As the largest oil spill spewed
A hundred years of poison into our oceans.

As the car bombs continued exploding.
Caskets draped in flags returning.
As Facebook became our new reality.
As leaked data became a new army

That gave our governments a new view.
I take a deep breath and make a wish with you.
As the human machine is steered
Towards our collective future.

In the Shadow of the Tower

A ball of white light blasts outward.
A man pulls his body upwards.
All his energy exhausted.
His singularity invested.
There are people that don’t understand
The investment that has been given.
There is a city, a world, a universe
That has been growing version by version.
Like sleeve tattoos recycled among its own
Shaped re-invented and re-drawn.
Patterns carbon copied, re-modeled and re-printed
Among users and programs and creators.
Fully integrated systems full blown and breathing
Life into death, right below your fingertips.
One nanometer between you and another dimension.
What dimension do you exist, you should ask yourself?
One carbon. One bit and one biting. All data.
Conduits to a new soul. A new battle.
Libraries of cultures forgotten and eliminated.
All barbaric. All using slaves to build coliseums.
Huge towers of light reaching for the perfect sunrise.
There are children who have grown up on this dream.
Grown interests, careers, and families.
Worked entire lives not knowing their mission.
All programmed to obey and seek their omission.
Spawning blank copies of themselves.
We work hard. We party harder. We are alive.
Every few thousand years, birthing a new consciousness.

tis the season

tis the season to get in one’s car.
meet all one’s friends at the local bar.
get drunk off one’s ass.
try not to drive very far.

tis the season to bite one’s lip.
sitting with family as you hear a short quip.
to think of all the baggage we carry.
that weight we need to finally bury.

we think that coming together once a year
eating a feast, opening presents, drinking beers
will make all those bad memories disappear.
but these meetings often compound our fears.

we often feel alone in our families.
we often wonder how we could be related.
what role did genetics play.
where did our environment go astray.

if you decide to drive drunk this holiday season.
think twice, give up your keys and use reason.
give people a second chance, no matter how hard it may be.
tis the season to embrace life and be free.