Digital Will

Digital Wills will be the new deal.
One password to access it all.
All passwords and data spilled into a server, somewhere.
No one knows my parents met on

My grandfather is an XML file.
All his secrets and stories observed.
One database for our ancestry preserved.
Run a query and ask him a question.

He can reply to you easily without hesitation.
Is he alive?
Can his data be updated?
I don’t know, can mine?

Can our DNA be read like this file?
Sequence the locations and vices for which we compiled.
My father was good with his hands.
An athlete and Marine.

My mother was a teacher.
A southern belle and Queen.
Before them it gets really cloudy.
Just stories passed down to small children.

For years I thought I was part Chickasaw Indian.
One online search and it seems there is none in these veins.
No ancient native pride for this land to draw upon.
No customs to teach my son.

Only question marks for my family and my nation.
Who has robbed me from my heritage or tradition?
Who has taken me from my family song?
Tribes and villages long gone.

My blood has traveled thousands of years.
I travel with it in my mind’s eye, clear.
I can see long open lands unexplored.
Men like me shooting weapons to protect their dear.

Huddling around fire at night hiding from predators.
Waking in the morning as settlers.
Hunting these lands, as wild as any adventure any human could have.
Surviving to pass this blood to me.

Their deeds done for progeny.
I look back and can not see their faces or names.
I feel deeply our shared flame.
I gave it to my children and will try and explain.