For the Greyhounds

cuts in education
cuts in healthcare
teachers need nothing
so let’s be fair.

let’s cut more jobs.
let’s take away trains.
let’s take away planes.
let’s cut the arts.

let’s cut all that makes us think and be smart.
let’s cut anything that helps us use our hearts.
let’s cut the cutters who create the cuts.
let’s cut all those high paying jobs for the poor.

after all that is what the middle class is for.
let’s cut the green jobs for our future.
dismantle the unions who hold our bleeding sutures.
let’s cut all of this and then cut some more.

for China will soon pass us their offering plate.
these cuts are far too late to the starting gate.
greyhounds can’t catch the rabbit who is long gone.
as the Terracotta Army waits patiently for its pawn.

Eleven from Twenty Seven

Round man stuffed holding his iPad to read.
Reading his made in China RSS feed.
Sits next to wife reading the paper.
Her face covered, no eyes to see.

Woman says, it says here China is winning.
Man says, not if I have anything to do with it.
Woman says, they will be number one soon.
She speaks out loud the simple math to gloom.

Eleven from twenty seven.
Eleven from twenty seven.
Why is this so hard for me to imagine.
Is it 13?

No deeeeear …… it is not.
Man mumbles while checking his stocks.
Both sitting and waiting for the doc.
You know the price of steak is too high.

I’m going to have to get me a good paying job.
There is no way we can keep eating like hogs.
China is winning it is easy to see.
Man catches imports from China like fleas.

Woman can’t do simple math to realize our demise.
She is worried because she will still be alive.
America is losing because of people like these.
So content to sit and be pleased.

Feeding China

Freedom is exaggerated and abused
As many cling to their Bibles and Guns
China’s economy continues its cruise
Selling the seas of cash funds.

Beating Captain America.
For the U.S. has nothing to teach China.
No moral high ground to seek.
No words of wisdom to preach.

Because its middle class is shrinking.
Because it borrows without blinking.
Because it can not take care of its own.
As China pulls millions out of the poverty zone.

The Red Scare has begun anew.
Media pundits slinging hate fueled.
What will happen when China wants its money?
Our country and military will crumble.

No gas to go into our SUVs and drones.
No new technology will be created or owned.
For America has robbed Peter to pay Paul.
Giving China its soul, while buying all.

Little manufacturing done on American soil.
With plenty of money to buy others oil.
Harvard graduates going back to their homes
To make careers wherever they roam.

Intellectualism spoon fed to other countries, no longer inbred.
Citizens yelling about wanting their country back
Should realize that it was sold long ago, not attacked.
Each day they buy at Wal-Mart China is fed.

Love Hate

I wish to write something terrible.
Something you all will hate.
I am thinking of words that I can put together.
Words that will make you cringe forever.

But I don’t believe that is possible today.
The T.V. tells us of such horrors that we pay
In our collective psyche as we mourn
For the soul of humanity that has become porn.

That seduces us each day as it glitters
On the screen of our sins as we litter
The temple of God that we inherited.
I can not make work of such terrible merit.

I can not put words together for you
That will make you flame this view.
Children were butchered in China.
The oil spill gushes near Louisiana.

The Times Square bomb had financiers.
Nashville was flooded as America veered.
The U.K. has a new government.
Greece has lost its tourniquet.

Americans still can not find jobs.
Poland lost all its leaders in one crashed lob.
Haiti is still suffering from their earthquake.
My mom is watching with a real headache.

These words were shuffled in a machine.
My brain played scrabble to make this scene.
Hit me with your critique if you so wish.
I am not afraid of the words you might dish.

Bite Me China

Bite me China.
You treat your
people like dogs
as you work them to death.

Bite me China.
You buy all our debt.
You think you own us
but you don’t have our respect.

Bite me China.
You support our enemies
by supplying them components that they
need to build nuclear weapons, we suspect.

Bite me China.
We are free men
and you will never own us
and your people are slaves we expect.

Bite me China.
Your government is an infant
and you need not neglect
the people you tread on as you grow your effect.

Bite me China.
Listen to our President
as he shows you diplomacy and speaks of
the freedoms you often try and reflect.

Bite me China.
We don’t hate your people
but the philosophy your government represents
and the way you disregard the freedoms we so often neglect.