Will you light a torch for me?


To be honest, I’m too busy right now.
Life is going by much too fast.
I want to help change things.
But at the end of the day I’m out of gas.

I know I voted for this Hope and Change.
And I know how much we really need it.
But can’t the government fight for us now?
Since everyone is in so much pain.

See, the recession is hitting folks really hard.
People are getting laid off in droves.
That will be the main topic on this Thanksgiving Day,
How lucky I am to still be getting paid.

People are bringing new babies into this world,
And trying to just stay afloat.
I’m not sure how I can stand up for
The change that represents my vote.

I’m all for you carrying the torch, though.
And I’ll support you from the sidelines.
But I just don’t have time for it now,
Helping to change people’s minds.

I do hope when I look back, though.
That I won’t regret for a second,
Trying to take care of my family first.
And letting my President be President.

I want to stand up for what he ran for.
And get in the fight while it’s still growing.
But if I stick my head out too far I’m scared that
I’ll lose everything I have going.

When I get laid off as expected,
I need to lay pretty low.
You never know what people think on the issues
That seem to make this country progress so slow.

I want to really make a difference
As I have friends with no health care.
They work three jobs and bust their tails.
Just to keep on growing their bills.

I want to really make a difference
As I don’t believe anyone should get sick and die.
But I really don’t know enough about the issues
So for now I’m going to just sit back and put out a positive vibe.

So in essence I think it would be an injustice
To speak out for you and say.
That I truly understand how much
money and time your family must pay each day.

I hope you torch carriers
Will get the support you need.
I wish I could stand by you right now
But these barriers could make me bleed.

I want to support the torch carriers
But if you can, will you light a torch for me.
For today I’ll just sit back and watch.
As you carry the torch for us all in dismay.

Poetimage – a new word is born

Po-et-image [mp3j track="[email protected]/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/poetimage.mp3" volslider="y" style="outline"]: (pronounced with a french ‘age’), like collage, like mirage, like massage,
Poetry that is supported, more deeply explained or confused, by the addition of  imagery.

Nice Globatron shout out from Tristan Harris, the Co-founder of Apture, Globatron’s weapon of choice. Without Apture the invention of Poetimage would not have been possible. 

Long live the marriage of art and technology.

For the money and debt they must pay.


I am eavesdropping as the commercials play.

Buy gold and you will mold your fortune into a mountain.

When we have nothing.
No money,  just debt.
No property,  just a lease to pay
That keeps us less stressed each day.

I know this thing they call money
Is something we need to live.
I don’t believe in its power, as it
causes nothing but death.

To all who cherish and worship it,
Money is the golden calf.
That many cultures bow down before.
Thinking they can just buy happiness and forget.

I want to live by something much greater.
To always know that life is fleeting.
That we really never own anything.
That commerce is just an evil spell.
That keeps us tied and bound.

That economies need us to worship money.
Because it controls all our daily actions.
We need to be controlled, so we will not
Stand up for the rights and freedoms
That we should already have.

Freedom is just a commodity.
That is traded on markets each day.
Shadow puppets pull our strings for it.
Selling our souls for an ounce of Gold to make
Us into their slaves.

I want to believe in a world without money.
Where debt is not used to enslave.
Where we can live our lives without
The fear of getting sick each day.

I want to believe in a world without money.
Where we can pursue our dreams as we wish.
Where we can live without
The fear of our enemies and neighbors killing us
For the money and debt we all must pay.

Knowing my children will own your house soon

I’m all around you, but you don’t see me much.
I clean your toilets at night when you’re away.
I mow your grass in the scorching heat all day.
I lay brick when you’re watching TV on game day.

I see you around town on my one day off.
We shop together buying goods from the same stores.
I take my family to church on Sundays, too.
Just down the street from the diner by you.

Our kids go to school together you know.
When they were young they would play forever.
As they aged they began to grow apart.
I don’t know why because they both love art.

I teach my kids to respect this country.
As they resist learning the language I grew up with.
We try to buy them Disney and Sony so they know.
The same things that make your kids glow.
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I am a bald eagle

I am a bald eagle.
Proud and strong and free.
Angered when provoked.
Flying over thee.

I am a fundamentalist Christian.
I worship during the Super Bowl.
Fighting for family values.
Praying for your soul.

I fight for your gun rights.
Buy an assault rifle if you wish.
It’s your right as a citizen.
To hunt big game and fish.

I am closed minded and just fine.
With my choices that keep me blind.
About what the rest of the world thinks.
Because the strong should never apologize.

I listen to hate mongers each day and don’t blink.
I hang on each and every word to get me through the week.
I want my old country back, that is so close to the brink.
I believe fully in troop surges to fix any leak.

I gathered at town halls to yell and scream and shout.
I was a sleeping giant who could not speak out.
Now I am an awake giant who can not think.
I am a true patriot waiting for the call.

I put social issues before it all.
If government doesn’t line up with what my Bible teaches.
Then it must fail or fall or bust, it must.
If you are not a pro-lifer then you will be libel it preaches.

I am amassing weapons for the end times.
My 10 year old can clean and shoot a rifle in no time.
That knowledge is the best present you can give them.
Cause this world is headed for Armageddon.

I am an American.

(In honor of the paranoid minority who claim to be the majority.)

I am a strip mall

I am a strip mall.
Long and vacant.
Asking to be be occupied.
Everything is on sale.

I am a Super Wal-Mart.
Filled with imported goods and food.
Electronics and guns for all to buy.
Diapers and candy too.

I am an eight-lane highway.
Hauling ass is my game.
I’m always in a hurry to move you.
My skin is hard but needs to be resurfaced.

I am a Chevron-Wendy’s combo.
Consumption is my middle name.
Fill up both of your tanks on me.
Sometimes I want to just be a gas station.

I am a Football stadium.
Crammed with 80,000 screaming fans.
I dull your senses for a few hours each week.
My goal is to make you not think or blink.

I am a Starbucks drive thru.
I’m on every corner and border too.
I give you the energy to make it through the day.
You pay extra for me because I am your luxury.

I am your land.
The land that your ancestors stole.
You buy me but you will never own me.
I am poisoned with your garbage, but I still live.

I am your history.
You have always spoken of revolution.
You have all come here for freedom.
You don’t know me so you repeat me.

I am your heritage.
You don’t keep me but give me away easily.
You forget the stories and songs that I gave you.
You will want me the most when you don’t remember me.

I am your culture.
I have given you a black hole in your heart you can not fill.
I want you to buy more and to feel less.
I want you to forget and repress.

You are an American.

A Citizen's Test

Freedom of speech will be our very undoing.
If we do not decide to become more aware of our course.
And of what this country stands for and what we have declared.
For we are a country founded by free thinkers and radicals.
People who were well versed and educated men.

Now we stand at a time of drastic division.
Separated not by our freedoms but by our differences.
As people continue to speak out about what they believe true.
We must remember our history and remember the fifty-thousand foot view.
That if we forget our history we will continue to become unglued.

For we are a country of free thinkers and always have been.
But what is a thought if it is blankly begot? Nothing but ignorance is all you have got.
On issues we should know and hold dear to our hearts.
Know them not because it is a chore, but because it should be our obligation.
To know where we came from and where we are going, we must remember the civics
that founded this nation.
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Heil Hitler!

If President Obama was Hitler.
Hitler would believe in diplomacy over war.
He would believe that no man deserves to be tortured.
He would not vote for an unjust war, and he would deplore
those who supported it for their own personal gain.
He would not let America forget the debt that was paid in
money and blood for any war, no matter what it was for.

He would feel it his obligation to see to it that our country
not go into another depression. He would hate having to
bail out failed companies and banks, but would rather do
that than see soup lines on every corner or even more.
He would be proud of our country when these choices
brought our country out of a recession that could have
been the greatest of depressions.

He would support our country’s decision to have open
talks with Iran. He would be fighting for peace in the
Middle East, for without peace there, there is no peace here
or anywhere. He would applaud efforts of nuclear disarmament
as a goal for all of humanity and for everyone’s sanity.

He would see his enemies spiting him and he would turn the other
cheek. Not because he is the Messiah but because that is what the
prophets and great philosophers have taught us to think.
He would let his enemies’ freedom of speech be a weapon with which to teach.
He would be open to an intellectual debate on all issues, if one could be found.
He would always have an open door and open ear to anyone who felt
they had ideas that could bring peace and prosperity all around.
He would make history not a mystery, but his mistress and he would love
her forever. White House or townhouse.

He would accept a dog that was given to him by Ted Kennedy and he
would cry with all who cried when Ted died. He would make universal healthcare for
all his priority. He would understand that people are not numbers.
He would understand that people are working hard already. That people
still can’t make it. That the cards are not stacked in their favor.
That if you get sick, you better die quick. That … is not a lie.
Just you get sick and try.

He would understand that a government’s role is much larger than fighting wars.

He would make education of our children a priority.
He would make clean air and water a priority.
He would make clean energy a priority.
He would make climate change a priority.
He would make global peace a priority.
He would make civil rights a priority.
He would make the American people a priority.

If this is the Hitler President Obama would be.
I would throw up my arm up and salute him … and you and me.

Machete vs. Machine

Machete vs. Machine

All the species of the land will be swallowed
whole by waters rising in our lifespan.
Climate change is a pesky commercial playing
in the other room as you eat your pizza and watch
the game. The game is now and it’s not a rehearsal.
What game do you choose to watch for this spot?

Winner takes all. Swallows all. Starves all.
Too much to think about as you go into the room to
turn that channel off. THE football game is on by the way.
Don’t want to think about where the food you ordered comes from or
where the electricity you are using burns from.
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tick. tick. tick. Boom.

I was a poet and I knew it. I knew it back then even
when I did not put down my paper to pen.
And when I did, it would shake the dirt from my sins.
Shake the man in me. Who was growing to be.
One who was striving to find his dignity and integrity.

One who was looking at the world and wondering.
What he could do when he was nothing much more than a
child of the middle class with dreams of a world with no class.
No Ivy League pedigree to pull from you see.
Just an endless sea of dreams to dream before me.

Just a state college degree in painting was received.
And after, I was speechless as my words did not grow.
Did not flow. Where concepts were hard to show.
But there was romance to put the paint brush
to canvas to dance with this. To make a universe of sorts with
every mark made leading me towards unknown parts.
But was this an empty verse on this canvas before me?
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