Letter to the Last Generation

Dear Girls,

You helped me through life. Through living. When things got hard I would look at you and feel your infectious energy and know that life was worth it. That all the trials and tribulations were for a reason. We have gone through a lot. Health care issues. Unemployment. Relocation. Wars. Global Warming. The uncertainty of the future of this planet. I have struggled lately letting you know what is in store for you when you grow up. I want you to have the hope and dreams that only children can have. I want you to make believe and dream big. I want you to feel as if anything is possible.

I have been around your childhood energy and it has helped heal me. I want you to know that being positive can get you through the hardest trials which is good because you will be facing the worst trials mankind has ever faced in the coming decades. I don’t say this to scare you. I say this because I want you to be prepared, if only emotionally. I want you to know that life as we know it will soon come to an end. That the culture we built is tearing itself apart.

That you will not be able to afford health care. That you will not be able to afford an education. That the country we love will soon collapse. That the poverty we now are experiencing will soon become the norm. That it will get much much worse. That the environment we have taken for granted will cease to exist. That the air and water quality will get worse. That the beaches we swim in will be contaminated. That the toys you have grown up with will not help you build a fire or grow food. That a college education will not be necessary. That you will see your neighbors looting and robbing. That you will see cities burning.

That you will see the waters rising and coastal cities being destroyed. That you will experience the worst decades mankind has ever seen. That there will be no need to procreate and that you will most likely choose not to. I want you to know that religion was a major reason why all of this happened. The main religions used fear as a controlling factor to dismiss the warning signs that this was all coming. The big corporations had no desire to help this world but only to fleece it. People no longer mattered. Currency and wealth became our God. I want you to know this on this Father’s Day to prepare you. I want you to know that it is my wish to see the end with you. I want you to know that this is in some way comforting. I want you to know that this was never our intention. We never wanted you to see so much epic suffering. We never wanted you to know this truth.

As you grow older life will seem tragic. The one’s you love will soon pass away. The world you now know will try to destroy you. I want you to accept this future. Not so you prepare for it as if it is you only mission, but so you enjoy the moment. So you look at the clouds and realize how lucky you were to be born during the last decades of the evolution of our species. So you can find the joy in another’s laugh.  So you can tell a good story and continue to light the fires of the future. You will be the hope of mankind. You will be the ones who tell the story of a civilization that was not able to sustain itself because of its greed. How we destroyed our planet in order to have instant gratification. If there is hope it is in you. Hope that you will stop the cycle. Hope that you will live to tell this tale.

I love you more than you will ever know. I pray that we will meet again on the other side. I do wish to be here to help you through the coming fall. I have faith in the genes you have been given. I know they will serve you well as you are tested more than any generation before you. I want you to remember your ancestors. I want you to think of the people before you and the talents you were given. I want you to remember the poverty they experienced and the hard work they did before the machine was set up to destroy us. I want you to take comfort in the adventure of making it through this and if you don’t you will surely die trying.

Thank you my loves.

Your Daddy.