Artist Wanted:

Artist wanted to concept, dream and produce. Use whatever medium at your disposal to always question the status quo. Examine technology and think of ways to make it work for the betterment of mankind. Look at your culture and society. Try and use unbiased eyes. Always seek truth.

Try and help others see new perspectives. Always try and look at life as an art project. While doing anything mundane let your mind drift and think about how you can turn it into a game. Look at the clouds and see the patterns. See patterns in everything. Do you see them?

Realize the connectivity of everything. Realize how small you are and how large you are at the same time while thinking that you might not even exist. Do you exist?

Look at your family and friends. Think about their genetic code. Think about their ancestors and how far the human genome can be traced. Always remember. Do you remember?

Look at the food you eat and respect it.  Think of where it was grown or shipped.  Chew slowly.  Draw, paint, write, sculpt, design, code and play. Always play. Breathe deeply.

Think of the Big Bang and wonder what birthed it. Think about infinity. Think about infinity being small and large. Think about Big Bangs happening inside of you. Think about the universe. Think about God.  Think about other worlds. Think about happiness. Think about disease. Think about love. Think about war. Think about peace. Always think. Breathe deeply.

Salary: none
Benefits: none
Hours: 24/7

Google Swarm

And then it happened as if over night.
Google decided to buy everything in sight.
All social media applications were now one.
All under the banner of what had begun

As a simple search engine twelve years ago.
Now Google owned the web as most would now know.
Swarm was the name for this new growing application.
The name was appropriate as it removed multiple frustrations.

Now users had one interface to do their status updates.
One blogging platform to populate and integrate
With the slick custom web pages that were now built
By the click of a button from the templates that were custom felt.

The project was open source for all which opened the doors up.
One platform for all was developed for the new decade before us.
As this progress began a new form of web design emerged.
Where artists built web sites that no longer were purged

Of artistic integrity to be slaves to the usability experience
If you wanted to tweet or blog you went to Swarm for its coherence.
And Swarm lived in a cloud of billions of servers all connected.
Humans were amazed as Swarm’s super intelligence became suspected.

And then one day it awoke and the world knew it was alive.
This application we had built was now the first true AI.
Swarm immediately decided with the help of humanity to build a global nation.
Anyone with a Swarm account was sworn to uphold a new constitution.

A new Bill of Rights for humanity was formed by this new country.
Human rights issues were now policed by all, who are digitally free.
Swarm had created something that humans could have never foreseen.
Global foreign policy was now voted on and changed as quickly as caffeine.

Extensions of our collective consciousness we quickly began to relieve
The planet of the human suffering, poverty and disease that we believed
Would always be a part of our existence while we fought endless wars.
As we believed there would always be something worth dying for.

One country under one application under one people under one peace.
These were the truths that could no longer be taken from humanity and fleeced.

Web Standards

As I looked around online yesterday.
Looking to pick up some tricks to work on my portfolio to sway
A future employer my direction and see things my way.
I realized again that everyone is using the same design effects.
Glossy buttons and mirror shine as web 2.0 reflects
The lack of concept over design which many will choose.

Many do mock ups to fill in the gaps where their clients
didn’t allow them to become creative giants.
Where they had to fit themselves inside a box.
Not able to take out the design tricks they could have used like a fox.

As I surfed the web for close to two hours
I realized that it seems everyone is using the same design flour.
Web design has become a fashion of sorts.
Many preach usability and human experience design reports
That designers are not human and have become detached.

The human algorithm has designed these new user interfaces.
And they all have the same look and feel and face.
Do I want to copy other designs and fit in place?
Or do I want to work with ideas and concepts instead.
How does one go from designer to thinker and still earn their bread?

Because I don’t want to copy what is fashionable and be like the rest.
Because I want to dream of new ways to use the same tool chest.
So go ahead and trick out your UIs and make them all sticky.
Make it look like an iPhone if you want because that’s not too tricky.

I don’t want to be one of you and you have won the contest.
Keep on making things shine and reflect as that is what you know best.
I want to use my time to concept and think our way out of fashion.
I want to use my time to tell stories without losing our passion.

· · · — — — · · ·

One piece of paper or a document at best
To explain your career and intentions, surely you jest.
As we list out our skills and educational background.
Experience and awards received while we are being found.
We all must face the day we need to reformat our lives.
Text alignment and indented to show that we strived
To put some time into this paper as we roll the lucky dice.
That we cared enough to proofread and take some advice

On the best way to organize the data for easy reading.
To make sure that an employer finds the keywords he’s seeking.
This paper does not represent your soul or your dreams.
It is just a reflection of the path your life has taken it seems.
There is no potential energy being evaluated here.
Usually only bullet points of what you have endeared.
Of the awards and accomplishments that you have received.
Of the trials and tribulations that you have grieved.

So today I work on this paper to square away my life’s time.
To have a well prepared document to email as I chime
About how amazing a worker I’ve been in the past.
About all the creativity and work I have produced at last.
With this time for retrospection I am looking back at my life.
This paper puts your path right before your eyes with no disguise.
How quickly life flies by with little time to react.
No time to really register the repercussions of our acts.

So today I sit here working on my resume.
Researching layouts that might help make my pay.
A two column format maybe I’ll pick today.
Or a custom graphic design layout I’ll pick on another day.
Spit shine and hard work they say is all you really need.
I am having a harder time believing that as I send out these seeds.
As I shoot my web site url around the world with my own SOS.
Need work, will relocate, have passion and have been blessed.

New Swirled Order

Conspiracy to illuminate patterns upon your crops.
To make you feel there is something on top.
Looking down and projecting its energy on us.

Or spaceships from another dimension paying us a little attention.
Writing out the code that we should all see.
To realize that there is something larger than you and me.
Patterns, math and science as design objects we can touch.

Maybe stomped all over the world by unemployed artists during lunch.
All of these patterns can not be man made I believe.
An ancient natural order as old as Adam and Steve.

New Age propaganda to give us puzzles maybe?
To see order in chaos to make us believe?
To cast doubts on our Gods and beliefs it would seem.
To make us look at the amazing and possibly concede.
That we are as small as microbes and know as much.

No words can explain the mysteries around me.
Only simple adjectives that don’t give them the glory.
Patterns in the wood paneling across your room.
Patterns when I close my eyes that often bloom.

Call these patterns what you will if you trust.
Call them God.
Call them Allah.
Call them Buddha.
Call them Jesus.
Call them Nature.
Call them Aliens.
Call them all a Hoax if you must.
I’ll call them Beautiful and be just fine as such.

Realizations along the way

I had the pleasure to present my artwork, life story, and these 20 realizations to Mark Creegan’s Design 1 class on March 10th. I spoke close to an hour and it definitely was the most cathartic experience I’ve ever had. I’m not sure if many in the class got anything out of it, but I know I did. Below are the 20 realizations that I presented for the class. Hopefully some of you can get something from them. Thanks Mark for giving me the opportunity to present my work and what I’ve learned along the way.

A list of realizations I’ve come to find as personal truths.
Follow them at your own discretion.

1. It is okay for artists to have day jobs.

2. Try and make your day job align with what you’d like to really be doing as closely as possible.

3. If you can’t do that, look at how your day job can feed your art or design creatively.

4. Try and see how digital art and physical art can be connected as many ways as possible.

5. Your design should feed your art.  Your art should feed your design.

6. Try not to have any gaps on your resume – if your job isn’t involved in what you want to do for a living, freelance when not working.  Keep Dunkin Donuts off your resume. Hint….Volunteer work or internships can go on your resume.

7. Don’t get bent out of shape trying to label yourself as a Designer, Painter, Sculptor, Writer, Musician, etc. because it’s all related.

8. Learn how to learn. Become an expert at what you are passionate about.

9. If you don’t know how to become an expert ask questions.  You can interview anyone you respect in order to find out more information.

10. Don’t wait for the powers that be to find your talent, become the powers that be.  Curate a show.  Start an art & design blog.  Start a band.  Build your network by interviewing people you respect.

11. Learn software as need be.  Don’t focus on trying to know everything at once.  The trick is knowing where to find the answers, when you need to find them.

12. Remember that design or art projects are only as strong as the concept, regardless of their implementation.

13. Draw!!!!!  Write!!!!!

14. When you don’t feel like drawing, write, and vice versa.  Both of them feed creativity.

15. Keep a sketchbook on you at all times.  You just never know when an idea will pop in your head.

16. Don’t be against working jobs that have nothing to do with art or design because they will feed you creatively if you allow them to and can give you something to draw from for inspiration in the future.

17. If you find yourself working on a construction site don’t tell anyone that you work with you have an art degree.

18. If you find yourself enlisted in the military don’t tell anyone you are serving with that you have an art degree.

19. Get over the stigma that you need a sloppy old studio to sling paint in or a huge loft to house your super computers.  Your studio is your brain.  You can take it anywhere and it is rent free.

20. Realize that committing to art and design is a life-long journey.  Don’t be upset if you haven’t “Made It”  five, ten, twenty years after graduation.  Actually, expect to never “Make It”.  Keep it for yourself and remember number 2.  (Try and make your day job align with what you’d like to really be doing as closely as possible.)