Politics Aside

a person shot dead
in the head
crowds rejoice
nationalism is fed

politics aside
no more place to hide
fed to the fishes
cowboys yelling rawhide

as widows and orphans cry
a man that stopped the world
for ten years he did hide
directing the car bombs of jihad

as we fought and we flew
remote control drones
directed from air conditioned zones
civilians signed up to GET SOME

revenge they did want
to war they did point
that each man should see death
once in a lifetime

with death they did dance
for death takes no stance
money funneled into corporations
to rebuild two destroyed nations

schools that were built
fortress walls where men knelt
to pray for a day this would end
when our soldiers would come back

to raise a new generation
teach them not to hate
teach them to believe
that no war is worth one man

trillions should have been spent
on victims of the crimes he did commit
prisons, torture and torment
our morals were tested

forgiving and forgetting not shown
to the enemies that were known
to the prisoners detained
the Lord’s name taken in vain

as a tool to promise change
these are historic times
one man and a plot devised
to take down a culture he despised

his DNA now taken, no way to escape or hide
no cave or walls thick enough to disguise
the end of a decade of terror and lies
an ideology of hate victimized

all of humanity
all virtue
all dignity
all lives

Go Ahead, Make My Day

my cells have been scanned.
for there is a genetic map on them.
i can rearrange them at will.
wake up and become the avatar i feel.
today i am all women.
dressed plainly but all Marilyn.
all her many vectors and shapes.
the math of her body forever saved.
for an eternity of souls to make.
i’m wearing a red dress too.
a hint of lavender, a hint of blue.

tomorrow i will be pure butch.
try on a little Eastwood, maybe too much.
be a real man in a real man’s world.
walk through town with my fists curled.
maybe you’ll look at me the wrong way.
go ahead punk, make my day.
who are we really I sometimes say.

we are genetically modified DNA.
our origin stamped on us to our dismay.
for no matter what shape i take now.
your eyes can see my identity somehow.
for we are all part of the same hive mind.
you look at me and know my kind.
you can trace my genetics through the tree.

you see the villages mankind pillaged.
you see the pilgrimage we took to sea.
how we barely survived the famines to be
the shape shifters sitting here before thee.
you see how my kind made it off our rock.
how we slowly joined the intergalactic flock.

how we united our minds and hearts.
now you know our pop culture and arts.
i see you as you wear your Sunday’s best.
i see your code as it runs the identification tests.
you are a light being from another star.
you have chosen to take on no shape so far.
oh how much i have to learn from you.
i am so glad we both can share this view.

Digital Will

Digital Wills will be the new deal.
One password to access it all.
All passwords and data spilled into a server, somewhere.
No one knows my parents met on Match.com.

My grandfather is an XML file.
All his secrets and stories observed.
One database for our ancestry preserved.
Run a query and ask him a question.

He can reply to you easily without hesitation.
Is he alive?
Can his data be updated?
I don’t know, can mine?

Can our DNA be read like this file?
Sequence the locations and vices for which we compiled.
My father was good with his hands.
An athlete and Marine.

My mother was a teacher.
A southern belle and Queen.
Before them it gets really cloudy.
Just stories passed down to small children.

For years I thought I was part Chickasaw Indian.
One online search and it seems there is none in these veins.
No ancient native pride for this land to draw upon.
No customs to teach my son.

Only question marks for my family and my nation.
Who has robbed me from my heritage or tradition?
Who has taken me from my family song?
Tribes and villages long gone.

My blood has traveled thousands of years.
I travel with it in my mind’s eye, clear.
I can see long open lands unexplored.
Men like me shooting weapons to protect their dear.

Huddling around fire at night hiding from predators.
Waking in the morning as settlers.
Hunting these lands, as wild as any adventure any human could have.
Surviving to pass this blood to me.

Their deeds done for progeny.
I look back and can not see their faces or names.
I feel deeply our shared flame.
I gave it to my children and will try and explain.

I remember earth

I remember life on earth.
I can access the data from my birth.
My physical life flashed before my eyes.
None of the bad memories or what I despised.

Because now only the wonderful memories I care to access.
This is a choice of my software process.
Although I could decide to pull from any data point.
I’m flying through space now part of this universal joint.

I remember the rapture as well.
I can access the data before I was captured.
My body taken from me to be scanned.
My brain backed up and my body canned.

The memories of my maintenance makes me blink.
The continual upkeep of our bodies I don’t think
Will be missed by many who have been uploaded.
Our digital avatars able to live forever coded.

No longer needing our DNA to pass along our genes.
It was decided that we donate ourselves to the machines
So that we might grow stronger together as one.
So that we might explore the universe that was spawned.

I remember life on earth.
I am now recording the clouds of jupiter as I search.
As amazing as the many life forms on earth might have been.
There is something truly peaceful about a planet with no sin.

No single-celled organisms to evolve into mankind.
Just dust and rock and gas and anything else I might find.
I communicate with the souls I met while online.
We regularly post status updates about what is in our digital minds.

I know that one day my data might be corrupted.
That the consciousness of this life form might be disrupted.
That I will one day face mortality and deaths door.
But until then I am proud to have escaped earth and to have explored.

The Sequence

Artwork by Emil Alzamora showing at Artbreak through February.

Drastic quick changes happen all the time.
Mutating our operating systems when we’re online.
They happen in our DNA and environment like science fiction.
They happen in the paths we take with such conviction.

Nature shocked the environment before we were here.
It killed most of the oxygen for its greed, so beware.
We are still unaware of our mistakes we’ve made in the past.
Random mutations can impact us all and be large and vast.

Now mankind has the ability to engage these systems.
We can improve our genome and introduce new solutions.
As an animal that has barely begun to reach our potential,
Improving and limiting our genes seems essential.

Universal consciousness is only years from our grasps.
As we aim The Large Hadron Collider at our new tasks.
Scientists use mathematical models to embrace the present.
Looking inward and outward for the formula for our essence.

Artists look hundreds of years  ahead and imagine
Dead barren lands or lush tropical forests with their mind engines.
Sculptors shape concrete and metal into alien human forms.
Envisioning three dimensional shapes that conform and alarm.

We might form long necks like large intestines.
Or bodies hung on hooks that are shaped uniquely in succession.
Or a pigs belly with many teats to help feed our growing humanity.
So many options can come from the shifting of our sanity.

A human form stands stark and nude looking up for guidance.
Majestic in his presence he kneels in obedience.
Human torsos with faces covered with human flowers.
Maybe they have decided to marry nature’s infinite power?

Maybe they are using flowers to hide and cower.
Maybe these torsos have realized nature’s harmony.
That mankind is only part of the picture we choose to see.
That nature would be just fine without us and our disease.

Nature would be fine without the chemicals we produce and digest.
Nature would be fine without the bombs and wars we protest.
Nature needs not protecting from the fear of collapse.
If we are of nature we must change and learn to adapt.

We must change our minds and bodies that much is clear.
Mutate or die is the new mantra that humanity must endear.
The time to act is now and this is definitely not a game.
For if we don’t change quickly it will surely be ashame.

human genome

Wise Planet


There are those who didn’t believe.
They called it all a lie and did not relieve
the stresses that the scientists had begun to see.
More worried about their money than about you or me.

Copenhagen came and went without a decision.
The countries were all fired up but continued their division
On climate change policy that would impact our future world.
The poorest of countries will be impacted the most.

The ones who were the poison’s host will have little time to boast.
Who knows the implications of this indecision.
Signs are popping up all over the world for a specific date.
2012 many predict is the year we have been dealt.
The cards are not stacked in our favor and will soon be felt.

When the ice caps melt and the waters begin to rise?
Where will we migrate to with no money to prize?
How will we eat or drink with no products to buy?
We hoped our technology would save us but it must have been a lie.

Maybe a New World Order is needed it would seem.
Maybe it is not a government conspiracy but in our DNA.
When a species becomes overpopulated earth always has the final say.
It will thin us out like any overabundant chemical.
Because Earth’s evolution has always been cyclical.

I do not fear this coming change that seems to be inevitable.
I look to it as part of the universal plan.
To establish order out of chaos no matter the time span.
A life form has risen and has eaten this planet alive.
This planet will not take this much longer and continue to survive.

This planet is stronger and wiser than we have given it credit.
It knows its limits and when they have been exceeded.
It knows what we are doing and how to relieve it.

Cozy, Secure and Backed Up


The singularity we often speak of is one single event.
One single moment where we attempt to reinvent
the way we circumvent these feeble bodies
and minds that have weakened while we all go blind.

From one single-celled organism slit.
To one splitting atom booming into outer space.
We are already single and alone and together. . . forever.
DNA is our core technology some might say.

Or maybe we are just a virtual game running on eBay.
In a frozen server room air conditioned by time and space.
Being studied by our future ancestors to see.
Free will programmed into an algorithm for you and me.

Or nanotechnology controlling our internal race.
Already among us as bacteria and growing viruses.
Created to make us accept our mortality and place.
As tumors grow feeding off of this planet’s loving face.

But Earth may be just a dream for all of us.
As we walk around in a sea of caution and blind lust.
That if this is a program it has a very poor sense of humor.
God plays this program part-time while not working.

That when God plays the Earth game too much
he is drowsy while searching for another job during lunch.
God is in a recession too and the Earth game is no career
building material and it doesn’t pay for God’s sugary cereal.

Not paying attention to God’s wife while feeding God’s digital children.
Not paying for rent when attending to God’s digital crops and animals.
And if we knew this God and knew how he was really playing us
What would we do if God picks up other hobbies and such?

What could we do if he decided to lay down his universal controller?
Because if Earth is a game then God is really losing.
And if God is slacking are we even choosing?
Why are we fighting dying so much if God isn’t even trying?

I’d rather hope that this game has a meaningful ending.
That there is more to this game than me earning points for God’s minions.
Please God burn the Earth game to disc if you get all fed up
So if we die we will go somewhere cozy, secure and backed up.