Watch it Burn

There comes a time when history goes in reverse.
As much as you try, it hurts.
The world you know is not what you wanted.
The people you hear talk, too blunted.

Hurting your brain and ears.
Speaking another language you fear
Hate in their hearts.
Nothing you can do to restart

What has begun.
The world is becoming undone.
There will be riots in the streets.
There will be a revolution to defeat.

The division that has always been within.
True progress now portrayed as sin.
Welcome to the end.
Watch it unravel before your eyes.

False Messiah’s speaking on the steps where prophets stood.
Preaching unity.
After sewing hate with impunity.
Millions cheering them speak.

They prey on the dumb and weak.
They are the majority now it would seem.
They all have guns.
They all know it has begun.

The toppling of this country will come
By the use of the freedoms we have spun.
Freedom of speech turned into the freedom of hate.
Freedom of religion turned into the freedom to sedate.

Is it too late?
No sense in trying to relate.
Revel in the end of an empire.
Drink a beer, watch the game, start a fire and watch it burn.