I have a dream

Wall Street Bankers

A number here or a number there
As products and people go nowhere
and disappear like an off switch.
Ones and zeros that do not twitch

in their spreadsheet rows that are shown.
So that numbers can be crunched.
So that the numbers can be thrown
into a file to be reviewed

And then tweaked a bit to show a new view.
The free markets are what people still preach
even after their freedom has been leached
from the walls of a mighty empire.

The walls of our family homes on fire
with bad mortgages that were given
under false pretenses and sold like a false war.
But you must pay it or ask what is your word good for?
A lie we were given and bought with a smile and a coke.
A lie we ate at drive-thrus, our obesity now not a joke.

Free markets are the only way they say.
Let the free markets compete and the strong will prevail.
As many told us they were too big to fail
With no idea how to follow the Monopoly money trail.
As people continue to lose their jobs each day

How can we trust our government or economy today.
If the Federal Bank can not be audited just as us.
If the banks are not allowed to be policed as such.
With million dollar bonuses being given away

They say we have no way of saying, no way.
That you will not tax the people to give to the rich.
To give to the very people that made this economy sick.
Who are literally laughing all the way to their banks.
Who are literally robbing the unborn while we grow even more weak.

I have a dream and in it America unites.
We realize that this is not politics as usual.
I see a time when we realize that this is our fight.
That America has been fleeced and we must band together.

I have no plan of how this might happen.
But I see that Democrats, Republicans and Independents have forgotten.
That together we stand and divided we fall.
For a government that does not control its banks is no democracy at all.