Globatron University – Apprenticeship Program


Great news from UK writer Christine Killen who is the first student to pursue her Apprenticeship Certificate from Gobatron University.  Full text below.

I’m just about to complete an Apprenticeship with Globatron University which I recommend highly. As described on the site, Globatron is:

a free course of academic study meant to address a growing global need for a consciousness-based education, one focused on the long history of human striving for justice and truth and the beauty that expresses its presence. The works chosen will not make you a better worker. They are chosen to make you a better human being, one more in touch with the divine calling of existence; they are chosen, just as you are, to face existence in a more direct way and as a result be a beacon of hope to those in your community.

The brainchild of the American artists Byron King and Ken Vallario, the Apprenticeship programme is one of the most educational and entertaining syllabi I’ve ever had the pleasure to follow. Following the Apprenticeship programme took little time for me as I was already familiar with some of the great texts, videos, podcasts and works of art, most of which are provided on the site and save the student the effort of having to track down free versions. The wealth of non-text materials also allows for people who struggle with reading English to participate and appreciate these great ideas, thinkers and artists. Continue reading