Spark of Life

A new year and a new life we are given.
A time to start over and be forgiven
For the mistakes we all have made.
For the untruths we all have told along the way.

Let this new year bring us all closer to our divinity.
Closer to that spark some define as the Holy Trinity.
Closer to the passion we all forget to pursue
That exists within us all, not just a few.

Let there be peace on earth as our species grows.
Let us come closer to the eternal truths we seldom know.
Treat others as we would have them treat us.
Not judging others quickly, throwing away our trust.

Let us invest in our children’s education before war.
Let us use our brains to learn how to feed the poor.
Let capitalism learn how to abstain.
Let money not be the focus over the humane.

Let people be not just numbers on a spreadsheet.
Let the practice of empathy be one we repeat.
Let us realize the news media are pigs to the trough.
That fear and sensationalism is what we have bought.

That every time we turn on the TV and tune in.
That the propaganda machine continues to win.
If you want to know what the weather is like outside
Go see for yourself, no need to hide.

Believe in your senses that you need to relearn.
Because any life worth living you must earn.
Life is a blessing we all should hold dear.
One to celebrate without fear.

The Glue that Binds

I don’t want to be scared.
Scared of not having health care.
Scared of losing my income.
Scared of not having friends to come

To my funeral when I pass.
Not to come to remember the past.
When I was full of life and did silly acts
Things I no longer remember as facts.

That have forced my brain to release
Memories I needed to restore my peace.
I’m scared of my family and friends dying.
Not because of death but because of the crying.

Scared of the pain that passing inflicts on the living.
No matter your faith a loved one’s death is pure grieving.
It makes you question yourself and where you are.
About their souls and if they have gone too far.

Or if they are right there with you in your dreams.
Holding your hand and comforting your self esteem.
Those dreams can be visual and full of smells.
As if they are touching you before they fell.

Your life extends before your eyes
And what is to come after you reveal the lies.
Death is just a dress rehearsal for the big dance
Where we are our life’s actions last stance.

And if that is the case why are we so fearful of the pace
That life has quickened before our face.
Why do we cling to the things we will never really own.
Putting so much energy into the things we moan.

Cherishing our freedom and the things we are going to lose.
If only we followed our path that is laid out before us like a muse.
We can all make a list of things we want to do
But who can do them with the debt we must fuse.

We have a culture that fights us tooth and nail.
Programs us to believe we are just an empty shell.
When in truth it is our guts that are the glue.
The glue that ties us together if not just a small few.

Army of One

A secret war of ideas is being fought.
It would seem the U.S. has been once again caught
feeding money and data to another country.
Killing many and rallying others looking for reentry

Into the United States to wreak havoc.
To blow up a plane and disturb our static.
To disturb the apathy the world has again begun to feel.
About terrorist activities around the world.

It would seem the terrorists are back in control.
As they continue to steal our media’s soul.
Working off pure conjecture that we easily consume
The media keeps us programmed to fear our tomb.

You can not have terror without fear.
Even with the faith of many religions we still shed tears
Over the possibility of losing our family members
Or the chance of being being blown up and dismembered.

The fear they inflict destroys the foundation of our culture.
As they don’t fear death and are all vultures.
Selling out their  religion and their countrymen for gold.
Selling out themselves for a pinch of hope to mold.

The root of the fear inflicted on us is the fear of losing our things.
Of losing the ownership of objects, people and feelings.
Of losing control of one’s life and one’s time.
There is no hope for us all if we can’t control our minds.

Because there is no terror if there is no fear.
There is no ideology that can win a war that is not here.
There is no damage that can be done
To a man who knows no fear and is one.

I Googled God

I believe in nothing.
I believe in everything.
Everything is possible today.
Nothing will happen you say.

Maybe this is it and it all just ends.
Maybe it is all connected and continues to begin.
Is it up to us to really know
Or should we all keep an open mind to show

We don’t judge others’ beliefs.
That their paradigm is their reprieve.
That we all make our own solutions.
That we all use the same form of evolution.

The strictest reading of any religious text
Is always translated into unlimited sects.
I read that we are created in God’s image
Or maybe we all Googled God’s mirage.

With all of this said maybe there is truth to be fed
That we are all in the moment grasping to be lead.
Looking for something greater than ourselves.
All eventually shunning the apathy we all have felt.

Belief is something that is bound together with ego
As we seek to find ourselves in our id before we go.
We all seem to be looking to build a team.
No one wants to be alone in their beliefs it seems.

To not be affiliated with a group or body.
To not be affiliated with any political party.
There are a few main constants that we all share.
We all die and we know not when or where.

Alone you will leave this world and reclaim
The mystery and glory from which you came.
No one knows more than you or me.
Through this ignorance we are all free.

Meditation on Adulthood

We look everywhere for the wisdom we seek.
From the beginning of life as we begin to speak
We all quickly learn to play pretend.
Playing dress up and acting like adults, we portend

The life we are to live when we can pay our own way.
Then we realize we never really grow up one day.
That once we learn to crawl we must walk.
That once we learn to walk we can’t stop.

Once we are born life is filled with so many ifs.
Once we are grown there is a small tariff.
So minute you might not even notice it
As you’ll be too busy making things fit.

As you pay your way through life today
Make sure you realize you are on your way
Out of another cycle of your life
Into another cycle of new strife.

Because life is always filled with life lessons
And lessons can not come without regression.
In order to go forwards you must go back.
In order to go backwards you must attack.

Attack with courage and curiosity.
These qualities of life you must always portray.
Because if you lose your thirst for life
You must … turn in your stripes.

Meditation on Things

I am not this stuff that surrounds me
as we buy more and more to try and be free.
I am not this out of shape body.
Twenty extra pounds in this lost cavity.

The stuff I have does not own me.
Instead it chokes my spirit that sees
that these things create division
and blind my soul’s true vision.

There is no I.
I is a word that is made up to divide.
I is a word that we use with mine.
This is not my stuff that I find.

There is no my to the stuff we own.
My is a word that puts us all in tow.
Hopefully we will one day realize
The stuff we own we will despise.

My little girls are now using the word mine
About toys as they openly opine
About whose toys are theirs and such.
Whose things one can look at and can not touch.

The ego is developed at a very early stage
As children believe in their things at an earlier age.
Hopefully they will realize sooner than I
That these things we buy them are all a lie.

That no thing will ever fill that empty hole
No matter how large the stuff we hold.
That they are only symbols of our love
Not things to cling to from a sleigh high above.

Waiting for the Storm

They say no one vote can change history.
Unless you are a senator looking for a victory.
Unless you are looking to obstruct
a bill not supported in your personal construct.

And if you are this man your vote is a Dictatorship.
as you can ask for mountains of money for your leadership.
Who cares if you are in the minority you say?
You are doing God’s work withholding your vote today.

Pick your poison it would seem  to be the case
as these bills all turn into the evil we must soon face.
That regardless of being part of a super majority
every man is looking out for his seniority.

To be able to be the last man standing for fear
of losing his seat in the senate next year.
As senators continue to make legislation a career
we are losing the democracy we have in past endeared.

Throw them all out many people are saying.
Don’t let them know they can do this without obeying.
How can they not vote the voice of the people.
Especially from the people who are in the steeple.

We have the backing of God and these men are heathens.
Abortion or money it’s all even steven.
To pick something to throw in the wheel of the machine.
Make a mockery of the system that is losing its steam.

Maybe democracy is broken and will never again work.
Especially when both parties are sworn to their pork.
Especially when buying a vote is allowed.
And told to be the way democracy is kowtowed.

Yes sir master whatever you want
as long as I get your vote to keep the bill on the stump.
A bill can get so absolutely polluted
when senators put themselves before the people they saluted.

As the bodies come back from Iraq and Afghanistan.
It would seem health care reform for their families is quite distant.
2014 and maybe we will see some reform.
Until then, I will be waiting for the storm.

It is called the Singularity

My doctor doesn’t know about the singularity.
The same man who is giving me directions for my clarity.
And he has a resume and publications five miles long.
As a trained expert on my brain which he works upon.

Giving me medications that are only ten years old.
Hoping for shrinkage or for the right dosage that will hold.
Make my tumor or scar tissue shrink back a bit.
But sometimes he is not sure who I am or may forget.

What does this million dollar MRI machine portray?
Off a millimeter on a measurement and he might say
we just might need to start radiation therapy today.
Or you might need another surgery to stay

alive a bit longer so we can find a cure.
We often speak of nanobots that could make me pure
and other ways of extending this life I was given.
But with him not knowing of the singularity I have misgivings.

As I tell him about the megabytes in the human brain.
How much memory we store and how much we abstain
from storing upon our limited membranes. How much we
toss out without giving our memories a place to live and see.

Just a few hundred megabytes we use as RAM.
35 gigabytes of data a day we view as bits and bites of spam.
As I sat there educating my doctor on the brain today.
I realized how little we all know and how dearly I could pay.

For the human brain is a mystery for even the pros.
For the ones who practice medicine with all its loopholes.
And I am thankful I have him on my side.
This man has added years to my life but even so I must confide

that I wish he knew of the singularity that is on the horizon.
I wish he realized that his medicine is sort of a con
to band-aid our bodies together long enough to test
the approaching download of our body’s consciousness.

To a place where our bodies will be just a disease.
Where the hive mind will discard our bodies like fleas.
A place where we will find eternal life for our kind.
A place where no one goes deaf and no one goes blind.

So patch me up doc and help me get there.
I want to be downloaded and be apart of this affair.
When the human species makes its next major evolution
I want to be there to experience this miracle of creation.

Freedom to Fear


2014 health care reform will help my situation.
That said, I’m finding it hard to muster the appreciation.
Only four more years and we will be there.
My pre-existing condition will finally be square.

I will be able to get sick and not wonder where
my treatment will come from when I lay bare
without employment in the transition of life.
As transition is one’s life when going through strife.

Only four more years and I will be there.
I will be able to find happiness in life’s despair.
My only hope is that I am still aware.
That I am not just a body sitting with a blank stare.

I’m in the state of being alive and taking care of my mate.
The state of raising a family and living for dates
That are on the horizon for most of us.
Hoping to see my girls getting on a school bus.

See them discover boys and act a fool.
See them spend all summer in the swimming pool.
Growing closer as they learn to trust and love one another.
I wonder if they will have me there to help them discover

The beauty of this world of which we all share.
The obstacles I’ve conquered of which to beware.
Four more years to be a moving target for my policy.
Just long enough for one to give up and embrace insanity.

There is no arc for the character in this poem.
Maybe if you knew he started from a belief that some
never dreamed would come true and never believed
That real health care reform could be achieved.

But this protagonist had hope in spades.
He thought that universal health care had to be the only way.
That there was no way that a family must live in fear.
That freedom from fear was a right to hold dear.

And now as this poet sits and recollects
He will never again fight for something he knows he can’t affect.
That no matter the amount of energy put into believen.
that politics is for politicians not for average citizens.

The little Lord Jesus no tape for his leg.

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The little Lord Jesus no tape for his leg.
Fell off our kitchen table and nearly broke his head.
As our little girl was playing with her new Jesus set
the new ceramic character slipped from his place mat.

Today our house found Jesus reduced to matter
As the force of gravity made his small body shatter.
On the way home just now our girl asked had we fixed Jesus.
Did we not find the right glue that would help please us?

It would seem our little girl had seen a nativity set
and thought it was just another cool toy she should play with.
Just another object that she could add to her collection
of meaningless symbols and icons of consumption.

Even though we told her the significance of this baby boy.
How people worshipped him and that he was not just a toy.
She quickly went about playing as if he was just a Barbie doll
with wise men, a manger and animals in their stall.

As the little Lord Jesus fell quickly from above.
We yelled at our little one and forgot all our love.
We forgot how this season should not be about things
As we decorate our houses with objects as if they have wings.

We quickly corrected ourselves and gave her a hug.
Told her that we’d fix Jesus and gave ourselves a tug.
That we should put less emphasis on the stuff around us.
That no matter the symbolism we should not make a big fuss.

That the innocence of youth can be so easily stolen away.
That to her, Jesus is just another toy to play with, to our dismay.
She can play with the little Lord Jesus, as if he has no fame.
There is something beautiful in that, we think should remain.