Love Hate

I wish to write something terrible.
Something you all will hate.
I am thinking of words that I can put together.
Words that will make you cringe forever.

But I don’t believe that is possible today.
The T.V. tells us of such horrors that we pay
In our collective psyche as we mourn
For the soul of humanity that has become porn.

That seduces us each day as it glitters
On the screen of our sins as we litter
The temple of God that we inherited.
I can not make work of such terrible merit.

I can not put words together for you
That will make you flame this view.
Children were butchered in China.
The oil spill gushes near Louisiana.

The Times Square bomb had financiers.
Nashville was flooded as America veered.
The U.K. has a new government.
Greece has lost its tourniquet.

Americans still can not find jobs.
Poland lost all its leaders in one crashed lob.
Haiti is still suffering from their earthquake.
My mom is watching with a real headache.

These words were shuffled in a machine.
My brain played scrabble to make this scene.
Hit me with your critique if you so wish.
I am not afraid of the words you might dish.

Disc Space Error

Too much too soon.
I think my disc space is out of room.
I can’t watch the news about the earthquake in Haiti.
I had the same feeling during Hurricane Katrina.

How can I help these poor people?
They sit in the streets with nothing to eat.
They have lost their families and friends.
How can I help them believe this is not the end?

As I flip through the channels I see nothing but death.
Swollen bodies buried and the sorrow that is left.
The hollow faces of journalists who are dazed and confused
As they report this new holocaust on YouTube.

I was laid off today and it went really well.
Big hugs all around and everything was swell.
I am having a hard time getting down about this.
Especially when the people of Haiti are so close to the abyss.

My problems although large pale in comparison.
The poorest of the poor have been completely floored.
Their roofs toppled and their country destroyed
By a natural event as if they were just toys.

People are texting and tweeting their money to help.
This technology is transforming donations as well.
It’s almost too much for me to watch.
It seems my brain can only handle so much.

As if there is a filter that turns off when it reaches its limit.
As if the human brain cannot handle too much in it.
I hate to use such a thing as an example.
To be able to see the beauty around me and be truly thankful

Of what I am and what I have not lost.
I am in living in the richest of nations.
I received a college degree at a high cost.
I am the Atari and Nintendo generation.

I have a roof over my head at this duration.
I have a family I love who lives today.
A job I might not have but that is okay.
This life I try to live with much obligation

For the people who aren’t here to witness the miracle.
For the genes I carry from my family tree.
Engaged I will be as much as I can.
A witness I am for those who cannot be.