Jacksonian March

quick as lightning the pain strikes.
muscles cramping and cow prodding.
jerking and mouth frothing.
trying to say one simple word.

but it comes out as a yelp.
yell. yell. yell. hellllp.
noises your lips make but can’t control.
you soon realize you did not fall.
you are sitting still as the pain goes up.
As Jackson Marches up from your foot.

the leg releasing now and on to the next.
the pain rushes into your lungs as they flex.
gasping for air making each breath hurt.
quickly into the arm the nerves spurt.
all along you live inside your head

unaware where your body is being led.
knowing this too will soon pass
that this seizure will run out of gas.
that its electrical pulses can not last.
the flame sparks now up to your face.

the left side of your body follows the pace.
you are inflicted with epilepsy my friend.
this too will come and go again.
to be held captive by one’s body
is a lesson hard to learn.

for life’s precious moments need to be earned.
for the freedom of mind and body we all yearn.