The good, the bad and the biased.

The vision has been tainted.

Cataracts have grown over the artists’ eyes.
The poets’ mouths has been duct taped.
Like sponges to our deconstructionist, post modernist history of
our history’s history we have not come to terms with our future or lack there of.

We have not painted the picture dearly.
We have not spoken the words clearly.
We have not given ourselves real options.
We have not created the meme that will save our asses.
We continue to drag on and battle in ignorance and mollasses.

Too concerned with politics and ideology we have allowed our minds to be clouded and muddied.

Consciousness unaware is a dumb eraser on the head of a child’s pencil.
He bites it until the tip is gone. He keeps chewing on it till the metal is crushed.
And then he spits out the tiny bits of yellow painted wood while he distracts himself
from his lessons. It is all disposable now. Garbage in. Garbage out.

Feeling lied to and unmotivated he takes up dogma. He takes up arms. He is inspired by the transcendental
but clings to virtues crammed down his throat by old systems of control.
He wants to be controlled.

We owe it to him and our species to have a collective path.
We are the keepers of this planet.
We maintain its systems.
We watch it glisten.
Or burn.

Pinko progressive liberal scum

Today I woke up without sin.
I received my unemployment check again.
For a moment I look back at my history and beliefs.
For one, I believe in the commander-in-chief.

I have a fine arts education.
I have no love for any nation.
I want to make a better life.
I want to take care of my family and wife.

Part of the creative class I am.
In the past I filled your inbox full of spam.
I work endlessly each day with technology.
Moving buttons instead of my body.

I believe in universal health care.
Everyone should have that right because it’s just fair.
The people at the top should be taxed more.
Instead they get richer as we grow more poor.
Opinion based news should be illegal.
Freedom of speech should be reserved for the people.
Pundits fill our citizenry full of hate.
A ticking time bomb they manipulate.

I don’t believe in the wars we are fighting.
I believe they will produce more terror than righting
The wrongs from when the towers fell down
As they dropped so neatly without a sound.
I don’t own a gun, and I’m not preparing for the end.
I feel life is now, and I want to grow old with my friends.

I feel separation of church and state is being attacked.
So many policy issues are not based on fact.
I cling to no flag or religion to make up my mind.
I see no borders between countries in order to be kind.
I dream of a day when there is no political infighting.
I wait patiently online for the news of that sighting.
I am a progressive liberal who believes in human rights.
I will continue to shoot out resumes all day waiting for a bite.


The man with the iPad ruled the world.
The touch screen opened up his third pearl.
Through the touching and petting he had evolved.
A third eye had blossomed for all who had absolved
Themselves from any prejudice of this new device.
Who had welcomed it with open arms for a small price.

New applications were developed at mind bending speed.
School kids were issued iPads to complete all their needs.
The third generation release sped up the pace.
Humans were more integrated with the internet race.
Never before had we been so connected through one interface.

Some sort of mystical quality was truly released
When several hours were spent petting its face.
This UI seemed to be an extension of our brains.
No longer needing anything else to connect, the iPad reigned.
Soon no other computer product could compete.
Humans had one technology product to make them complete.

The world’s problems were crowdsourced through this extension.
Many issues never thought solvable soon reached intervention.
The fourth genration became small and thinner.
It could be folded up to be a portable flexible winner.
It was the touching and petting that unleashed our connectivity.
It was those movements that made us part of this interactivity.

Who would have thought that one product could do so much.
That human history had been waiting for this crutch.
That we only needed this one step in the way we communicated.
That through the iPad we would make the evolution we had so evaded.

Stardust to Stardust

Vibrating frequencies pushing us all onward.
All towards our place in the system.
The system to which we should all listen.
By tuning out the noises inside our heads.

And listen to rhythm of life from which our lives are lead.
Many planets devoid of life high above.
Spin in infinity without the knowledge of love.
They are perfect without one microorganism.

On earth single cells are dividing and splitting.
A universe inside our brains is fighting.
Why are we so out of touch with our destiny?
We will return back to the heavens from which we came.

Go ahead, take the purple pill if you will.
You deserve a third option.
There is no need to be forced in one direction.
Leave the world of duality behind.

Take the purple pill and you will find
That you can live inside your mind
While living inside the culture you despise.
Take a look at the lady in the red dress.

She’s something to behold, but i digress.
Embrace the technology that we create.
Use it to help solve our problems not masturbate.
Use it to tap into our limitless potential.

The power of the super computer will unite.
It will map the mind and the universe inside.
There are billions of planets thriving in our galaxy.
You will one day see them as if they were a fantasy.

Planets that are vast barren lands of sand.
Planets of gaseous clouds and crystals create
while black holes and alien life forms continually mutate.
If we could only transport our minds and see.

We are standing at the precipice of our species.
A time will surely come when we tell our grandchildren
That we were there when mankind made the right decisions.
Everyone on this planet who lives will know

That there is much more to living than being politically free.
Freedom from our bodies that are diseased and sick.
Freedom from the worship of objects and ideologies.
Then we will realize we owe an apology

To the planet that molded us from nothing but stardust.
To the planet that we bombed and mined before our awakening.
There will be a time when we look back at earth
And we will know we owe her our birth.

Soon humanity will set out to explore deep space.
We will look back at the little rock and the human race.
We can learn from all the human suffering and misery.
We can learn from the past and rewrite our history.

Waiting for the Storm

They say no one vote can change history.
Unless you are a senator looking for a victory.
Unless you are looking to obstruct
a bill not supported in your personal construct.

And if you are this man your vote is a Dictatorship.
as you can ask for mountains of money for your leadership.
Who cares if you are in the minority you say?
You are doing God’s work withholding your vote today.

Pick your poison it would seem  to be the case
as these bills all turn into the evil we must soon face.
That regardless of being part of a super majority
every man is looking out for his seniority.

To be able to be the last man standing for fear
of losing his seat in the senate next year.
As senators continue to make legislation a career
we are losing the democracy we have in past endeared.

Throw them all out many people are saying.
Don’t let them know they can do this without obeying.
How can they not vote the voice of the people.
Especially from the people who are in the steeple.

We have the backing of God and these men are heathens.
Abortion or money it’s all even steven.
To pick something to throw in the wheel of the machine.
Make a mockery of the system that is losing its steam.

Maybe democracy is broken and will never again work.
Especially when both parties are sworn to their pork.
Especially when buying a vote is allowed.
And told to be the way democracy is kowtowed.

Yes sir master whatever you want
as long as I get your vote to keep the bill on the stump.
A bill can get so absolutely polluted
when senators put themselves before the people they saluted.

As the bodies come back from Iraq and Afghanistan.
It would seem health care reform for their families is quite distant.
2014 and maybe we will see some reform.
Until then, I will be waiting for the storm.

Early Adapter

  I have been clicking a mouse for years.  
  Clicking and typing to make my fears  
  subside by paying my growing bills.  
  Learning to find perfection in strokes and fills  

  Gradients, vector, bitmap and pixel alignment.  
  To find excitement through a new assignment.  
  To learn new technology along the way.  
  To see the connections that always say  

  That all of this is part of one thing.  
  Be it a brush or a computer to make it bling.  
  These are just tools we use to tell our stories.  
  Just tools we use to help find our glory.  

  I have seen the dot com bubble come and go.  
  I have seen the birth of web 2.0.  
  I have been a little guy on the chain of command.  
  I have run a team fulfilling many client’s demands.  

  I have been an early adapter of new technology.  
  I get emails from companies asking me to beta test their strategy.  
  I have donated my energy to help many a venture.  
  I have seen start-ups come and go and felt the adventure.  

  I have connected the dots between paint and the digital.  
  I have continued to learn as it becomes less and less physical.  
  I have welcomed the coming revolution that has begun.  
  I see the digital as a possible savior for the far flung  

  Ideas that are right on the horizon to help humanity.  
  To break the chains of repeated history and discard our vanity.  
  To help break the cycle of human rights oppression.  
  To help find peace and freedom as life’s eternal lesson.  

Random Acts of Kindness

American TV

The world changed today as I turned on my TV.
There were random acts of kindness all over the screen.
For the first time in history these things became news for me.
An eagle scout built a nature trail in a local park close by.

A family adopted a child, and gave her a new start and home.
A father was laid off, and was able to start his dream job instead
Where he teaches local teens the values he wishes we all had.
An Israeli and Palestinian family live side by side in peace.

Volunteering has become America’s favorite past time, over sports.
Bike commuting has turned into a movement all over the world.
Healthy fast food joints are being built to fight our junk food courts.
And not a word was reported about spree killings, rapists or pedophiles.

These random acts of kindness were broadcast for all to see.
A new school was built in a village in Africa for girls to get a degree.
Fresh clean water is now available in the countries we made free.
Cancer research is advancing with the use of nanotechnology.

Different religions all over the world are living in peace and harmony.
Hard to believe these examples I’ve shown, but indeed it’s a reality.
Global initiatives on climate change, policy united
from every land to every sea.

Random acts of kindness have begun to be reported today.
To seek out the love and turn away from the hate.
To seek out forgiveness and turn away from vengeance.
To not focus on the fear injected into our culture for ratings.

Random acts of kindness, happen everyday and go unreported.
News media began to focus on the love and forgiveness that we can achieve.
So we may remember the good in life that is happening everyday.
Of course this is a fantasy, but one I’d rather live in and believe.

I am a strip mall

I am a strip mall.
Long and vacant.
Asking to be be occupied.
Everything is on sale.

I am a Super Wal-Mart.
Filled with imported goods and food.
Electronics and guns for all to buy.
Diapers and candy too.

I am an eight-lane highway.
Hauling ass is my game.
I’m always in a hurry to move you.
My skin is hard but needs to be resurfaced.

I am a Chevron-Wendy’s combo.
Consumption is my middle name.
Fill up both of your tanks on me.
Sometimes I want to just be a gas station.

I am a Football stadium.
Crammed with 80,000 screaming fans.
I dull your senses for a few hours each week.
My goal is to make you not think or blink.

I am a Starbucks drive thru.
I’m on every corner and border too.
I give you the energy to make it through the day.
You pay extra for me because I am your luxury.

I am your land.
The land that your ancestors stole.
You buy me but you will never own me.
I am poisoned with your garbage, but I still live.

I am your history.
You have always spoken of revolution.
You have all come here for freedom.
You don’t know me so you repeat me.

I am your heritage.
You don’t keep me but give me away easily.
You forget the stories and songs that I gave you.
You will want me the most when you don’t remember me.

I am your culture.
I have given you a black hole in your heart you can not fill.
I want you to buy more and to feel less.
I want you to forget and repress.

You are an American.

A Citizen's Test

Freedom of speech will be our very undoing.
If we do not decide to become more aware of our course.
And of what this country stands for and what we have declared.
For we are a country founded by free thinkers and radicals.
People who were well versed and educated men.

Now we stand at a time of drastic division.
Separated not by our freedoms but by our differences.
As people continue to speak out about what they believe true.
We must remember our history and remember the fifty-thousand foot view.
That if we forget our history we will continue to become unglued.

For we are a country of free thinkers and always have been.
But what is a thought if it is blankly begot? Nothing but ignorance is all you have got.
On issues we should know and hold dear to our hearts.
Know them not because it is a chore, but because it should be our obligation.
To know where we came from and where we are going, we must remember the civics
that founded this nation.
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tick. tick. tick. Boom.

I was a poet and I knew it. I knew it back then even
when I did not put down my paper to pen.
And when I did, it would shake the dirt from my sins.
Shake the man in me. Who was growing to be.
One who was striving to find his dignity and integrity.

One who was looking at the world and wondering.
What he could do when he was nothing much more than a
child of the middle class with dreams of a world with no class.
No Ivy League pedigree to pull from you see.
Just an endless sea of dreams to dream before me.

Just a state college degree in painting was received.
And after, I was speechless as my words did not grow.
Did not flow. Where concepts were hard to show.
But there was romance to put the paint brush
to canvas to dance with this. To make a universe of sorts with
every mark made leading me towards unknown parts.
But was this an empty verse on this canvas before me?
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