Meditation on Reincarnation

An idea once thought to be foolish to me
as I came from a Christian paradigm.
I now find more and more interesting and free.
The idea that we can come back again.

That this life is a test, not the end.
That maybe what we give is what we will be.
Maybe we are waiting to be reborn anew.
Maybe our energy is now trapped not free.

Maybe we are the infinite nature of our universe.
Stars giving birth to entire galaxies.
Black holes swallowing suns and planets whole.
Maybe we have been in other dimensions first.

Maybe we have traveled back and forth for a peek.
To see what the ant-like humans are doing for thirst.
To see if they have finally found peace.
To see if we are a dying culture ready to burst.

A sense of infinity I so desire.
As I don’t want to stop evolving or burn up in a fire.
Human potential is so filled with paradox.
The genius and evil of our greed and desire

Knows no boundaries and seems to be such a thin wire.
A universal consciousness connecting all the dots.
One thought leads to another and cities are built.
One thought leads to another and cultures die and wilt.

A feeling of freedom this thought of something infinite can be.
That we can make mistakes and learn through our lives.
That we will take these lessons to another life form.
That we might solve our problems after we die.

That we might not know the answers for a million years.
That we don’t have to worry about solving everything today.
Feeling our solutions will happen one day helps with my fear.
When we meet again in another galaxy our souls might be one.

Our soul’s frequency attracting each other
Across time and space our work continuing to be done.
Today I meditate on reincarnation as a solution for the human mind.
That we might not worry too much about this lifespan or time-line.

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