Truth-seekers Wanted.

Tired but driven.  Weak but stubborn.  I will not give up.  I will not give up my dreams that I have born onto.
Slaved over.  Fought for, for FEAR.  I will not be scared to live my dream because of health-care keeping me locked in a prison cell. Swell. I will not let my friends let go of their dreams either.  We were born into this planet to follow our paths.  Wherever that path leads you, let it lead you.  If you are trapped, be free.  Quit listing and stressing over issues that you can not control.

I will move swiftly.  Directly.  In the direction that my dreams have forced me.  Called me.
And that calling is to seek the truth.  And to assemble with like minded truth-seekers.  And attempt to inspire others to question everything.  To know nothing.  I understand that the quest for knowledge regardless of the answers being found or not being found is the meaning of this life.

I call for us to assemble.   I want a village of venerable rebels who want to tear conformity asunder.  Who want us all to find our bliss and not miss that it’s right there under our fingertips. With this kiss.  But we do not seek it.  We walk right by it on the way to our obligations and superstitions that have been piped piped for way too long.

We are the Light.  We are the Truth. But do we seek it?