Clear eyes for the tired guy. One drop at a time. Drip. Drip.Drip.

Staring at flat panel screen dream. 50 inch plasma, that’s my Self. Staring at mirror images. Seeing fat cell deposits. Flesh. Apathy. Standing up tall. Yoga stance. Yoga prance. One vertebrae at a time. Sucking it in.

Tired of boxes. Tired of everyone talking about putting people in boxes. Thinking out of boxes. In the box. Out of the box. Jack in the Box. There is no box. Especially for fear of small spaces. Especially for tears in small places. Face this. Place this box out of your mind. Find time to breath fully with lack of boxes. Lack of limits. Infinite Spaces. Infinite Places.

Small town itch. Small town bitch. They don’t know me. I am know one. I am everyone. I am mountain top. Anthill. Stream. River. Sea. The infinite minutia. Space eternal. Smiles and tears and fears and put this all aside, and stride. See the mountain top and climb. One step at a time. One pixel at a time. One brush stroke at a time. One word at a time. Climb.