Will you light a torch for me?

To be honest, I’m too busy right now.
Life is going by much too fast.
I want to help change things.
But at the end of the day I’m out of gas.

I know I voted for this Hope and Change.
And I know how much we really need it.
But can’t the government fight for us now?
Since everyone is in so much pain.

See, the recession is hitting folks really hard.
People are getting laid off in droves.
That will be the main topic on this Thanksgiving Day,
How lucky I am to still be getting paid.
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For the money and debt they must pay.

I am eavesdropping as the commercials play.
Buy gold and you will mold your fortune into a mountain.
When we have nothing.
No money, just debt.
No property, just a lease to pay
That keeps us less stressed each day.

I know this thing they call money
Is something we need to live.
I don’t believe in its power, as it
causes nothing but death.

To all who cherish and worship it,
Money is the golden calf.
That many cultures bow down before.
Thinking they can just buy happiness and forget.

I want to live by something much greater.
To always know that life is fleeting.
That we really never own anything.
That commerce is just an evil spell.
That keeps us tied and bound.

That economies need us to worship money.
Because it controls all our daily actions.
We need to be controlled, so we will not
Stand up for the rights and freedoms
That we should already have.

Freedom is just a commodity.
That is traded on markets each day.
Shadow puppets pull our strings for it.
Selling our souls for an ounce of Gold to make
Us into their slaves.

I want to believe in a world without money.
Where debt is not used to enslave.
Where we can live our lives without
The fear of getting sick each day.

I want to believe in a world without money.
Where we can pursue our dreams as we wish.
Where we can live without
The fear of our enemies and neighbors killing us
For the money and debt we all must pay.

Knowing my children will own your house soon

I’m all around you, but you don’t see me much.
I clean your toilets at night when you’re away.
I mow your grass in the scorching heat all day.
I lay brick when you’re watching TV on game day.

I see you around town on my one day off.
We shop together buying goods from the same stores.
I take my family to church on Sundays, too.
Just down the street from the diner by you.

Our kids go to school together you know.
When they were young they would play forever.
As they aged they began to grow apart.
I don’t know why because they both love art.

I teach my kids to respect this country.
As they resist learning the language I grew up with.
We try to buy them Disney and Sony so they know.
The same things that make your kids glow.

I also save some money and send it to
Our family members who are starving plenty.
As we sock away pennies, we buy them time.
The lack of jobs and high crime is why

We came here to work and earn a dime.
Now I grow old and my back is not strong.
I think of all the grass I’ve mowed and toilets I’ve cleaned.
If I had to do it all over again I would.

I thank God as I tuck my little girls into bed.
To think of the things they can do with their lives now.
I’m just a broken old man trying to earn his keep.
I might be illegal but my girls are not, Chief.

I hear of you talking about illegal immigrants getting health care.
I know you are protesting my Mexican and Latino heritage.
I know you don’t think of Canadians or the Swedish this way.
I know you are speaking of me and my people today.

You know this land was ours way before the Europeans.
Our nations evolved from the great migration through Alaska.
We evolved into nations and our people lived here simply.
Then the Europeans came here and stole all our land.

Now we sneak in through the Rio Grande.
You might call us wetbacks, but I don’t much mind.
Because I know my sweat is building not just your country but mine.
Like it or not we will be the majority soon.

The sooner you face this the better for all our people.
And I teach my children when this change happens
To remember that your families came here as immigrants too.
That one day we won’t be just Hispanics and Aliens to you.

That one day we will all be Americans. That you must face.
And that we are all part of the same human race.
But for now I’ll mow your grass and clean some more toilets.
Knowing my children will own your house soon without disgrace.

I am a bald eagle

I am a bald eagle.
Proud and strong and free.
Angered when provoked.
Flying over thee.

I am a fundamentalist Christian.
I worship during the Super Bowl.
Fighting for family values.
Praying for your soul.

I fight for your gun rights.
Buy an assault rifle if you wish.
It’s your right as a citizen.
To hunt big game and fish.

I am closed minded and just fine.
With my choices that keep me blind.
About what the rest of the world thinks.
Because the strong should never apologize.

I listen to hate mongers each day and don’t blink.
I hang on each and every word to get me through the week.
I want my old country back, that is so close to the brink.
I believe fully in troop surges to fix any leak.

I gathered at town halls to yell and scream and shout.
I was a sleeping giant who could not speak out.
Now I am an awake giant who can not think.
I am a true patriot waiting for the call.

I put social issues before it all.
If government doesn’t line up with what my Bible teaches.
Then it must fail or fall or bust, it must.
If you are not a pro-lifer then you will be libel it preaches.

I am amassing weapons for the end times.
My 10 year old can clean and shoot a rifle in no time.
That knowledge is the best present you can give them.
Cause this world is headed for Armageddon.

I am an American.

(In honor of the paranoid minority who claim to be the majority.)

I am a strip mall

I am a strip mall.
Long and vacant.
Asking to be be occupied.
Everything is on sale.

I am a Super Wal-Mart.
Filled with imported goods and food.
Electronics and guns for all to buy.
Diapers and candy too.

I am an eight-lane highway.
Hauling ass is my game.
I’m always in a hurry to move you.
My skin is hard but needs to be resurfaced.

I am a Chevron-Wendy’s combo.
Consumption is my middle name.
Fill up both of your tanks on me.
Sometimes I want to just be a gas station.

I am a Football stadium.
Crammed with 80,000 screaming fans.
I dull your senses for a few hours each week.
My goal is to make you not think or blink.

I am a Starbucks drive thru.
I’m on every corner and border too.
I give you the energy to make it through the day.
You pay extra for me because I am your luxury.

I am your land.
The land that your ancestors stole.
You buy me but you will never own me.
I am poisoned with your garbage, but I still live.

I am your history.
You have always spoken of revolution.
You have all come here for freedom.
You don’t know me so you repeat me.

I am your heritage.
You don’t keep me but give me away easily.
You forget the stories and songs that I gave you.
You will want me the most when you don’t remember me.

I am your culture.
I have given you a black hole in your heart you can not fill.
I want you to buy more and to feel less.
I want you to forget and repress.

You are an American.

A Citizen’s Test

Freedom of speech will be our very undoing.
If we do not decide to become more aware of our course.
And of what this country stands for and what we have declared.
For we are a country founded by free thinkers and radicals.
People who were well versed and educated men.

Now we stand at a time of drastic division.
Separated not by our freedoms but by our differences.
As people continue to speak out about what they believe true.
We must remember our history and remember the fifty-thousand foot view.
That if we forget our history we will continue to become unglued.

For we are a country of free thinkers and always have been.
But what is a thought if it is blankly begot? Nothing but ignorance is all you have got.
On issues we should know and hold dear to our hearts.
Know them not because it is a chore, but because it should be our obligation.
To know where we came from and where we are going, we must remember the civics
that founded this nation.
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140 Characters of Ignorance

We are studying the classics because we have lost it.
Lost touch of reality in this digital data surrounding us.
Lost touch with knowledge from sensory overload.
140 character tweets in eternal communal repeat.

We don’t thirst for knowledge or beauty like the Greeks.
We don’t hold anything dear or true on our virtual pathways where we meet.
Our only values are flung like mud out of the Good Book that we read.
Then we judge others too quickly and call them too weak.

Globatron has found that humanity needs to refocus and get back on its path.
That we can’t let the unevolved keep us from the awakening we seek.
That each man has as a duty deep down inside of him.
To not listen to that voice is a personal tragedy that cuts deep.
How can we call others Hitler or Fascist so easily?
We must read the classics to remember to think before we speak.

We must remember that our heritage is of great thinkers and philosophers.
That to forget that would be the grandest of mistakes.
One that is made with our liberty and freedom each day.
Opinions we are entitled to along with our freedom for sure.
But our tongues too often circumvent our educations we partake.
Are we not unjustly representing our forefathers we so often mention?
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Scott Speicher's Country

As I watched Scott Speicher’s body being driven by today,
I wondered about this fallen warrior before me on the way to his grave.
About this country that he fought and died for the first day of that war.
About how the only ones lining the street were flag waving,
camouflaged conservatives and me it seemed.

I wondered if he would be proud of this country he died for.
Proud of how the GOP seems destined to tear this country asunder.
As they turn all unity deep down under. As they make the change we voted for plundered.
With their yelling ‘fascists’ and ‘socialists’ at each town hall meeting.
It would seem their motives are to keep any intelligent speech down to a small drip.
Yelling their hatred for our President as they compare him to Hitler and Stalin is truly demeaning. Continue reading

Digital Blackout

Cold turkey digital blackout.
Didn’t check my email for fear of a mental sellout.
All weekend not one pixel pushed.  Not one
email touched. Not one tweet as such.
And as I awoke the world was still here.

I realized I can step away from it all for a time.
That the world keeps on spinning just the same.
That the pundits will keep on keeping the World inflamed.
That their plastic bobble heads are imperfect as are we all.

Observed their sweaty, freckled, flesh rendered heads in High Def.
Makes me want to go and protest.  There is no need
to see such over realistic detail trying to sell their ideas as retail.
Digital electronic goggles to not think.  Pushed
on with glee.  Pry me off the couch and make
me move, please.  But let us not talk of politics or religion today.

My head is swimming from too much subversion.  Too many perspectives.
I want to speak of truth but truth is a word in Webster’s.
It’s not in a person’s observation.  Perceptions are
like the weather.  They change depending on the eyes you use.
It spins depending on what video clip you choose.

I’m suffering from Social Media burnout.  I want things to change
but I don’t know enough facts to point a finger and blame.
As our country fights two wars and its economy slowly
climbs out of a ditch.  I don’t know enough about health care
to make my pitch.  I know too many personally who are on the brink.
That if they were to get laid off or lose their pension, health care costs
would take everything before they could blink.

That none of us, even Congress are reading these 1000 page bills.
Because everything is way too complex now.  That neither side knows enough
to discuss their view in an educated hue.  I did not miss the plastic
talking heads this weekend.  They just talked and spewed more opinions
I assume.  I learned that there’s nothing wrong with turning your brain off for a few
days to not think. That the World will continue in its digital glory and will stay in perfect sync.

Plastic Prophets

Cyber attacked. The U.S. just got jacked with our heads
turned, hands in our pockets.
Knife in the back.

Seems North Korea got tired of shooting their bottle rockets.
So they decided to hack into our back pockets. With their neighbors
in the South found unable to respond.

Now their big brother across the pond must contend
with Iran and North Korea. Not to mention internal class warfare
over perceived new systems of welfare for health care.

Fox News and Rush claim they aren’t the media. As they continue
to attack anything new to ya. They continue to keep their listeners pumped
full of fear and hate.

Cause Obama is a fascist clown. Puppet to everyone around.
We’ll dig in and fight every choice that he makes. Just to be
sure that our vote for McPalin wasn’t fake.

We need a voice and Rush is our choice. We don’t need a
living savior because our Lord told us so. Said that as long
as we don’t accept that the war was a mistake, the rapture
will be sooner for Pete’s sake.

Cause we can’t see our loved ones eternally if there’s
peace in the Middle East. Therefore we’d be much better
off with Osama than Obama. Please bring us nuclear war dearest Osama.
We’ve been lauding for your cause and it’s more war we’re fighting for.

Strap a bomb on your chests or wear a bullet proof vest.
The terrorists are the same and are all around ya.
Some live far away. Some are right behind ya. Some worship
Allah and some worship plastic. The only difference is that
some are more bombastic. Funny thing is they all believe in magic.

Some fight for their prophets and some fight for their mortgages.
The only real difference is the distance between them.
They both have a fundamental view that what they are fighting for is superior.
That they could never be wrong or inferior.

Cause you have to be strong to drop the bomb.
Let the plastic prophets sort the bodies out.