The Red Phone

It came from the sky in the blink of an eye.
A flash of light.
A conspiracy theorist’s delight.

Obama picked up the red phone.
Dialed 911 for our friends who are not shown.
Who have been watching us forever.

Many thought they were not really here.
Believers were thought to be crackpots and feared.
And on Tuesday the stage was finally set.
The day aliens and humanity met.

How much more toxic could we be?
How many prayers to Jesus before we would see
That we are not alone and never have been.
Jesus has been watching from above as we spin.

Obama spoke these few words.
So as to not become unglued.

“I finally have called in the Cavalry. The secrets of this presidency are to come to an end today. The United States has been working with not one but many aliens nations for decades. Anytime human technology seems to great to be true (The Moon Landing)… it is.  We have reached out in times of need for technology to help us with the evolution of the human species. There is no longer any time to hide this secret. With the oil spill in the Gulf, two wars, an unravveling global economy, unrest in Iran and North Korea and the continual melting of our polar ice caps;  it is time to work in concert with our alien friends and allies. No longer will we live in fear of humanity. We are now one with the galactic nation.

Any questions?”

The World in the Mirror

It spins and spins. Michael Jackson
died and the whole world cries. America pays
attention to a man they threw off
a pedestal years ago after allegations
never proven. After all he was different
with his oddities and his pearlescence.

Monkeys and dangling masked children
made him the public enemy. Countless facial
surgeries that made him more stealth like than human.
More vector than bitmap.
More math than flesh.

As the news cycle spins. Iran continues to burn.
Another country forcing upon its people a tragic tyranny.
A civil rights blight, that is smiting down all of those
who stand up for their rights. Gathering in mass puts you in a
different class. That can be stolen away at night with absolutely no rights.

70 professors stolen and imprisoned. But it’s out of our vision.
As the world mourns for a man that they distanced.
As we watched him morph and change before our eyes we cold not see
he was a reflection of our sickness. A culture gone mad
along with the man in the mirror. And no message could be any clearer.

We now dance and sing in clubs and pubs to the memory of MJ.
What can we do for the people of Iran anyway?

As another 24 hour news cycle begins.
I’m starting with the world in the mirror.
I’m asking us to change our ways.
Take a good look at ourselves.
Change the channel and make that change.

As seen on CNN

Gay marriage. Abortion. Iran. North Korea.
Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter.
Facebook. Facebook. Facebook. Facebook. Facebook.
War. Terror. And the bombs bursting in air.

We are so distracted by the simple things. Simple wings
and a beer. Watch the game, have no fear. I want to live forever.
The singularity is near. But “The End Days” are nearer. Live Long and
Prosper. As Jon and Kate got hate.

As internet stalkers email and comment and attack characters
that don’t even exist. Fakebook permits. A fake universe where people
make up fake profiles to spew hatred and sling mud because they
are empty under the hood. Because they got no goods.

Tweet this. There’s a revolution going on. And it’s not right here
in America. It’s everywhere. Obama is a fever that has caught
like no bird flu ever knew. By staying calm and collected the man got elected.
And now he’s sticking to his guns. We are no axis of evil. We are just plain people.

As doors are getting kicked in. As journalists are getting boxed in. The revolution
is being tweeted and no coverage could ever be more free and immediate and NOW.
NOW, Journalism is a course being taught in schools which can never beat
a bloody text message from the street.
That, can never be tested. That, can never be bested.

As more teeth are getting kicked in, we ask, “Who is going to win?”

As seen on CNN. As seen on Twitter. As seen on Facebook. As seen on iReport.
As I change the channel. Jon and Kate separate.