Waiting for the Storm

They say no one vote can change history.
Unless you are a senator looking for a victory.
Unless you are looking to obstruct
a bill not supported in your personal construct.

And if you are this man your vote is a Dictatorship.
as you can ask for mountains of money for your leadership.
Who cares if you are in the minority you say?
You are doing God’s work withholding your vote today.

Pick your poison it would seem  to be the case
as these bills all turn into the evil we must soon face.
That regardless of being part of a super majority
every man is looking out for his seniority.

To be able to be the last man standing for fear
of losing his seat in the senate next year.
As senators continue to make legislation a career
we are losing the democracy we have in past endeared.

Throw them all out many people are saying.
Don’t let them know they can do this without obeying.
How can they not vote the voice of the people.
Especially from the people who are in the steeple.

We have the backing of God and these men are heathens.
Abortion or money it’s all even steven.
To pick something to throw in the wheel of the machine.
Make a mockery of the system that is losing its steam.

Maybe democracy is broken and will never again work.
Especially when both parties are sworn to their pork.
Especially when buying a vote is allowed.
And told to be the way democracy is kowtowed.

Yes sir master whatever you want
as long as I get your vote to keep the bill on the stump.
A bill can get so absolutely polluted
when senators put themselves before the people they saluted.

As the bodies come back from Iraq and Afghanistan.
It would seem health care reform for their families is quite distant.
2014 and maybe we will see some reform.
Until then, I will be waiting for the storm.

I'm sorry for my apathy

As I try and build upon these inequities that
have followed me. Swallowed me. There is a building
amount of evidence against the system. That builds them.
Them haters and inflamers.

Chemicals are dimming my will power but I will not cower.
Social issues cloud our foreign policy as our country builds
upon its legacy. Of freedom. Freedom to muck around in
other country’s foreign policy. Freedom to help overthrow
this leader or that leader in order to support our leader.

The secret veil of power is being revealed. It writes poems and rhymes
nonsense so we won’t know what to believe in anymore. Conceive
in anymore. I still believe in America the free. The model of it. On
paper. As a blueprint to follow. We have many a historical
mistake we should apologize for. Be sorry for.

The sign of a great leader is the ability to admit when
he or she was wrong. When we were wrong. We could have done things
better. Been more clever. As domestically our two sides clash over
social issues that are non-issues on the international stage.
That just keep us fighting and smiting each other so we don’t think anymore.
Don’t think about how bombing a baby milk factory in Iraq affects us all domestically.
How it’s all tied together systematically.

I’m sorry my country killed a million of your civilians Iraq.
I’m sorry we went into a war that did not need to be fought.
I’m sorry we helped put Saddam Husein into power in the first place.
I’m sorry we took our eyes off the prize in Afghanistan.
I’m sorry we have not brought Osama bin Laden to justice.
I’m sorry our past foreign policy has grown terrorist cells that continue to cast their voodoo spells.
I’m sorry for our cowboy ways and cowboy days of not admitting when we were wrong.

But most of all, I’m sorry for my apathy.