Vote for John Tron

My name is John Tron.

I am running for Governor or Senator or whatever.
Son of a gun. Sure as shooting. Golly jeez my son.
I got them conservative liberal values you keep on eating.
You know the ones fed to you at church and on T.V. with a beating.

Abortion should be illegal or we should abort all beagles.
Dogs are better than babies at keeping away zombies maybe.
The ones coming into our border.
The ones we watch on the big screens we order.

I must admit I am a big fat liar.
I eat a lot of fleshy animal products I so desire.
I have a huge hairy belly for luck you can pet.
If you don’t change my diapers I will get the sheets wet.

I am a huge soccer hooligan.
If I catch you not looking I’ll kick your teeth in.
You want lower taxes then live in the wild.
You want an education then teach your kids to pile.
All the books in the library into one reading list.
Have them read all those books, you get my drift.

You want free this and free that then vote for me.
I promise you nothing and that’s everything you see.
This nothing is magic if you look at it hard enough.
It can become anything that you or I wish to bluff.

You want more of this hopey changey thing you say.
How about a nopey we can’t pay that way.
Feel the venom that pumps under your skin.
Feel the reptilian blood replenish you and.

Place all that you value in the ballot box when you vote for me.
The box is a paper shredder so try and remember.
A wall is built by the two party system.
Vote for John Tron and be the victim.