The State of Our Union

A network is built for times like these.
A message in a bottle I throw into the sea.
I barely know you but we are in this together.
As the consequences we face vibrate forever.

Boats full of Africans sailed up to the beach.
Half dead and half alive they could barely speak.
Seeking a new way of life from their country
Where food is scarce and water sources weak.

Mexicans and Central Americans looking for work
Flee their barren lands and cross to the North.
No food or water in their lands or countries.
Our entire border will soon be guarded for entry.

India is building a three meter fence as we speak
To keep out the refugees from Bangladesh.
Politicians continue to debate the affects of man and the sun
While the human impact of climate change has already begun.

Mexico is facing huge socio-economic problems.
So many problems it will be impossible to solve them.
For a moment imagine the world in 2024
As the flow of hungry ex-farmers migrate across the lands.

Food riots are now common place.
The Gulf Coast and South Florida are under water space.
Congress just gave the funds to guard our borders for
A fence three meters high pumped with electricity.
A ditch underneath and another fence behind.

Robotic machine guns a top the fences shoot to kill.
Maybe a bit too much like science fiction if you will?
Maybe you’d rather think of things working out instead?
But the military has already written this scenario into their heads.

As they prepare for the unthinkable that will soon be seen.
This might affect you or maybe your children.
If you were born after 1980 you will see this indeed.
As our country fights for food and water from our neighbors.

Maybe paranoia abounds by whom we are lead.
As we eat up the climate change dooms day scenarios we are fed.
The age of consequence is upon us they now say.
We will be affected and humanity will dearly pay.

But I must ask myself why should it really matter?
Sure it will be a horrible way in which to live.
Maybe by the end of this century our species will be done.
Maybe the next species that arises will learn from what we have begun.