Lost in Translation

We woke up today, tired but energized. There are few things in life that are better than a new life. In this life I no longer type these emails. I think them and they are relayed to this blog. I no longer do web production. I no longer do technology. How this came to pass, I will leave to your imagination.

Life on the road has been easy so far. I mean we’re only one day in. All we’ve had to deal with is some fits from the little ones. They have been quickly removed from their grandmother’s home and taken on the road. All of their belongings left behind. This behavior was to be expected. We are eating vegan now too. That’s a change but one that was definitely needed. We exist now on nuts, multi-grain bread, fruits, veggies. Raw, cooked or however. As expected I’m continually hungry but I know soon my stomach will shrink and I will have more energy.

We are closing in on New York state. The plans are to visit family in Suffern, NY and then to go camping in Bear Mountain State Park. It is a wonderful site. I feel the mountain has healing qualities. At the top of it you can look out and see Manhattan down the Hudson. It’s out there. It’s all out there. From that mountaintop you can see the world. I can imagine the horror of seeing Manhattan from that vantage point during 9/11. It must have been as if the world was ending. The world did not end. The Indians must have seen the white man coming from there as well. The world did not end. Bear Mountain is still here. It always will be.

I hope to visit Akbar if he will have us. We haven’t seen each other for so long it seems as if we truly are just avatars. I recently found out the meaning of the word avatar in Hindu Mythology. An Avatar is the descent of a deity to the earth in an incarnate form or some manifest shape; the incarnation of a god. I don’t feel like a god. It would be nice to talk to my friends in person one day. There is so much lost in translation.

Globatron.org begins national coverage

Globatron.org (previously JaxCAL.org) the site I founded in 2007 that ballooned to 130 contributors at one point with all contributors having full permissions back down to six contributors (in order to focus the content) a year later has gone national. Globatron.org is a contemporary art blog/portal that focuses on contemporary art and culture. It attempts to focus on intellectual dialogue about contemporary issues that face our society and our respective local art communities. The cities currently in the Globatron network are Jacksonville where it was founded, Seattle, New Paltz, NY, and Boston. The current contributors are all working contemporary artists.

Click here to view the detailed “About” page with more information on the Globatron project.