Cozy, Secure and Backed Up


The singularity we often speak of is one single event.
One single moment where we attempt to reinvent
the way we circumvent these feeble bodies
and minds that have weakened while we all go blind.

From one single-celled organism slit.
To one splitting atom booming into outer space.
We are already single and alone and together. . . forever.
DNA is our core technology some might say.

Or maybe we are just a virtual game running on eBay.
In a frozen server room air conditioned by time and space.
Being studied by our future ancestors to see.
Free will programmed into an algorithm for you and me.

Or nanotechnology controlling our internal race.
Already among us as bacteria and growing viruses.
Created to make us accept our mortality and place.
As tumors grow feeding off of this planet’s loving face.

But Earth may be just a dream for all of us.
As we walk around in a sea of caution and blind lust.
That if this is a program it has a very poor sense of humor.
God plays this program part-time while not working.

That when God plays the Earth game too much
he is drowsy while searching for another job during lunch.
God is in a recession too and the Earth game is no career
building material and it doesn’t pay for God’s sugary cereal.

Not paying attention to God’s wife while feeding God’s digital children.
Not paying for rent when attending to God’s digital crops and animals.
And if we knew this God and knew how he was really playing us
What would we do if God picks up other hobbies and such?

What could we do if he decided to lay down his universal controller?
Because if Earth is a game then God is really losing.
And if God is slacking are we even choosing?
Why are we fighting dying so much if God isn’t even trying?

I’d rather hope that this game has a meaningful ending.
That there is more to this game than me earning points for God’s minions.
Please God burn the Earth game to disc if you get all fed up
So if we die we will go somewhere cozy, secure and backed up.

Open Source Humanity | Scene 1

You have entered your soul into these machines. All the information about your things. Who you knew when a child. Where you grew up and the adventure your heart sings. I can access your data at the blink of an eye. Look at you and help predict how to not let you die. Look at you and know what was your calling. Some say this data is unsafe as we discard our privacy. I believe having a completely open society is how it should be. No secrets should ever go untold. We are now open source humanity that we all can behold.

As you lie in your medical bed wired up to even more data as we have said. The nurses and doctors are able to see where you’ve been. Where you stayed when you were a kid. Like police detectives we can access this all at the blink of an eye. Hunting down the symptoms we have yet to combine, within a diagnosis to save you from even the common cold. Your body is shutting down. It came on so quickly while you were walking around town. You were shopping for Holiday gifts as you always do. Looking in the windows to find a simple clue, to what your wife would like as she cast her spells. Saying the only thing she wants is for you to be well.

But you knew that was a little white lie so you got up early and went to go and buy, a few things to put under the tree. The tree is plastic and older than you are. Recycling has become fashionable and third generation this tree is so far. You remember the tree when you were a kid. How you would dread putting it together before bed. How you and your family would crisscross lights throughout its chemistry. Plastic on plastic and slightly bombastic. This tree is now your legacy and you are going to make her proud with many a presents to completely dispel, that you have not been listening to all the hints throughout this year. Little glimpses the hints are. Little glimpses into each others wishes can go very far.

I’m not sure what you did as you got off the Metro. You must have rubbed your hand across some hidden residue. Something toxic or a bacteria that was seemingly invisible. Something poisonous that must have come unglued from its hiding. Jumped to life on your body and now is gliding through your blood system. I remember when you came in you had very high blood pressure and a slight fever. Seems you passed out while handing someone some dollars. You arrived within minutes and now you’re lying here on my shift. I’m your nurse and I won’t resist the temptation to shirk my duties and go for a smoke. I get my best work done while thinking outside. About the bodies lying on the beds that the hospital provides. What will the doctor say when he arrives. He can access your file now while on the way. He sees your face and all the data I outlined for him for my pay.


I find things online that blow my mind.
I think of these inventions and how they can change time.
I dream of environments that they can coincide.
These stories are reality right around the blind

Visions that we can not see yet.
Not unimaginable but yet to be vetted.
Investigated and researched and funded before forgetted.
These dreams are as real as the car you are driving.

You see them if you see past the exit you’re wanting.
Merging and morphing into new applications for creating.
Technology is changing the world we live in.
Saving lives and humanity as if it is the ONE lesson.

To believe in your imagination as if it real.
It can impact all of our lives if only we dispel
That dreaming is childish and silly despite
The problems needing solutions with your internal light.

A species with all the solutions within their might.
Within their brains and hearts not yet to see their goals.
That we are all born for ONE reason and ONE reason alone.
Not to just have children but to pay homage for our own.

These goals are small when we first fabricate them.
A flicker of neurons and memories sticking to your stem cells.
You might not understand what this unconscious comes from
But it’s a mystery I’d rather not solve as I fear the solutions will no longer come.

It’s not ONE country or culture where this imagination evolves
It’s a collective Jungian collective unconscious from which it roams.
We know not where we get these thoughts and that is fine with me
As long as we plug in before our time is long gone for us to see

The invisible connective tissue between a tree, the sea, me and your mind.
That everything around you is ONE mantra for us to find.
A formula for everything under the surface of the universe.
Call it what you will, I will not complete it or disperse.

To Save Your Kind

I look at you but you’re not there.
You are data and profiles that we all know dear.
I see your vital signs and where you’re from.
Who is your closest of kin, blood type and then some.

Data is continually floating through the air.
Not just small talk but entire histories and identities.
You are the data projected onto this your holy trinity.
I believe the gods have given us this gift of technology.

To project and download and install upgrades as need be.
That affects us in everything we do inside this entity.
I am the doctor running down the hallway to help you.
I get on the elevator to get to the floor I best knew.

I project your chart onto the elevator door and think
How your life is slipping away without a blink.
Your heart beat is fine but your blood pressure is rising.
I hope to make it to tell the nurses you have been sizing.

I know you lived through the dot com bubble.
That you helped create what we all now seem to trouble.
This technology that has enveloped us as if it is a cocoon.
A sixth sense they called it as we all embraced our doom.

I think about all you’ve seen along the way.
How you lived through the analog to see us all go astray.
How you used to live in a town where the doors were unlocked.
How you didn’t have to worry about your children’s lot.

But I grew up with technology as if it was a silver spoon.
It has taken me out of the third world into your country’s womb.
And now as a middle age man with children of my own.
I thank the digital revolution and what it has shown.

Many a people use these gifts to sow their seed.
Perverts it has grown while we all spiritually bleed.
But I studied medicine and data and how it all flows.
So I could project this data onto your body and know your true form.

To know how to react to the minute fluctuations of time
When people begin to lose the battles they’ve inherited down the line.
So I project your metadata onto your body and know
The choices I must make to save your kind.

the same old ant hill

A change is blowing through the air
One of peace and unity to those who swear.
To seek empathy and unity for those who care.
To seek justice and integrity for all that’s fair.

This empathy can be found deep inside us all
By trying to see all perspectives before we call foul ball.
Fear mongering and terror are its greatest enemies.
That keep us fighting and bombing the same old territories.

Sounds like sixties hippie bullshit some might say.
When war was raging and peace still not the way.
Open your eyes and you’ll see things are much the same today.
As we bomb two countries into submission very far away.

As we draw party lines and take sides on social issues.
As we flame each other online, not knowing who we speak to.
You are the enemy I despise, we so often think.
You are not human, we say without a pause.

You are not virtuous and Godly enough we think to each other.
You are not open minded and are too judgmental my brother.
You are going to take my guns away and enslave me.
You are going to keep health care reform away from my family.

But we are all human and need the same basic elements.
Food, water and air to breathe as the basis for sustenance.
A local community that provides equality for all.
A global community that treasures life no matter how large or how small.

We are all the same, fighting for survival on this insignificant planet.
No species from other galaxies is coming to save us and expand it.
All we have is each other and it would seem we should learn
That unless we embrace our differences we soon could all burn.

But I’d rather think of that air of change blowing through the air.
How we can look at the lessons provided us and learn to be fair.
That no war is just and there is no victory, no matter the spin.
That we are all just fighting over the same old ant hill we live in.

Going Broke


The divisive woman from last years GOP convention
Passed through my city yesterday with little a mention.
Not one coworker came to me to speak
About how much this woman meant to them this week.

How they couldn’t wait to get off work to buy her book.
How much it meant that she was in our city to look
At the sea of conservative white faces waiting to get her take
On BIG government, family values and the morality we fake.

Not a mention in my mostly right-wing company
About this woman and her legacy and the future of our country.
Not a mention was made at the morning staff meeting.
No one bragging to sneak out during lunch for a book signing.

As I turned on the TV after the day was done
I realized that the news had focused on this as if it’s a phenomenon.
They are focusing on this woman as if she is a saint.
As if even the ones who hate her love hating her for Pete’s sake.

Every channel was a buzz as I continued to surf
Through the channels of nonsense and media coverage turf.
The conservatives see her as their new Messiah it would seem as they chat.
How her quitting the governorship and selling a book  is their big come back.

The liberals sarcastically cover her book as if it should be read
To point out the lack of substance they see in her head.
Both sides continue to rally their troops in the meantime
For this woman who is happy to cash in on this media crime.

As we fight two wars, employment and global warming continues
The media would rather us focus on this woman and her venues.
On what cities she chooses to stop through and make alliances.
On what cities she chooses to ignore and stoke hatred and violence.

No one is talking about this but the media with their chatter
That would make us think that this divisive woman truly matters.
No one that I know conservative or liberal seems to care where she is.
Because we all have real lives and real issues that we all have to live.

Surviving in Style

I’m driving down the interstate in the minivan, kids in tow foot in mouth disease. Thinking of how we will survive it all when the waters rise and it’s time to flee. Imagining how I can construct a survival pod that will attach to the van; to live it out in a mountain top flat dodging the reckless apathy of a culture that allowed the worst to happen. I talk to my wife about this mini-trailer to attach to the minivan and how this could sustain our lives while we drive far from the water’s rise. But we’d need a weapon to protect this mobile property. Something that would allow us to hunt big game and kill the evil doers as necessity. Surviving in style. Maybe even enough power for my laptop for a while.

This brainstorming session lasts for twenty or so minutes as I think about the unthinkable and how I should not blink. How I should have a plan to keep my family alive. How I should be able to pull together a plan for the survival of my progeny. How we should have an escape route already planned in the van to view and see. Map sketched and drawn on too many times that the route should be memorized.

Why should a young man of my age be thinking these thoughts I think, while on the way to a park festival with my young family to relax? It would seem that there is a strange odor in the air. One I can’t quit thinking about and sometimes despair. That this odor might be the smell of bad things to come for all of mankind. That when this odor comes that a man’s duty is first to his family before his country or God. That when push comes to shove, I want to watch it with my family, holding hands, cooking hot dogs until the end draws near.

I pull into the parking lot and easily find a spot. I look to my wife as she tells me to turn my brain off. That we are not going to think about this anymore while at the park festival. That we are going to enjoy life while we can with the rest of them. As we walk into the park I hear the Indian music flowing, bestowing the vibrations of meditation. As I turn off this part of my brain and begin to enjoy life again, I realize that this is the beginning of a thought process that might last. Maybe just lying dormant from Y2K and hurricanes past.

All Our Invention

Words write themselves on the back of my eyeballs at night when I sleep
Forming patterns and cadence in sentences as I try and count sheep.
I’m dreaming now about a humanity that realizes its fullest potential.
That begins to see the patterns that will open us up to another dimension.

All religions have a common thread inside of their core.
These patterns bond all the metaphor and folklore together and more.
This sacred geometry is inside everything that you hear and see.
Everything you experience inside and outside and try to achieve.

A thin membrane separates you from this other dimension.
A consciousness inside yourself and doorway to an eternal extension.
With this awareness comes great responsibility to see the suffering in others.
To have empathy for your people, society and culture; all our invention.

Everything you see is an elaborate illusion to teach you life’s lessons.
Through realizing the suffering of the physical vacuum that is life
You will find that the body is nothing but a vessel of continuous strife.
Separate yourself from the physical and the objects that you see.

War and peace will be an infinite struggle indeed, until we all can make this giant leap.
As the shapes and words project themselves on my mind tonight while asleep.
I will focus on my third eye and the pineal gland centered deep inside my brain.
I will focus on the limitless power and potential that we all contain.

The Cavalry is not coming!


We fly through an infinite space.
A spec of sand in the eye of the gods.
Knowing not our place and who made
us to face this internal place.

We cling to and create beliefs that
will fill up our empty infinite space.
We make laws and government to make
order out of chaos and loss.

Technology is a slave to soothe our pain.
To fight our wars and remove the human
from the humane as we remotely attack.
As we “engage” our targets as if they are robotic.

We ask to maintain the rule of law and justice
When we find the ones who have inflicted their vengeance
on governments and civilians. We murder for our cause
as most would rather have them shot in the head than give pause.

We make our enemies alien and think of them in terms
of target acquisition on huge flat panel monitors of GPS intelligence
that passes for substance. That passes for judge, juror, and trial
as fear is inflicted to deny them the justice we so cherish.

War is a drug that grows technology and pollution.
Politicians and media pundits speak of truth high on the fog of war.
Bobblehead actors being paid to enslave a generation again.
As the fundamentalists from all factions declare martial law.

We want our country back and it’s time the people attack.
We want your oil and we’ll take it from you and give you freedom.
The bobbleheads shock and awe the masses with their cattle prod.
“Get rid of the government,” they say with a wink and a nod.

New militias grow at alarming rates, training to defend their inalienable rights
to own assault rifles and to keep BIG government from raising taxes
to give us health care. I pledge this allegiance. United we stand.
United we fall on this ticking time bomb we call humanity.

On a spec of sand flying through our Universe.
In a not very special galaxy. On a not very special planet.
In a seemingly endless cycle of bloodshed to be King of a microcosm.
Bombs bursting in air, after the fog cleared there was no one there.

Bite Me China

Bite me China.
You treat your
people like dogs
as you work them to death.

Bite me China.
You buy all our debt.
You think you own us
but you don’t have our respect.

Bite me China.
You support our enemies
by supplying them components that they
need to build nuclear weapons, we suspect.

Bite me China.
We are free men
and you will never own us
and your people are slaves we expect.

Bite me China.
Your government is an infant
and you need not neglect
the people you tread on as you grow your effect.

Bite me China.
Listen to our President
as he shows you diplomacy and speaks of
the freedoms you often try and reflect.

Bite me China.
We don’t hate your people
but the philosophy your government represents
and the way you disregard the freedoms we so often neglect.