Exit and Entrance

I often say I can come up with ideas all day long.
While I rub my belly and tap my head singing a song.
So that’s exactly what I decided to do.
One day I would write as many ideas that I could produce.

So in the morning I woke for my 24 hour marathon.
Concepts to save the world and myself from the leviathan.
Also ideas of small importance that could help no one.
My laptop and time was all I had.
I was to tweet all my thoughts on this or that.

And the tweets began to help prove one thing.
That I am truly a non-stop idea machine.
And as I stared at that blank Twitter canvas.
I began developing some themes that I could harness.
Ideas on green energy and green jobs that could work now.
How green jobs seem to be mysteries somehow.

Now only electricians and engineers can adapt to this field.
An artist or teacher has no way of finding a green job that’s real.
So many job boards that come up blank.
So many resumes that people send out with their links.
Could there not be a service that takes your skill set.
Parlaying your passion and matching it with the right outlet.

Or could we not use all the money on all the wars.
And spend it on new schools in the countries we fight for.
All money for bombs going into education.
Hate would have a hard time finding a rest station.

I could start a kindergarten that teaches about the singularity.
The singularity could become a major in any university.
And laymen could participate without a PhD.
If you have interesting thoughts there is no need for a college degree.
The 1200 billionaires that live on this planet.
Would unite to solve poverty by themselves without need for credit.

A new nation is developed that knows no boundaries.
No need for relocation as you would log on for this citizenry.
A new nation that believes in progressive scientific inquiry.
That shuns no one belief system but accepts all into the fold.
This global nation could make progress on issues now bought and sold.

And as this brainstorming session came to its end.
I read over my tweets and I realized that nothing was new that I began.
That I had dreamed myself into a corner without an exit.
That no matter how big an idea is, there must be entrance.