Scott Speicher's Country

As I watched Scott Speicher’s body being driven by today,
I wondered about this fallen warrior before me on the way to his grave.
About this country that he fought and died for the first day of that war.
About how the only ones lining the street were flag waving,
camouflaged conservatives and me it seemed.

I wondered if he would be proud of this country he died for.
Proud of how the GOP seems destined to tear this country asunder.
As they turn all unity deep down under. As they make the change we voted for plundered.
With their yelling ‘fascists’ and ‘socialists’ at each town hall meeting.
It would seem their motives are to keep any intelligent speech down to a small drip.
Yelling their hatred for our President as they compare him to Hitler and Stalin is truly demeaning. Continue reading