Honestrix worked for me

Take Honestrix and fulfill your potential.
Face fear and know the substantial
Gains you will have in following your passion.
Saying things that others only think.

Following through when others only blink.
Begin to examine your deepest desires.
Come clean to the world that you are not a liar.
That you lived a life that you wanted to.

You lived your dream when others made money.
You might have interesting life stories that others find funny.
You will be prized as a member of your tribe.
One who sees things honestly as you describe.

The injustice and lies of which the world is covered.
Showing the beauty of which the world can be smothered.
To block out all the darkness within our hearts.
That with Honestrix humanity can have a new start.


Important Warning:

Some people have had changes in behavior, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, and suicidal thoughts (thinking about harming or killing oneself or planning or trying to do so) while taking Honestrix. The role of Honestrix in causing these mood changes is unclear since people who quit lying to themselves with or without medication may experience changes in their mental health due to lying withdrawal. However, some of these symptoms occurred in people who were taking Honestrix and continued to lie. Some people had these symptoms when they began taking Honestrix, and others developed them after several weeks of treatment or after stopping Honestrix. These symptoms have occurred in people without a history of mental illness and have worsened in people who already had a mental illness. Tell your doctor if you have or have ever had depression, bipolar disorder (mood that changes from depressed to abnormally excited), schizophrenia (a mental illness that causes disturbed or unusual thinking, loss of interest in life, and strong or inappropriate emotions), or other mental illnesses. If you experience any of the following symptoms, stop taking Honestrix and call your doctor immediately: suicidal thoughts or actions; new or worsening depression, anxiety, or panic attacks; agitation; restlessness; angry or violent behavior; acting dangerously; mania (frenzied, abnormally excited or irritated mood); abnormal thoughts or sensations; hallucinations (seeing things or hearing voices that do not exist); feeling that people are against you; feeling confused; or any other sudden or unusual changes in behavior. Be sure that your family or caregiver knows which symptoms may be serious so they can call the doctor if you are unable to seek treatment on your own. Your doctor will monitor you closely until your symptoms get better.

Talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of taking Honestrix.

Ode to Googlebot

Checking the site meter.
That’s me, watching me.
Looking for you, to read.
That hour long visit was from my best friend.
His name is Googlebot and he’s made of tin.

The life of an artist is desolate and lonely.
Putting out feelers to the world is my only.
Connection outside of these walls.
Outside of my family.
Outside of my job.

So I check the site meter once again.
Looking for you.
Counting the moments you read.
Looking at the url you out-clicked to be lead.

Hoping the site did convince
You to be a better person.
To think more often.
To become unglued.
If so, please leave a comment or two.

This is me.
Looking at you.
Putting it all out there.
Hoping we both find a different view.
Hoping to make connections.
Hoping to build community.
Will I stop these daily confessions if I find you?

The Urgency of Time

Billions of years.
Our molecules acquired.
This rock floating through space.

Molten lava embraced.
A magnetic core has bore.
The life we all negate.

An urgency of time.
We face waiting in line.
To tell our story and learn.

To find our glory and burn.
The ego we maintain.
I was on this pebble like you.

Wanting you to know.
That I loved you.
That I tried to live free.

You might pillage through my files.
Maybe find a word to help you heal.
The pain inside from losing faith.

This truth you will soon relate.
That alone we come and alone we go.
I leave you these words so you will know.

That I thought of you often.
That I fought for your future.
In the urgency of time.

The Empty Hole

the closest i have ever come to God
is right here.
typing words that appear
as if I am being guided.
the closest i have come to facing death
is right here.
telling stories of when i was broken.
telling stories of when i felt chosen.

to continue to live.
to continue to walk again.

the closest i have come to communion
with the universe.
is through this process.
and the time I invest.

in the infinite.
space that can not be caressed.
the bits and bites within this site.
friends and enemies I love and fight.

the strongest i have ever felt is right here.
writing words that bring me to tears.
to share with you all as if in confession.
as if you are my priest in this lesson.

in order to be one i must come undone.
share the secrets i have kept for years.
let you know of my cancer fears.
so that you might find strength.

so that you might realize your fullest potential.
i am disposable, just merely a vessel.
to help you realize we all have that empty hole.
to help you see the light within your soul.

A New America

Many on this planet are scared.
Scared of what the future holds.
Scared of what will soon unfold.
An economy crashing once again.
Two wars for historians to pen.

But me, I am done with fear.
I am thankful for my life, unclear.
Being born in this time.
The last generation to climb.
The land for shelter from the storm.

Who might even make it off this rock.
Nanotechnology might soon lift us atop.
The environment we have killed.
Exploring deep space to again steal.

Or death might be a wormhole, our souls shot.
To another galaxy and a new spot.
If repeated my soul is here to help reclaim.
Civilizations from destroying their flame.

What color will our skin be when reborn?
What vehicle will we use to move our life form?
A new America in another galaxy maybe.
Less exceptional , more empathetic and less free.

Holy Spaces

carrying everything on one’s body or sled.
traveling lightly on the land one treads.
our ancestors hunted and farmed.
followed the herds when alarmed.

drinking water from pristine streams.
thinking of how they could leave.
no trace they existed before they came.
land was a holy space with no name.

two inches of my brain I now miss.
connected to something new maybe, I wish.
a time when man lived off the land.
a time when nothing was polluted then.

the waters pure and the air clean.
children played with bodies lean.
running through farmland and forests.
animals lurked around corners to beware.

each meal they ate there was a prayer.
no internet to write you this letter.
no blackberry to interrupt you the better.
nothing magic to keep children glued.

to stories fed to them by the tube.
a plague or famine they might have had.
no medicine to extend their lives but glad.
just living and loving under one sun.

times were hard but they must have been fun.
children made toys out of wood and rope.
used their imagination to play pretend hope.
no kids on the corner selling crack or dope.

no kids breaking in to steal an old man’s dollar.
families were large and you would hear him holler.
when a child grew up he learned a trade.
he then passed his skills to the child he made.

working with one’s hands the norm.
no buttons to click in a company uniform.
no sitting on a couch all day bored to tears.
for living a hard life was filled with fear.

reptilian brain response triggering fight or flight.
mammalian social structure that made this life.
a life I’d trade in an instant.
to be an ancestral relative so very distant.

f*cking coffee

Tonight at 11pm a man approached a counter at Starbucks with an empty coffe cup. He asked the man if they did refills. He then preceded to ask how much it would cost to get just a little. The man behind the counter graciously gave him nearly a full cup of coffee without charging a penny. Starbucks is reportedly looking into the matter and said they would take actions to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again. The CEO of Starbucks stated when interviewed that he wants his coffee back. When interviewed the worker said, “he’d do it again and that it’s just f*cking coffee.”

Today at noon a young man’s office space was turned into a pizza party. There was no warning at all. Several of his coworkers decided to bring the “pizza” into his office as he continued to work. Five co-workers talked about everything from the BP oil spill to the true nature of the white man. Why are they so vicious? The co-workers also used his garbage can without asking. The slices were reported to be large and New York style and the pizza could be smelled all the way down the hallway.

This afternoon a middled aged woman drove her nephew to the dry cleaners. Five pieces of clothing were dropped off. They can be picked up tomorrow after 4pm. The man at the counter demanded to be paid before pick up. There was no shouting and the transaction took place without anyone noticing the credit card being surrendered.

Yesterday at 12pm two unsupervised young girls (ages 2 and 4) were found out front of their grandmother’s yard spraying themselves with a water hose. The neighbors reported it and the eldest was scolded. When asked if she would do it again she said, “she wanted to go swimming. Can we go swimming tomorrow?”

Boycott This

Trickle down and around this economy is not sound, when foolish mistakes are made on account of a penny. On account of million dollar bonuses that do not go to my town. She had an Indian accent. I first called her to inquire about their affiliation. Was the storage facility we rented part of a BP gas station? Online we saw no clue. We rented a space for all our belongings to be stored so they would not become unglued. We drove all day in our U-haul wondering what the BP initials our storage reservation print out did mean. Was this the same BP that did cause the Gulf Coast oil spill? Continue reading

Judgment Day

We all silently pass judgment each day. Those colors or that text will not make it my way.
Look at her walk. Listen to him talk. Is that all he’s got?

Where does someone get their definition of right and wrong? What makes someone sing their personal song? Is that song just a bit pitchy or is it out of tune? Is that person from another planet or maybe from the moon?

Is it years of practice, education or experience maybe? Is it in birth we will know our aesthetic today?
Are we surrounded by the ones that we will travel with forever? Will we continue bumping into the same  colors, text and words we find clever?

From one post to another Globatron is building a digital palace. Words and images that are finely nuanced. One wrong post and the roof might fall down. One wrong image and we will be pinging the wrong sound.

As an open minded person I struggle with my opinion. There is no right or wrong when one creates. All art is equal and it’s the process that binds us to the eternal substrate. I know this in my heart and I truly struggle when I look at work that I find too subtle.

A soap opera this all may seem but deep down inside I want this virtual space to beam. Shine like that city on the hill we continue to esteem. Few eyes are on the foundation of this place, but much love has been put into the formation of this digital space. As its creator I claim editorial rights. I sadly pass judgment with much love and light.

Taking the Leap

tea party speeches and mixes.
beats that go own and fix this.
random thoughts that flow and bestow.
you are not afraid. you are fearless.

maybe we should talk.
maybe I should write a lot.
but I’m going to keep typing.
but I’m going to keep vibing.

random words these are.
fleeting feelings so far.
construct the wall.
tear it down and watch it all fall.

maybe i’ll make this a post.
what will make this the most?

why do you want to become a good speaker?
why is ten years the number that’s the keeper?
the beats. the beats. the beats.
that keep. keep. keep. triggering these thoughts.

ten years is indeed a large leap.
many are writing us off in two years. BEEP.
thieves and crooks who have done an about face.
but i want to see my girls in outer space.

why even share this process?
share it because I need a witness.
fertilize the proces and improve it.
make it. move it. early raw data. growth.
practice. ego itself. part of us that expects. wants it.
desires. needs. try and destroy the obstacle.
expose its fear. failure. find its power.
fail publicly. over and over. remove the cover.
relax the tense muscles that cause the creative paralysis.
until you no longer cower. until you stand as a tower.