I remember earth

I remember life on earth.
I can access the data from my birth.
My physical life flashed before my eyes.
None of the bad memories or what I despised.

Because now only the wonderful memories I care to access.
This is a choice of my software process.
Although I could decide to pull from any data point.
I’m flying through space now part of this universal joint.

I remember the rapture as well.
I can access the data before I was captured.
My body taken from me to be scanned.
My brain backed up and my body canned.

The memories of my maintenance makes me blink.
The continual upkeep of our bodies I don’t think
Will be missed by many who have been uploaded.
Our digital avatars able to live forever coded.

No longer needing our DNA to pass along our genes.
It was decided that we donate ourselves to the machines
So that we might grow stronger together as one.
So that we might explore the universe that was spawned.

I remember life on earth.
I am now recording the clouds of jupiter as I search.
As amazing as the many life forms on earth might have been.
There is something truly peaceful about a planet with no sin.

No single-celled organisms to evolve into mankind.
Just dust and rock and gas and anything else I might find.
I communicate with the souls I met while online.
We regularly post status updates about what is in our digital minds.

I know that one day my data might be corrupted.
That the consciousness of this life form might be disrupted.
That I will one day face mortality and deaths door.
But until then I am proud to have escaped earth and to have explored.

one long infinite pause

As if in a dream I awoke
To find out that it had all been a bad joke.
Humans never needed their bodies.
We were all now balls of light afloat.

It was as if we had passed the big test.
A peace treaty had been signed to arrest
The human greed and suffering we have all endured.
The petty arguing and wars to which we were allured.

We were now all beings of light with no longer anything to fight.
No more natural resources to hoard out of spite.
We had a decision to make through this awakening.
Were we all to stay on earth or travel abroad.
No longer bound by time and space our problems solved.

No more need for government or laws
Our energy part of one long infinite pause.
Between the big bang and big zoom.
The stars charted in our infinite womb.

Even with this change of the utmost extreme
Balls of light formed allies and made teams.
No longer able to hurt each other they were seen
Haunting other dimensions and the life forms therein.

Other humanoid lifeforms wondered why we picked them.
Why we carved patterns into their ground.
Why we moved objects when they weren’t around.
It would seem that we still needed to engage.
That it was not just our bodies that held our rage.

Some tribes found peace in the cosmic dance.
Flying into stars and becoming entranced.
Shooting into black holes and coming out the end.
A point of light at the beginning before it bends.

I decided to take my family of light back into the dream.
As we entered new bodies in other galaxies full of steam.
These lifeforms were simple and didn’t need much.
As if we were ancient dinosaurs seeking our lunch.
We searched the planet eating alien plant life all day long.
We lived in peace as a new family and continued our song.

This choice we made…aware of our potential energy.
The simplicity of this life form we chose for its synergy.
The middle path this animal had always maintained.
Keeping the balance with our environment we decided to remain.

The State of Our Union

A network is built for times like these.
A message in a bottle I throw into the sea.
I barely know you but we are in this together.
As the consequences we face vibrate forever.

Boats full of Africans sailed up to the beach.
Half dead and half alive they could barely speak.
Seeking a new way of life from their country
Where food is scarce and water sources weak.

Mexicans and Central Americans looking for work
Flee their barren lands and cross to the North.
No food or water in their lands or countries.
Our entire border will soon be guarded for entry.

India is building a three meter fence as we speak
To keep out the refugees from Bangladesh.
Politicians continue to debate the affects of man and the sun
While the human impact of climate change has already begun.

Mexico is facing huge socio-economic problems.
So many problems it will be impossible to solve them.
For a moment imagine the world in 2024
As the flow of hungry ex-farmers migrate across the lands.

Food riots are now common place.
The Gulf Coast and South Florida are under water space.
Congress just gave the funds to guard our borders for
A fence three meters high pumped with electricity.
A ditch underneath and another fence behind.

Robotic machine guns a top the fences shoot to kill.
Maybe a bit too much like science fiction if you will?
Maybe you’d rather think of things working out instead?
But the military has already written this scenario into their heads.

As they prepare for the unthinkable that will soon be seen.
This might affect you or maybe your children.
If you were born after 1980 you will see this indeed.
As our country fights for food and water from our neighbors.

Maybe paranoia abounds by whom we are lead.
As we eat up the climate change dooms day scenarios we are fed.
The age of consequence is upon us they now say.
We will be affected and humanity will dearly pay.

But I must ask myself why should it really matter?
Sure it will be a horrible way in which to live.
Maybe by the end of this century our species will be done.
Maybe the next species that arises will learn from what we have begun.

Disc Space Error

Too much too soon.
I think my disc space is out of room.
I can’t watch the news about the earthquake in Haiti.
I had the same feeling during Hurricane Katrina.

How can I help these poor people?
They sit in the streets with nothing to eat.
They have lost their families and friends.
How can I help them believe this is not the end?

As I flip through the channels I see nothing but death.
Swollen bodies buried and the sorrow that is left.
The hollow faces of journalists who are dazed and confused
As they report this new holocaust on YouTube.

I was laid off today and it went really well.
Big hugs all around and everything was swell.
I am having a hard time getting down about this.
Especially when the people of Haiti are so close to the abyss.

My problems although large pale in comparison.
The poorest of the poor have been completely floored.
Their roofs toppled and their country destroyed
By a natural event as if they were just toys.

People are texting and tweeting their money to help.
This technology is transforming donations as well.
It’s almost too much for me to watch.
It seems my brain can only handle so much.

As if there is a filter that turns off when it reaches its limit.
As if the human brain cannot handle too much in it.
I hate to use such a thing as an example.
To be able to see the beauty around me and be truly thankful

Of what I am and what I have not lost.
I am in living in the richest of nations.
I received a college degree at a high cost.
I am the Atari and Nintendo generation.

I have a roof over my head at this duration.
I have a family I love who lives today.
A job I might not have but that is okay.
This life I try to live with much obligation

For the people who aren’t here to witness the miracle.
For the genes I carry from my family tree.
Engaged I will be as much as I can.
A witness I am for those who cannot be.

quickly splinter

Try not to think of it in terms of right and wrong.
Try to think about it is as finding your path.
Because it is your actions that will last.
Because from every mistake there is a lesson.

Try not to think about it as us against them.
Try not to think about a group with a plan.
Because most groups have more foes than friends.
Because we are truly alone in the end.

Try not to doubt yourself too much too.
Try and stand by the decisions you have made.
Because thoughts become your mind’s view.
Because thoughts help sharpen your blade.

Try to look forward and project.
Try to think big and small act.
Because you are adding to your secret formula.
Because you are part of the human dramula.

Long range sensors have picked up a new life form.
It is intelligent and knows exactly who you are.
It is so fast it defies time and space.
Its numbers so vast it knows no place.

Without your observation it does not exist.
It takes on a shape so fleeting you can’t resist.
Names and definitions we put to things we can’t see.
To things inside of us, maybe even a universe or three.

We are all spinning urgently towards our center.
Bombarding into others as we quickly splinter.
A core gravity we trace around and around.
At once we are lost and at once we are found.

The journey begins with no end in site.
Your consciousness knows the true beauty of flight.
Your mind remembers the energy long spent.
Your pairing with like particles that happily bent.

Magnetism pulls you closer together.
Aligning your operating systems for bad weather.
An upgrade will come soon before the storm.
Evolution will happen and we will find reform.

Try not to think about politics and the news.
Try not to think about the 2010 blues.
Because life is too short and that’s what matters.
Because energy cannot be created nor shattered.

Meditation on Reincarnation

An idea once thought to be foolish to me
as I came from a Christian paradigm.
I now find more and more interesting and free.
The idea that we can come back again.

That this life is a test, not the end.
That maybe what we give is what we will be.
Maybe we are waiting to be reborn anew.
Maybe our energy is now trapped not free.

Maybe we are the infinite nature of our universe.
Stars giving birth to entire galaxies.
Black holes swallowing suns and planets whole.
Maybe we have been in other dimensions first.

Maybe we have traveled back and forth for a peek.
To see what the ant-like humans are doing for thirst.
To see if they have finally found peace.
To see if we are a dying culture ready to burst.

A sense of infinity I so desire.
As I don’t want to stop evolving or burn up in a fire.
Human potential is so filled with paradox.
The genius and evil of our greed and desire

Knows no boundaries and seems to be such a thin wire.
A universal consciousness connecting all the dots.
One thought leads to another and cities are built.
One thought leads to another and cultures die and wilt.

A feeling of freedom this thought of something infinite can be.
That we can make mistakes and learn through our lives.
That we will take these lessons to another life form.
That we might solve our problems after we die.

That we might not know the answers for a million years.
That we don’t have to worry about solving everything today.
Feeling our solutions will happen one day helps with my fear.
When we meet again in another galaxy our souls might be one.

Our soul’s frequency attracting each other
Across time and space our work continuing to be done.
Today I meditate on reincarnation as a solution for the human mind.
That we might not worry too much about this lifespan or time-line.

Top 100 photos from the Hubble Space Telescope

Stardust to Stardust

Vibrating frequencies pushing us all onward.
All towards our place in the system.
The system to which we should all listen.
By tuning out the noises inside our heads.

And listen to rhythm of life from which our lives are lead.
Many planets devoid of life high above.
Spin in infinity without the knowledge of love.
They are perfect without one microorganism.

On earth single cells are dividing and splitting.
A universe inside our brains is fighting.
Why are we so out of touch with our destiny?
We will return back to the heavens from which we came.

Go ahead, take the purple pill if you will.
You deserve a third option.
There is no need to be forced in one direction.
Leave the world of duality behind.

Take the purple pill and you will find
That you can live inside your mind
While living inside the culture you despise.
Take a look at the lady in the red dress.

She’s something to behold, but i digress.
Embrace the technology that we create.
Use it to help solve our problems not masturbate.
Use it to tap into our limitless potential.

The power of the super computer will unite.
It will map the mind and the universe inside.
There are billions of planets thriving in our galaxy.
You will one day see them as if they were a fantasy.

Planets that are vast barren lands of sand.
Planets of gaseous clouds and crystals create
while black holes and alien life forms continually mutate.
If we could only transport our minds and see.

We are standing at the precipice of our species.
A time will surely come when we tell our grandchildren
That we were there when mankind made the right decisions.
Everyone on this planet who lives will know

That there is much more to living than being politically free.
Freedom from our bodies that are diseased and sick.
Freedom from the worship of objects and ideologies.
Then we will realize we owe an apology

To the planet that molded us from nothing but stardust.
To the planet that we bombed and mined before our awakening.
There will be a time when we look back at earth
And we will know we owe her our birth.

Soon humanity will set out to explore deep space.
We will look back at the little rock and the human race.
We can learn from all the human suffering and misery.
We can learn from the past and rewrite our history.

Cozy, Secure and Backed Up


The singularity we often speak of is one single event.
One single moment where we attempt to reinvent
the way we circumvent these feeble bodies
and minds that have weakened while we all go blind.

From one single-celled organism slit.
To one splitting atom booming into outer space.
We are already single and alone and together. . . forever.
DNA is our core technology some might say.

Or maybe we are just a virtual game running on eBay.
In a frozen server room air conditioned by time and space.
Being studied by our future ancestors to see.
Free will programmed into an algorithm for you and me.

Or nanotechnology controlling our internal race.
Already among us as bacteria and growing viruses.
Created to make us accept our mortality and place.
As tumors grow feeding off of this planet’s loving face.

But Earth may be just a dream for all of us.
As we walk around in a sea of caution and blind lust.
That if this is a program it has a very poor sense of humor.
God plays this program part-time while not working.

That when God plays the Earth game too much
he is drowsy while searching for another job during lunch.
God is in a recession too and the Earth game is no career
building material and it doesn’t pay for God’s sugary cereal.

Not paying attention to God’s wife while feeding God’s digital children.
Not paying for rent when attending to God’s digital crops and animals.
And if we knew this God and knew how he was really playing us
What would we do if God picks up other hobbies and such?

What could we do if he decided to lay down his universal controller?
Because if Earth is a game then God is really losing.
And if God is slacking are we even choosing?
Why are we fighting dying so much if God isn’t even trying?

I’d rather hope that this game has a meaningful ending.
That there is more to this game than me earning points for God’s minions.
Please God burn the Earth game to disc if you get all fed up
So if we die we will go somewhere cozy, secure and backed up.

The Cavalry is not coming!


We fly through an infinite space.
A spec of sand in the eye of the gods.
Knowing not our place and who made
us to face this internal place.

We cling to and create beliefs that
will fill up our empty infinite space.
We make laws and government to make
order out of chaos and loss.

Technology is a slave to soothe our pain.
To fight our wars and remove the human
from the humane as we remotely attack.
As we “engage” our targets as if they are robotic.

We ask to maintain the rule of law and justice
When we find the ones who have inflicted their vengeance
on governments and civilians. We murder for our cause
as most would rather have them shot in the head than give pause.

We make our enemies alien and think of them in terms
of target acquisition on huge flat panel monitors of GPS intelligence
that passes for substance. That passes for judge, juror, and trial
as fear is inflicted to deny them the justice we so cherish.

War is a drug that grows technology and pollution.
Politicians and media pundits speak of truth high on the fog of war.
Bobblehead actors being paid to enslave a generation again.
As the fundamentalists from all factions declare martial law.

We want our country back and it’s time the people attack.
We want your oil and we’ll take it from you and give you freedom.
The bobbleheads shock and awe the masses with their cattle prod.
“Get rid of the government,” they say with a wink and a nod.

New militias grow at alarming rates, training to defend their inalienable rights
to own assault rifles and to keep BIG government from raising taxes
to give us health care. I pledge this allegiance. United we stand.
United we fall on this ticking time bomb we call humanity.

On a spec of sand flying through our Universe.
In a not very special galaxy. On a not very special planet.
In a seemingly endless cycle of bloodshed to be King of a microcosm.
Bombs bursting in air, after the fog cleared there was no one there.

Exponentially Nothing and Exponentially Everything

Consider a wavy, two-dimensional surface,
with many different spheres glued to its purpose
—one sphere at each surface point,
and each sphere attached by another joint.

This geometric construction is a fiber bundle,
with the spheres as the “fibers,” and the wavy surface as the “base.”
This is what holds everything you know to be in place.
A sphere can be rotated in three-dimensional space:

around the x-axis, the y-axis, or around the z-axis.
Each of these rotations corresponds to a symmetry
the fiber bundle connection is a field describing
how spheres at nearby surface points are colliding.

The geometry of the fiber bundle is described by
the curvature of these infinite connections.
In the corresponding quantum field theory,
these particles interact according to YOUR queries.